Aftermath, Bigger Picture and Astrology Forecast November 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Election in America has moved all of us into a New Era of our lives.   So many people I know are deeply upset by the results of that election.  Some of them are feeling deep despair and cannot believe the Universe has taken such (to them) a wrong turn on our path into a new age or new world.

They feel that the last 8 years of President Obama have opened the doors leading to the new age and they hoped that trajectory would continue with the new president. But in their minds it has not with the election of Donald Trump.

This blog has been attempting over the last several months to get us all ready for the Trump win, which in my mind was meant to be.  “You can’t always get what you want”…..but you get what you need.” But why him?

Let’s go back and look at our past and the astrological movements that have unfolded over recent times.

There are three transformational planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  They have been relatively recently discovered: 1781, 1846, 1930 respectively.

Their discoveries have coincided with our reaching the cusp of the Age of Aquarius.  They are meant to help each of us and our human collective to transform and evolve our consciousness and lives aligned with this new age.

When any two of those three make an aspect with one another it brings a great wave  of transformation, revolution and evolution.

As an example when Uranus made conjunction with Neptune in 1992-1994 the computer and internet revolution began to sweep through our lives. It is now a daily and integral part of all of our lives.  

When Uranus made conjunction with Pluto in 1965-66, it brought on the ’60s and ’70s revolution which dramatically transformed all of our lives as it woke us up to what needed to change in our lives and world.

Back then people sought to end an unjust war in Viet Nam, bring civil rights to race relations and gender issues. Blacks and women were then oppressed in the chains that society had dominated them with.

A corrupt and insensitive USA government was revealed, there was a sexual revolution, there was a clamor for people to take back the world from leaders who took away their individual freedoms and voices.

Yet in the middle of this revolution Richard Nixon was elected to be president in 1968.    This brought such a devastated emotional response from the people, especially young people, who had been previously inspired to transform our country and world. Nixon represented a most restrictive and conservative blockage to the movement forward.

That election combined with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy that  same year 1968, brought people to their knees in horror, fear and depression.

Nevertheless the revolution continued and before long the war ended and President Nixon resigned from his presidency in the mid ’70s.  Rights for women and African Americans were solidified at that time also. The world had been transformed.

Fast forward to 2011-2016.  Uranus and Pluto have been square to one another, the first major aspect between them since 1965-66 when they were conjunct.

Gays and Lesbians gained the right to marry during that time period.  Ferguson and other cities in the USA erupted in protest at the killings of black people by the police, bringing renewed awareness to racial issues that needed more justice and clearing.

The Islamic State was largely born out of the devastation from another unjust war in Iraq during that time.

Government and Corporate controls of our lives and freedoms were exposed more fully.  The anti Wall Street movement was then born.

Bernie Sanders then in 2015-16 also began his mission to fight the corporations and societal paradigm that separates the wealthy from the 99% who are not very wealthy on this Earth and in America.

The Arab Spring also brought more awareness of dictator control in the Middle East and North Africa.

And in 2016 the presidential election process brought more awareness to the reality of women’s continued fight to be empowered and even more liberated from old societal chains.

And now we have our Richard Nixon in the form of Donald Trump, our new USA president.

The revolution and its attendent motivation for our evolution will be stoked more than ever.

There is no stopping the train barreling toward the Age of Aquarius. No one person or president can derail our movement forward.  But we do need to bring aboard some of those who have not felt understood, who have lost jobs and lives in recent years. And those people voted for Trump.

And as before the young people are revved up to change this world.  And with the empathy and guidance from their elders we will together move forward into this New Age.

So please get up and take responsibility for how you will contribute to this movement.

This week November 13-19 brings a Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday November 14 at 8:52 AM EST.

Some are calling it a Supermoon as it will be much closer, larger and brighter than usual. It has not been this big since January 1948. In USA it will be best seen on ight of November 13.

More important is the meaning of the Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon.

Like all Full Moons this one takes us to a sense of completion and resolution.

And as it is being formed by the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus, it shows us we are moving toward balancing our more deeply felt passions and emotions (Scorpio) with our sense of solidly and calm (Taurus).

In regards to the election there may be a tug of war inside you between deeply held emotions and passions on the one hand, and a calm centered acceptance on the other hand.

This Full Moon represents a turning point for our attitudes and should be felt from Saturday through Wednesday this coming week, with the most intensity closer to the exact date.

On Saturday November 19 Neptune will be shifting from Retrograde to Direct.  As it goes stationary and then Direct we experience its energy and meaning.

This coming week we will have the Neptunian energies of empathy, compassion, surrender, and escape getting stronger.

Escape may be seductive as a means to ignore reality now.  Empathy is a good trait now to better understand why some people voted the way they did.   For most people it was not about racism and sexism.

And Neptune helps us to surrender- which can help us to let go to a process bigger than we each are, and it can help us to better trust the Universe and its wisdom.

We are all in this together.

Till next week


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Published by spiritualtherapy

Full Time astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 30 years. Gained life experience while living in Chicago, Madison, Bay Area, Santa Fe, and Portland Maine. Successfully predicted Iraq War at the beginning of Bush presidency in article "Desert Storm II"; predicted America to be attacked in summer 2001-in article "The Tower" written in June 2001; predicted both McCain and Obama nominations in November 2007 when both were very low in polls; in 2007 predicted coming fall of economy; predicted Trump nomination and presidency in early 2016.

9 thoughts on “Aftermath, Bigger Picture and Astrology Forecast November 13-19

  1. Really looked forward to this weeks post. You did not disappoint. My responses correspond to the planetary effects and had immediate knowledge that Trump plays an essential role in our future by invigorating those who would have gone back to sleep. TY

  2. I agree that the Trump win is meant to be. It’s sad to see that some people are so sad about the Trump win, I think it’s the best thing that could have happened. Sometimes what looks like the “good guy” is anything but! Hillary has an ultra- dark side to her, as does Obama. Ideas about feminism and racism are generally used against the people as a tool to control and keep people feeling like victims. We all create our own realities and if we focus on these problems we will just continue to manifest them. I’m a little shocked that people are as upset about the Trump win as they are (even over here in NZ people are complaining)….has no one seen the Wikileaks emails? Trump is no angel, but he’s also not one of the corrupt elite; there’s no hidden hand pulling his strings. This is why Trump won, because people are ready for a better world. Trumps win is proof that we are shifting into a new age.

    I think it’s amazing how it all worked out, it was put in the mass consciousness back in 2000 that Trump would run for president via a “Simpsons” episode, and more recently Bill Clinton himself advised Trump that he should run. This was part of the master plan but it’s back fired on them. Trump was meant to be the straw man, they did not expect him to win! The thinking was that if Hillary ended up running against anyone other than Trump she would lose, they thought it was a sure win. It backfired on them.

    I think the world is about to learn the truth about what goes on behind the scenes and in broad daylight. People are about to gain an understanding of how we are all manipulated in such subtle yet strong ways. People will be shocked and disgusted but it’s time for us all to wake up and reclaim our power.

    There might be some upheaval in the world but things are going to get so much better from here on in. We all chose to be on earth at this time because we all wanted to be part of this, we are all eternal beings – let’s stop living in fear and make the most of this wonderful time we’re living in!

  3. Hi Leo! Firstly, I want to say that your forecasts have always been uncannily accurate not only for the larger world, but in my personal life. For that I am grateful. These posts have often helped me find perspective and focus during trying emotional seasons. And secondly, I am curious about how you responded to the presence of our “13th Zodiac sign” being released by NASA. Did it impact the way you viewed your practice? I read that it was dismissed because it “was not needed,” but I am wondering if it was actually rejected given the feminine ties to the number 13 (13 lunar cycles in a year). I apologize if you’ve already written a post about this. If this is the case I will happily go back in your archives and study what you have written.

    Warmly, Anna

    On Nov 12, 2016 2:51 PM, “Perspectives From The Sky” wrote:

    > spiritualtherapy posted: “By Leo Knighton Tallarico The Election in > America has moved all of us into a New Era of our lives. So many people I > know are deeply upset by the results of that election. Some of them are > feeling deep despair and cannot believe the Universe has taken ” >

  4. Hello Leo, Yes, you did call it and were predicting that there was a really good chance Trump would win based on how fear of security issues played out i.e., immigration with Mexicans and Syrians. Admittedly I was slightly pissed off that you were predicting this could actually happen as i just did not want to hear it! It does indeed feel like going backwards. I would have to take some exception with your comparing both the left and the right engaging in the same level of nastiness…I would call that a false equivalence…didn’t hear a lot of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and bigotry being pushed by the Left and there was no Stephen Bannon (Breitbart Nazi) pushing the left’s agenda. Nevertheless, as you said…”you can’t always get what you want…sometimes you get what you need” Ironically I had just posted the same thing a few minutes before I read this blog. The best I can hope for is he is a catalyst for change…and his rhetoric and actions will mobilize further the change we are inevitably moving toward…i.e., the Aquarian Age of Unity with Diversity. I looked at Trumps chart and he has the Sun conjunct Uranus just like me….yikes we couldn’t be more different….but yes I can see how we are both unpredictable and change agents in our own ways….anyways, your Astrological insights and suggestions for how to deal with this crazy state we are in are helpful and spot on. It’s a birthing process and now the labor pains are becoming more intense and the hard pushing begins……d’edg

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