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Continuing Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast August 27- September 2.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Most people reported that they experienced a great rising of intensity at the Total Solar Eclipse last Monday the 21st.

Many others experienced breakthroughs in their lives, some rather dramatically.

Others felt the changing winds, knew a big New Chapter in their lives had begun, but yet feel more is to come.

And of course we are in the middle of Eclipse Season, lasting till around Autumn Equinox.

After the Total Eclipse on Monday, a few days later on Friday August 25, Hand of Time Saturn went direct, showing us “fated” events as time started clicking forward again..

Later that day Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas, the biggest Hurricane of the decade.

Also later that day North Korea blasted off two missiles.   This was at an important turning point in the conflict between the United States and North Korea.  It shows us that this conflict is not over.

With the second, last, and most important Eclipse, The Total Solar Eclipse in our rear view mirrors, and with Saturn going Direct, we now have arrived in the New Chapter.

Nevertheless, next weekend, Labor Day weekend in the USA, will bring us another important turning point in personal and world affairs in this New Chapter.

Before that, on Tuesday August 29 there is a 2nd quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

That second quarter Moon has the Sun in Virgo, which it entered last Tuesday just after the Eclipse, square to the Moon in Sagittarius.

So whatever sense of grounded reality we may have experienced since the Eclipse, we will shift again into higher gears of movement forward.

And then next weekend, a turning point weekend,  Mars will trigger the degree in Leo where the Total Eclipse ignited-  28+ degrees of Leo. And it will be exactly trine transiting Uranus, a planet of breakthrough and radical change.

So with that trigger, in effect the Eclipse “comes back”.  More is shaking and shifting. Also what started earlier in Eclipse Season will be stirred up again.

And that Mars placement makes contact again with Trump’s Mars and Rising sign, North Korea’s Saturn, Israel’s Mars, and their Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Mars also.

The North Korea issue will be resurfacing again..

Nothing big happened with Israel in the public eye, but there must be something brewing there.  There is a decent chance we will see something more obvious around the Mars trigger next Saturday September 2.

Then on the 3rd of September Mercury, slowing down and getting ready to go back Direct on September 5, makes conjunction with Mars, adding another trigger to the last Eclipse.  Mercury pretty much stays at that degree for a few days.

All of this is happening in opposition to the USA natal Moon in Aquarius.  That natal Moon in Aquarius represents the Bill of Rights for America, its greater social consciousness.

It is the principle of equality and Diversity in Unity that is the promise from the beginnings of the United States.

With all the triggered planetary energies being in Leo, the conflict is between Leo’s need for personal power with Aquarius’s need for group or community consciousness.

Trump, and that kind of person in power, will be in conflict with the voice of the people or the voice of democracy.

In your personal life use the best of what Leo represents:  heartfelt expression, having fun,  being creative and spontaneous, spreading positive hopeful energy

After the Leo triggers on the 2nd/3rd of September, Mercury is slowing down, stationing to go back Direct on September 5.

The couple of days surrounding that change of direction can be disorienting and even confusing.

Mercury was changing directions on election night in November 2000.  Gore and Bush were running for President, and the media kept going back and forth declaring a different winner of the election all night long. And it was weeks later when Bush was declared to be President.

Disorientation and confusion are usually not that much when Mercury changes directions, but keep in mind around September 5 that clarity does not magically appear right away when Mercury is going back Direct.

In fact it could take up to a week or so to see complete clarity and to recognize what direction things are moving toward.

So later this coming week into next week there will be shifts and shakeups again.

These shifts are all meant to take you out of stuck places, and give you open doorways into new realms, new consciousness, new chapters of life.

This Eclipse Season will be looked back on and remembered as an important time period in our lives.

More important world events are on the way during Eclipse Season and soon afterwards,

The economy will face a big downturn soon.  It will likely begin this Autumn or maybe the winter of 2017/18.

2018 and beyond show a severe downturn.   The current economic system is transforming.  The candidacy of Bernie Sanders was not a freak happening.  It showed us where we are headed economically.  The Occupy Wall Street movement was a harbinger of coming times.

People on the left and right believe we need to tax the wealthy and big corporations more, and make the economy more fair for all the people.

Health plans will continue to fail until we create a Universal Health plan, as so many western nations already have.

Difficult coming economic challenges will give motivation to notions of sharing the wealth.

As we make these important changes in our world, each of us will also be making big changes in our personal lives and in our families.

The old programming from an old paradigm no longer applies, if it ever did.

We need to retrain our minds and hearts and consciousness to the knowledge of connections.  We have spent too much time and energy fighting against others, believing that is the way to a better life. We have wasted too much time believing everything is random and meaningless, or else believing that some father god is who we answer to and who gives us meaning.

Joining with others is the way forward now, even as we honor our distinct and unique individuality. Knowing all is connected and meaningful is the way now.  We can now know that love and truth are the Universe’s way to lead us to our human evolving into an Age of Aquarius

When we lose the programming from an old paradigm, we realize connections in everything, we find meaning, we naturally create win/win situations, we find signs and symbols from the Universe that show us our way.

Let go of the old beliefs that limit your freedom to decide for yourself what is right or wrong, what is true or not, what is best for our world and human family.

As liberated humans we will evolve and co-create the Age of Aquarius.

It is going to be a rough ride at times, but we are ready for the challenge.

Take care,


Please take a look at the new video I made about Eclipse Season. There will be a follow up video within the next few weeks.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created a few months ago-

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Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo and Astrology Forecast August 20-26

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The long awaited Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo happens this week Monday August 21. Though this eclipse represents an extremely important passage for our human family, I wish people had not turned it into another Super Bowl type event.

This Eclipse opens a portal into a big New Chapter of life on Planet Earth, a New Chapter that will take us through an important part of our transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Quite obviously this New Chapter brings with it much turmoil and challenge, to put it lightly; but this New Chapter will also bring many great awakenings, heart openings, a greater sense of connection and meaning, and new vistas of truth beyond what we have been programmed to believe about ourselves and our world.

So it would be good at the time of the eclipse to meditate and pray, to visualize what this new world will be like both collectively and individually.

All new moons are good times to pray, meditate and visualize; but this one being a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon gives this new moon a far greater authority to shape the world we will live in.

Of course some things are already in place and are meant to be, but much else is open to the co-creation from our human family.

We are definitely in for some turmoil, chaos, and darkness, but the intensity and length I believe can be changed with our intentions, actions, and level of evolving.

Out in the world leading up to this Total Eclipse, there were a few intense conflicts and potential wars that have been playing out.

There is a culture war that was triggered into greater force in Charlottesville, and is continuing in Boston and other places now.

There has been an increase this past week in Islamic State terror attacks: 2 in Spain; 1 in Finland, and 1 in Russia.

And of course North Korea has been burning with talk of war, though this last week rageful talk lessened appreciably.

But on the date of the eclipse, by no mere random coincidence, the USA and South Korea will be active in practicing war games together. North Korea wants those games to be cancelled as it sees them as threatening actions right near its border. And it expects the USA and South Korea to reciprocate the gesture of North Korea not sending promised missiles toward Guam.

This is a big turning point on Monday at the eclipse. If the USA and South Korea go through with their war games, North Korea will likely send some powerful message in return. And then we are back where we were a couple weeks ago and probably even much worse.

The culture wars’ recent rise in emotional temperature, while we are experiencing a most chaotic, unstable, and unpredictable Trump presidential administration, shows us a splitting of America, not dissimilar to the Civil War.

And Islamic State is getting more geared up for western attacks now, as it loses more and more of its territory in Syria and Iraq.

America and the Western World are facing a huge bout of dissolution during our journey into an Age of Aquarius.

The Aquarian values of America’s Bill of Rights are being threatened by recent events. America has it natal moon (its inner values) in Aquarius.

What happened in Charlottesville is showing us the needed transformation of those Aquarian values. “All Men are Created Equal…” needs an update and transformation.

How about Women, how about men and women who are not just white northern Europeans, which were the vast majority of those who populated the colonies here in America when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written?

How about other countries and cultures all around the world? How about those who have alternative sexual orientations?

All People are Created equal.

So America is in the process of a transformation of its values, its Aquarian values, both from the inside and from the outside of its borders.

And when Rome lost its way it decayed on the inside, and was threatened by those outside its borders.

Now we have an opportunity to evolve into an equal member of this world, beyond Empire and Superpower status.

So inside ourselves we are letting go of notions of intrinsic superiority or inferiority; of some deserving more than others; of believing life is a battle for survival over others; and that our souls belong to and are beholden to a church or a nation or our employers or our families.

We are responsible for our own souls and their relationship to collective Soul, collective Spirit, and the Universe.

Allow yourself to feel this powerful Eclipse turning point for our consciousness and lives here on Earth.

Trust the Universe and its greater plan of a changing of ages.

Be open and ready for greater knowledge of our human truths and human heritage.   Allow your heart and mind to be open to extraterrestrial origins and potential extraterrestrial visitation. It is coming.

Open your mind and heart to experiencing new frequencies and dimensions, new ways to view our human experience.

Have faith all is happening aligned with Divine and Earthly wisdom, as we move into a New Age of Aquarius.

This Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo will be at 2:30 PM EDT.  It will have Uranus, the planet of great awakenings, in close trine to that Eclipse.  Uranus will add greater energy to the Eclipse and desires to break away and break free.

Also this week Saturn is slowing down as it is about to go Retrograde this coming Thursday August 24.

As it changes direction from Retrograde to Direct movement, its energy of contraction and gravity fills our psychic air space.

Going Direct, Saturn gives a sense of Time starting up again, of predestination, of “meant to be”,  of responsibility, of doing what needs to be done.

This Saturn shifts directions at 21+ degrees of Sagittarius– almost exactly opposite the USA natal Mars in Gemini, almost exactly conjunct Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius and opposite his Sun in Gemini, which tellingly is conjunct the USA natal Mars.

And Trump’s natal Ascendant and Mars are closely conjunct the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon at 28+ degrees of Leo.  This Eclipse is also opposite the aforementioned USA Moon in Aquarius.

So Donald Trump and the USA are very connected to this Eclipse.  Will we get in a war with North Korea?   Will Trump get impeached?  Will the culture wars turn into a Civil War again?

Or will the Eclipse turning point show us the way to peace with North Korea, and a turning down of the temperature of the culture wars?

The turning point moment is the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 21at 2:30 PM.

Remember that Mercury is still Retrograde then, so do not jump to any conclusions or try to force your mind into finding quick solution.   Linear thinking is not at its best now.

Time “starts up again” with Saturn Direct on August 24.

Mercury goes back Direct on September 5.  

This Eclipse season ends at the New Moon in Virgo on September 19/20, close to the Autumn Equinox on September 22.

important World events can happen anytime during that time frame of August 21-September 20.   And yet many other world events with reference to Eclipse Season will happen after Eclipse Season ends on September 20, including great economic challenges, which we will talk about later.

In your personal life, be prepared for both world and personal changes that will transform your consciousness and transform your life.

You will need to leave your comfort zones and open to the new energies wanting to pour through this Portal into a New Chapter of our lives.

It is natural now to feel out of balance and not knowing where things are headed. Therefore trust is important now, trust we live in a meaningful and loving Universe, even when things are really difficult.

This ride can bring great joy and fun too, if you can let go of your need to control from your fears.  Please do not buy into the dramas now that can evoke great fear and hatred of those who are different than you like Trumpites.

Life and evolution are moving beyond these dinosaurs who are moving toward a last hurrah on their way to the dustbin of history.  They do not have control of our future.  We can only hope that we are not taken through too much darkness and suffering on our way to the Age of Aquarius.

You can help if you do not get consumed by great fear or hatred.  Those traits perpetuate the old ways, as do beliefs that the abusively powerful, greedy, mean spirited, hateful, bigoted, self serving people of the world inherit the Earth.

If you believe they will continue to dominate our world, you ought to question your deeper values, and question what you believe about humanity and the Universe.

Take care,


Please take a look at the new video I made about the coming eclipses: There will be a follow up video within the next couple of weeks

Till next week,


Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created a few months ago-

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Shadow Boxing and Astrology Forecast August 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

It has been very intense this last week in the world and in many of our personal lives and emotions too.

It has been very frightening for many people, as the leaders of the USA and North Korea do their macho struts with one another, with we earthlings put in the shit storm of their narcissistic rage.

From a bigger picture, however, we are being taken through a dark passage of labor pains on the way to the Age of Aquarius

So now our lives are being taken out of our comfort zones, as Eclipse Seasons do,  and this one is much more intense than usual.

Breakthroughs in our consciousness are more likely now, as are breakdowns too.

We are being prepared for greater and greater transformation of life on Planet Earth entering the Age of Aquarius.   

We travel this week through the 4th quarter and final week before the much anticipated Total Solar Eclipse New Moon on August 21, which travels over the United States for the first time since 1918, the last year of World War I.

As we predicted several months ago, this current Eclipse Season brings the likelihood of war, at the very least the threat of major war.

We also let you know that Donald Trump would have his Mars in Leo from his natal chart triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.  Mars is a planet of action, force, and yes war.

We did not give you any indication of the North Korean leader’s chart because there are different dates given for his birth.

But we did let you know that North Korea’s natal Saturn, from its founding date,  would be almost exactly triggered by this Total Solar Eclipse.  Saturn represents something that must be faced, that which one cannot escape. It also represents grave situations and often a predetermined fate.

We suggested that Israel and Israeli leader Netanyahu would also have the Mars in each of their charts triggered, as both have their Mars’ at 28 degrees of Leo, exactly where the Solar Eclipse will be on August 21.

We do have another month or so before this current Eclipse Season ends, so we will still look closely at what may happen in the Middle East.

Another “war” that is raging now in this Eclipse Season is a culture war.  That culture war is happening at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia.

White Lives Matter, Nazi, and KKK haters are protesting the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee, the most important confederate general from the Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson was the founder of University of Virginia.  Thomas Jefferson was the main inspiration for the USA Bill of Rights, which included the idea that “all men are created equal”.

And on the contrary Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder.  What did they really mean by “all men are created equal”?

These White Supremacist protests have been countered by protests from Black Lives Matter and others who strongly object to the White Nationalists.

Hundreds have shown up for the protests and violence has been breaking out. Three people were killed and many others injured.

All these wars are representative of old world paradigms that if continued will destroy us all.  The possibility of another world war hangs over our heads now.

Each of us is being urgently asked to release any connections we have to a world that believes life is merely survival of the fittest, which has created the idea that enemies must be conquered and destroyed.  And that old world has developed weapons of mass destruction created to ruthlessly destroy those enemies.

Hundreds of thousands of human beings, mostly innocent civilians, were killed by the atom bombs dropped by the United States on two Japanese cities to bring an end to World War II in August 1945.

Now many countries have weapons of mass destruction, as does North Korea now.

We are at a most urgent turning point as we approach the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.  

Each of us must leave the belief system of superior versus inferior; have and have nots: perpetrator and victim; and the notion that those who are starkly different are enemies who need to be destroyed.

We are all part of the same human family and need to learn to coexist with one another peacefully.

We are moving toward an Age of Aquarius, but collectively right now it is feeling like we are entering a dark night of the soul before that new age fully arrives.

Many of us have already faced many of our individual demons and shadows during dark times.  We have then arisen into a new paradigm in our consciousness.

We must lead the way, and must leave behind hatred and violence from our hearts.

Of course we may get very angry at times, but do not need to be hateful and violent.

The Age of Aquarius is an age of Diversity Within Unity, so each of us must honor our own and others’ unique differences, but still know we are united by the circle of Oneness like the Yin/Yang symbol.

I am not sure how bad it will need to get before we learn our collective lessons now, so to transform our collective Consciousness to that of Love and Truth from the Age of Aquarius.

This Eclipse Season is a major turning point to let us know the direction we moving toward now as a human family.

This coming week is preparing us for the Total Solar Eclipse as we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle begun at the Leo New Moon on July 23.

4th quarters are times of reflection, gathering, centering, and preparing for the New Moon, which this time will be a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 21.

As we go through this 4th quarter we sense endings and goodbyes, we prepare and get ready.  But unlike most 4th quarters this one will be intense in anticipation for the Eclipse New Moon.

That is because this coming Eclipse New Moon in Leo is a much bigger new beginning than the usual new moon or even the usual Solar Eclipse New Moon.

This truly signifies an open portal into a New Chapter of our lives, on the way to the Age of Aquarius.

And it may tend to be more confusing this week prior to the Eclipse New Moon, and in fact up until September 5. 

That is because Mercury is going Retrograde tonight Saturday August 12. It will last until September 5.  Then it will take another week or so to come fully out of any fogs in our minds.

So August 21 is when the portal opens into this big and important New Chapter of our lives; then September 5 is when clarity and direction are greater when Mercury goes Direct.

Then on September 19/20 at the New Moon in Virgo just before the Autumn Equinox; the New Chapter is made manifest.  This Eclipse Season ends.

New events that are  connected to the meaning of the portal opening at the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21 will have the green light to manifest.

It is best to meditate as often as possible, to be in nature as often as possible.  If you are drawn into great fear and inner darkness when watching or reading the news, keep your watching and reading the news to a minimum or even not at all.  It is important now to keep our emotions and minds clear from toxins and distortions, especially now with Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde brings us to reflect on people and memories from the past.  It also helps us to see everything from a different angle and to question our previous decisions or direction.  But don’t change those directions or plans until clarity appears when Mercury goes back Direct again.

And of course Mercury Retrograde can play tricks with our minds, and being aware of that will help you to not get so easily taken in by those tricks of the mind.

With the intensity or the Total Solar Eclipse combined with Mercury Retrograde, it is important to not jump to conclusions or be impulsive.  Surrender to the process, let go of set agendas and being too controlling.   Trust all is happening as it must, and be patient.

Keep in mind that all that is happening is part of the bigger picture of transformation and transition into an Age of Aquarius.

Stay out of grave fear and hatred so you can center yourself, remain calm, and be connected and aligned with your Higher Self and the Universe.

From that place inside you will more likely see symbols and signs that show the way, experience synchronicity that brings magic and clarity, and see the connections that help you to know all is OK.

Love and Truth are guiding the way.  Fear tries to challenge that way.

Ego is not the enemy of our Higher Self, in fact some is needed for personal confidence and empowerment.

But ego must be the servant of our Higher Self not the leader.  When Higher Self is leading the way we know all is connected and happening for a reason.  When ego is leading the way we feel all as separate, in opposition without unity, and filled with fear and open to hatred for those not serving our ego needs.

Next week we will get even more into the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo that will happen next week.

Please take a look at new video I made about the coming eclipses: There will be a follow up video within the next couple of weeks

Till next week,


Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created a few months ago-

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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast August 6-12.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week brings us important energy shifts as we experience a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde.

On Monday August 7 there is the first of 2 eclipses this August:  A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius at 2:11 PM EDT.

This is not a total lunar eclipse and it will not be seen in the United States as it happens during daylight hours all across the North American continent.

The Sun will be in Leo and the Moon exactly opposite in Aquarius.  

Lunar Eclipses are always Full Moons, and have the Sun and Moon exactly opposite one another. The shadow of the Earth covers the Moon creating the eclipse.

The Sun will be at 15+ degrees of Leo and the Moon will be at 15+ degrees of Aquarius. In this Full Moon Mars will be conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, as it will be at 11+ degrees of Leo.  Mars will add more forcefulness to the event.

So if you have any planets in the mid degrees of fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio you will be more affected than others.  And of course the Leo and Aquarius planets will be the most important.

This is a Full Moon, so those of you who are sensitive to the energies of Full Moons will be especially energized as eclipses have much more energy and power than the usual Full Moons.

I do not expect this Eclipse to be as important or strong as the next one,  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo.  But it is still strong and important.

Eclipses “intend” to shake us up, take us off our usual balance, and create conditions for breakthroughs and awakenings, or for breakdowns.

An issue to be aware of with this Lunar Eclipse will be about expressing and knowing one’s heart (Leo), or instead using one’s head or mind for knowing (Aquarius).

As an example if someone was out choosing a car to buy, would they choose the one that they love because of its beauty and gadgets or would they choose the one they think is better for the environment and for lower gas mileage?

Aquarius is not only more leaning toward the mind, it is also leaning toward what is more socially conscious or better for the community. And it also tends to want that which is different, not necessarily what is considered “normal”.

Leo is more concerned with what opens its heart, is more popular, and perhaps gives it a better image. It likes people or things that it “falls in love” with.

Neither way is better, just different, as we need to trust both our heads and hearts.

Globally there may be conflicts between that which a strong leader demands (Leo) versus that which the larger community demands (Aquarius).

Aquarius sees the strong leader taking the power away from the people.  Leo sees the community of “equals” as never getting things done, indecisive, and without clear direction.

They need each other.

Pay attention to these issues playing out in your personal life and in the greater world. Watch for events in the 3-4 days surrounding this Eclipse for signs of what is wanting to break through or break down.    What is needing to be let go from the past, and what does one need to be open to that one is moving toward?

What represents the old chapter and old world, with its old patterns and beliefs; and what wants to open up that represents the new chapter in our lives?

Eclipses are good motivators for change and transformation.  Relationship issues may more likely show themselves than is usual. If so, then it is time to deal with things that have been pushed under the rug of our consciousness.

Wanting to more authentically express oneself may happen at this time.  And ego battles may be more likely now too.

The next Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21 will be even more likely to bring out these issues.

Not long after the frequencies of the Lunar Eclipse this week subside, we encounter Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Virgo at 9 PM EDT on Saturday August 12.

Mercury will stay Retrograde during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and will last until September 5 when it goes back Direct again. It will go into Leo during its Retrograde journey, which is where it will be at when it goes back Direct.

Like all Mercury Retrograde periods, our perceptions naturally change, as we tend to look at things differently.

We may give pause and shift our thinking about what we had previously planned on doing or saying; and we may then want to go in a different direction.

Do your best to wait until Mercury goes back Direct before making a final decision.  And it often takes a week or so after it goes Direct before real clarity appears.

And with Eclipse Season shaking things up and potentially creating more chaotic situations, the fogginess of Mercury Retrograde will make clarity and direction even more difficult to ascertain.

Let this Eclipse Season play itself out before jumping to conclusions. Of course we want to know what to do as soon as possible, but sometimes like now, we need to let the process unfold all the way.

Trust the Universe and your own Self to bring you what is right at the right time.

September should be as energized  and even more filled with important events than August, as the New Moon on August 21 opens up a whole new lunar cycle that reaches almost to the Autumn Equinox.

The Portal of new energy opens up on August 21 and many new experiences and events will follow.

But for now, we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon to experience, and it will bring a shift of energies, and also events that could be important.

Later this August we will encounter the Total Solar Eclipse with Mars not far away from it,  at close to the same time as Saturn going Direct,  Mars sextile Saturn and Jupiter, and Jupiter sextile Saturn.  

The last part of August will see the speed of change picking up steam. And this speed of change will continue through September and beyond as a Portal will be opened at the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.

But for now, this week gives us an important Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius, that has within it Mars in Leo conjunct the Sun in Leo and opposite the Moon in Aquarius.

That will be followed closely by Mercury beginning its Retrograde movement on August 12.

Now is the time to let yourself let go and just take the roller coaster ride. It will start relatively slowly and pick up speed as it goes, with its most intense period being around the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

Please take a look at new video I made about the coming eclipses:

Till next week,


There is a video of my talk at the Enlightenment Expo in May that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created recently-

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