Choices and Astrology Forecast February 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is a really important year 2020.   In politics, Democrats are choosing who will be their nominee for President of the USA.  Donald Trump is the President now, and if he is reelected the country will be much different than if any Democrat wins.

I know many people are truly “freaking out” that Trump will win and will put a stamp (or tattoo) on America that cannot be erased.

I know that what is happening now and will continue to happen, is meant to be.  We are, each of us,  on this planet at this time for a reason.

America, indeed the whole world, is at a major Crossroads.

What values are our highest values now? What values are we choosing to live by? Who do we want to be?  What do we believe in?

The intensity surrounding these important questions will pick up appreciably in late March/early April as Jupiter makes conjunction with Pluto close to where Saturn made conjunction with Pluto last Eclipse Season in January 2020.

That place is 22-25 degrees of Capricorn.  If in your natal chart you have planets close to those degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer; you will be greatly affected.

That means that your life is ready for change, the kind of change that will transform you and your soul and your life in important ways.

If you are clinging to the shore of the “waterway” that is delivering you to where you need to go; that resistance will make your life more difficult and painful.

If you can trust enough to be able to let go, and to let spirit and soul carry you down the river; you will get to where you need to be in a more graceful manner.

Whatever you are holding tightly to, must not be right for you anymore (on a deep level you may not readily recognize).

Your Higher Self Soul knows, beyond the ego, what is aligned with you, aligned with the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

Our ego self is limited in its scope, the mysteries of life beyond its grasp.

That Higher Soul Self, connected to All and Everyone, has better vision from on High.

Trump was the right president for the time he has been there.  His presence has shined a light on some of the darkness in our hearts and souls, the serious divisions between us.

We are getting more and more clear on what is right for us and what is wrong.

Some of the divisions between us, between countries and religions and sexual orientations, etc., give us a more clear view of the Diversity of humanity in this world.

Brexit and other attempts at nationalism in themselves cause separation that many of us are alarmed about.

The World Wars of the 20th Century showed us how destructive nationalism can be.

But in some way we must be clear about our differences.  At what point do each learn  to respect and honor the differences? Do we need to continue to believe our way is the right way, the best way?

Or can we instead begin to perceive it is right that we are different- Diversity is reality and our Diversity is meant (in our Soul Higher Self) to be a part of the Unity of us All.

Needing everyone to be just like us, as we have found THE WAY, is an old story that has come around too many times. (Hitler sought to eliminate those who did not fit into his superior Aryan Cult).

Those ego stories of the superior peoples is old and stale but still dangerous as hell.

As we eliminate the need to create a hierarchy based on superior/inferior, we open the doorway into Diversity Within Unity in the Age of Aquarius.

This year, and the choices we make, especially for President of the USA here in America, will show the way to an easy or difficult transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Remember that in December 2020, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius. The month before is the election for President in November.

Our choices will either make the voyage very difficult or relatively more graceful.

As we move past the Leo Full Moon this coming week, we enter the waning half of the Lunar Cycle.  This week is somewhat tame until the last quarter of the Lunar Cycle begins on Saturday the 15th with the Moon in intense Scorpio.

Then next week begins with Mercury going Retrograde on the 16th.  Mars goes into Saturn ruled Capricorn on the 16th also.

That begins a month or so of inner exploration and healing, as the Sun goes into Pisces on the 18th of February, which added to Mercury Retrograde creates even more energy to go inward and to dance more with soul consciousness.

It is time to go deeper and deeper inside, to make connections inside consciousness.

Each of us cannot change where things are moving by ourselves. But we can surrender to what is greater, and as we do, we can get deeply in touch with Who we are authentically.

We can accept who we are without judgment, and then be ready to join with others in their individuality- no need to destroy or feel worse than those who are different than us.

March/April will push us back outside again, ready to bring ourselves into the world more. June brings more Eclipses and more shakeups of status quo, more world events of intensity.

It is essential that the Old World and Paradigm go through some Hell now, clearing the path for a New World and Paradigm.

We will not be taken by fear into the Black Holes of despair.

We continue to embrace the path of Connections, of Unity, of Love.

We continue the path of Individuality, Diversity, of Truth.

We know the connection between the Love and Truth, Between Diversity and Unity.

We know the Yin/Yang symbol of opposites joined in Unity to be a fundamental operation of the Universe.

Till next week,


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One Response to “Choices and Astrology Forecast February 9-15”

  1. Carolyn Lombardi Says:

    I find it interesting and fascinating that you reference Hitler this week in your weekly Perspectives From The Sky.

    When I watch and listen to the far left and progressives, I can’t help but make a connection to Hitler. He started with brainwashing the minds of children into believing that all Jews were bad and would kill little children if they had the opportunity so next he disarmed them and then he was able to gather them up as they couldn’t defend themselves and destroy that segment of the population.

    Today our liberal teachers and professors are brainwashing our children into thinking that those of us that have worked hard all our lives, followed the rules, paid our taxes, served our country and been good citizens and patriots are all racists, bigots, and who knows what else simply because we don’t embrace their ideology and question them. HOW DARE WE. Free speech. We will have no more that coming from you White Racists.

    These young people think everything should be “free”. And they don’t care or think about where the money will come from to pay for everything free. Oh yes, guess It will have to come from those awful people who follow the rules, pay their taxes, etc. and when they become one of us it will be interesting to see how they like that. Because this I know for sure it won’t be the 1%. They’ll be out of here with all their money as fast as you can blink your eyes.

    What I know also to be true is that Washington DC and most of the Government along with Corporate America is a swamp that needs to be drained and exposed to the corruption that has ensued since WWII by the Military Industrial Complex as Eisenhower had warned.

    I also know that Newspaper Media is driving this new ideology with no interest in the greater good of the America people. Simply their own quest for power and money. So I struggle to see how this will correct much of what has gone wrong with America.

    So is the answer to throw away what has been good about America only to find ourselves with a government that now has complete control over everything we do. I certainly don’t see that as the right way to go either. I fear that we will be a repeat of Germany and Hitler right here is this country. No free speech. You must agree with us or we will destroy you. Sounds awfully familiar to me.

    Us Baby Boomers now know thanks to Donald Trump just how evil and corrupt our government and private sector has become. But does that mean we should throw everything out the Window and become a socialist country. I’ve learned more in the last three years than I’ve known all my life and I’m 73 years old. Yup dumb as a doorknob I was as were many other people my age. Blind faith in everything.

    What would be so wrong with coming together as a country and fixing what is wrong rather than giving it all up.

    We must have been doing something right as we are the most prosperous, innovative and self sufficient country in the world. Can’t be all bad. But what I see is a brainwashing of our people to buy into the “everybody is screwing you, you deserve a free lunch, etc, all the while giving up your. Liberty”.

    If these progressives were in power you probably wouldn’t have been able to pick up and move to Arizona as you did.

    Although I don’t always agree with Donald Trump’s style and his harsh words that were so indicative of most the men of his generation which is probably why I can overlook that behavior to see what his real motives are, it was us deplorable people that elected him because he opened our eyes to the hypocrisy in this country. Unfortunately, the human condition by default wants to be taken care of so all that free stuff sounds so appealing but what you have to give up would be far greater than anything you gain.

    It haunts me to think what would happen if a Bernie Sanders or anyone of those far left loonies get into the White House. Life as we know it would cease to exist.

    Scared in CT


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