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Tides are Turning and Astrology Forecast August 28-September 3

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Tides are turning this week, and for many this week will constitute a turning point in their lives.

We are meant to have our comfort zones and protective bubbles challenged this week.

The major planetary movements this week include Mercury going Retrograde;  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo; and a Mutable T-Square alignment that is part of the Solar Eclipse configuration.

It all begins on Tuesday August 30 at 9:04 AM EDT when Mercury turns Retrograde.  That will last until September 22 when it goes back Direct again.

Then 2 days later on Thursday September 1 at 5:03 AM EDT there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 9+ degrees of Virgo.   That means the Sun and Moon are both at 9+ degrees of Virgo.   And the Mutable T-square is formed with Neptune in Pisces at 10+ degrees opposite the Sun and Moon; and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius squaring the 3 other planets.

This is a powerful and important aspect that is pulling us in different directions.

The Virgo New Moon Eclipse in Virgo demands order and perfection; Neptune in Pisces seeks flow and ease; Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius seek a bigger picture that brings answers and meaning.

All in all it is a potentially stress inducing configuration unless you commit to just taking the energetic ride of it.

If you push for control you will bring with it anxiety and pain.  If you accept what is happening inside you and around you as meant to be and meaningful you will have an easier time of it.

The Virgo Eclipse is energetically the strongest part of this aspect, and it may tend to get you into obsessing or over-analyzing something, especially the details.  Use the Neptune energy to let go and surrender mental control if that happens.

With Mercury being Retrograde at the same time, it is important not to let your left brain logical mind get too focused on trying to figure everything out.

It is important instead this week to trust the process, which means to know that everything will unfold and reveal what you need to know in time, just not right now.

Also be as flexible as possible in addressing any events or issues that confront you this week.

Remember that Eclipse Seasons are meant to shake things up and Mercury Retrograde is meant to help you to shift your perception or sense of your life’s reality.

You noticed that we were initiated into Eclipse Season last week by two major earthquakes: one in central Italy and one in Myanmar.  Shake-ups indeeed.

You may question your self or the decisions you have made during Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season.  At the least you will shift your outlook and perceptions.

If you do question your decisions or choices, please do not jump to conclusions, rush to judgment, or do anything impulsive.

Allow the process to unfold and if you can, wait for Eclipse Season to end (October 1) and Mercury to go Direct (September 22) before making any big decisions or big moves.

Our lives are in transition into a New Major Chapter.  We have been transforming our consciousness and our lives aligned with that reality.

That means there is an Old You that has been dying and a New You that has been born.  It is important during these transitions to keep contact with those who remind you of your old self to a minimum.

If family or friends or life mates have never truly “seen” you or honored you, you need to quit trying.  It is a well in your life that will likely stay dry.   You can keep contact with them but let go of expectations, stop taking on their energies and problems, and stop trying to get them to understand you.

You can do it if you keep your conversations superficial without getting into emotional issues.  You may not be able to share your deeper feelings with them anymore.

There is nothing more important in the transformational process than nurturing and taking care of the New You.  That New You is really the Authentic You, the one you may have silenced a long time ago in order to find acceptance.

Now s(he) has been birthed, and just like a newborn baby it needs to be protected from anything or anyone toxic.

Of course in the greater world we are also in transition from an old age to a new one.   And so many will keep hanging onto the old age, especially so if they have been privileged within the old age.

They will want the old paradigms to continue, and will fight to keep the old Military/Economic Establishment alive.

But you can see it falling apart right before our eyes.  Look at our Presidential election process and realize that the cream does not rise to the top anymore.  The liquid or soul of our culture and world is rancid and toxic as are the oceans of the Earth now.  Nothing nor anyone good is naturally rising to the top of our world. Instead playing the game well is what gives rise.

We need to look deeper to find the seeds of a New World and Age.  Those people and that consciousness will reign supreme but it is a process that will take time.

Do not despair when you look at the two party system and the choices it has afforded us. Do not despair when you look at the inequities, corruptions, abuses, and injustices all around.

Look deeper at the core of your own transformation and values. Look for people who are also working to transform themselves and their lives.

Do not buy into the old dramas that keep us victims to an unjust system.  Instead realize that “We are the ones we have been looking for”.  And as Jesus said “the meek shall inherit the Earth”, which really means that the power abusers will not last as the leaders of the world.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and this Eclipse Season, if you look from a higher perspective, is triggering the deeper changes and transformations we need to evolve.

Do not let fear or hatred overtake you and you will not drown in the dramas and toxic energies from the old world.

The draws to fear and hatred will get stronger and stronger now. As a counter to that draw it is important now to integrate into your consciousness and heart the knowledge of Oneness and that all is connected.

Everyone is a part of you that is in the world. No one is your enemy to be feared or hated. Do not demonize either presidential candidate.  Just get out of the drama. Don’t be fooled into thinking any one person will ruin our country or world. The Universe is much bigger than any one person.

Each Presidential candidate is a reflection of a part of our country.  Trump and Clinton represent segments of our population and segments of our collective consciousness.

And much of that collective consciousness is filled with the toxins of the old world and its values. Just like in personal transformation, release the energies, clean out what the candidate represents, and then open to what comes into you instead.

It will be your true values, not the values of what you are have been programmed to believe.

Enjoy the ride,


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Times They are Changing and Astrology Forecast August 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now experiencing the first breezes of the Eclipse Season’s winds of change and transformation.

Intensity will gradually increase as we move toward our first eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 1.  That will be followed two weeks later by the second eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces on September 16.

Some people I talk to get nervous and frightened when they know eclipses are coming. There is nothing to be afraid of.  Of course that fear is embedded in our ancestral memory, as those who came before us were really afraid when they saw the Sun go black during a Solar Eclipse.  There were all sorts of superstitions that were then triggered.

But we modern humans do not feel as small in the face of the Universe and Nature as did our ancestors.  We know we are co-creators with those forces.

Nevertheless the eclipses, like all planetary influences, do bring us energy formations, like weather patterns, and those influences can blow in like storms and influence change.

The two eclipses this September are in usually gentle Virgo and Pisces. Eclipses do add more intensity and power to normally gentle energies.  Plus both these eclipses will form strong mutable t-squares that will include Mars, the Lunar Nodes, and Neptune in their signatures.   

That complicates and intensifies the eclipses even more.  Expect breakthroughs and breakdowns in parts of your life and consciousness, as well as the same for the greater world.   We will give a broader and deeper evaluation next week, the week of the first eclipse.

We will also discuss the fact that Mercury will go Retrograde just two days before the first eclipse on September and will stay Retrograde all the way through the second eclipse- until September 22 on the Autumn Equinox.

Mercury Retrograde will help us to question and think outside the usual mental boxes, but it may cause some fogginess or confusion in its process.

During the Eclipse Season with Mercury Retrograde, you will serve your life best by being flexible and open and trusting of what the Universe and Nature bring forward. This coming week will set the table for the coming shifting winds of change.

This week, a week before the first eclipse, we feel the stirrings of change, but our concentration will be more about completing, finishing up, processing, and preparing for the eclipses.

That is because this week we experience the Sun going into Virgo on Monday August 22; Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune on August 24 and 26 respectively; and we begin the last quarter of the Lunar Cycle on August 24.

The last quarter Moon prompts us to reflect on where we have recently been and where we intend to go now.  It helps us to clean up and get ready.

The Sun in Virgo also shows us the way to cleaning up and finding order, to getting back to more work and school, to repairing and fixing what need ot be repaired and fixed, to maintenance, to healing, and also to using our left brain abilities to focus, analyze and discern.

Mars conjuct Saturn and squaring Neptune tells us to stop or pause before we move forward, to deeply reconsider before making an absolute decision or action, to be patient and flexible.

We cannot push the rivers of our lives to go faster or to change their direction to where we want them to go.

Soon the blocks to progress will be removed, as we get further into the Eclipse Season.   Eclipses are about movement.

I know many of you are quite concerned now about the state of our world and country.   I remember back in the ’60s and ’70s people feeling the same way.

There was an unjust war in Viet Nam, a corrupt President in Nixon, protests that turned violent, awakenings of the injustices toward black people and women, fears of nuclear destruction, and the assassinations of President Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.  Gender roles were rapidly changing, and relationships and marriages were breaking down.

But all of this was happening as the old world and its systems were breaking down, as new light, new truth, and greater justice and fairness was opening up.  It was the best of times and the worst of times.

And now revolution and evolution are strong again, and it is not always pretty, but hope is all around.  Look at the millennial generation and its passion for change through Bernie Sanders.  Look all around at the people now open to meditation, yoga, and new spirituality and healing.

There are people all around who are shining more Love and are more grounded in Truth.   We are now more connected all over the world than ever before through internet, global communication, global commerce, and global travel.

We now need to connect more through the heart and soul and with empathy for those with different lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, and ways of life all over the world.

Sure many get really down about our choices for President in 2016, but they will not ruin our world any more than did a Richard Nixon presidency. There is a bigger picture at work and the Universe and its cycles and seasons are much more influential than a USA presidential election.

In fact Nixon’s presence caused people to passionately rise up and demand change.  His presence and the war and the state of the System caused people to evolve and grow and live up to what they believed in.

We were then at a turning point in revolution and evolution into a new Age of Aquarius.

And we are even closer now to that New Age, no matter how dark it appears sometimes.

Till next week,


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First Breezes of Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast August 14-20

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Saturn has now gone Direct, and as representative of the Hand of Time, Saturn puts the Universe’s clock back in forward motion. This assists us in leaving any personal escape zones or comfort zones.

“We are back on the clock”, as they say.  Time to take more seriously again our responsibility to be our authentic true soul self- not what we each are “expected” to be by family, society or our own expectations.

We are back on the clock just in time for the next Eclipse Season, which begins right after the Full Moon in Aquarius this coming week.

The first Eclipse this new season will be on September 1 at 5:03 AM EDT. It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo.  Just 2 days before that Eclipse Mercury will go Retrograde. Mercury will stay Retrograde until September 21, which means it will be Retrograde during both Eclipses this month, the second one a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on September 16.

So this will be a very interesting Eclipse Season with two Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde.

It will be essential to let go of the shore you may be holding onto, as your life’s boat travels down the river of change and transformation.

There is so much world change on the way too.   Expect all the old certainties to not be so certain anymore.   Politically it is already happening.  This Presidential election cycle has been crazy, disillusioning, and unpredictable. That theme should continue.

Both traditional political parties have shown how dysfunctional and/or corrupt they each are.

Other institutions of the system will also show their shadows soon, and we need to be ready to collectively get more involved in new ways, new projects, new ideas.

Wikileaks is a new institution, outside the old system box, which is showing us the true colors of much of the old world and the people who are “authorities” and leaders within it.

I am sure they will continue to have that role, and they will be joined by others, including hackers who open secret doors of corruption from the old world.

More and more we will be opening to more Truth, and also we are being opened to people and places that show us Love.

Truth and Love are the twin pillars of the New Paradigm.  As we uncover the dark secret places of the Old World, as we let go of the power it has had over our minds, hearts and lives; we open to a new and better world, one more aligned with the authentic soul self we have been growing into.

It can be really disheartening at times to see the real face of the old world when the mask is lifted.  And it is so disillusioning to see some people in our personal lives when the rose colored glasses are removed.

This disillusionment is an important phase of the transformational process on the way to Aquarian Age consciousness.

We need to let go of the old world’s programming, and only by seeing the truth can it happen.

And the process can really be painful before we are graced by frequencies and people of the New World.

It can be difficult to trust again once one has been betrayed or lied to or disappointed by those we have counted upon.

But we do hopefully open our hearts to trust again, which helps us to open to the butterfly of new birth.

This coming Eclipse Season will give us breakdowns of that which needs to be let go of, and breakthroughs into new ideas, new consciousness, and new ways to be and live our lives.

This week the beginning winds of Eclipse Season begin to blow in as we experience a Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 18 at 5:27 AM. This will begin the waning second half of the lunar cycle that began with a Leo New Moon on August 2.

That waning second half ends at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 1.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius this week is thus an important marking point on the way to the first Eclipse. It will bring with it the beginning of issues that will be important during this Eclipse Season.

This Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius has a theme of heart (Leo) versus head (Aquarius) or how to find a balance between your heart and your head.

When you buy a car, for instance, do you buy the one that glitters and opens your heart(Leo) or do you buy the one that is practical, energy efficient, and inexpensive (Aquarius)? Or can you find one that has a balance between the two extremes?

Leo is open hearted and creative and resonates with what is popular. Aquarius is open minded and inventive and resonates with what is individualized and unique. Leo is more self focused; Aquarius is more socially or group focused.

At an Aquarius Full Moon it is time to be more socially conscious, but be aware of your own or other egos that get in the way.

As we pass through this Full Moon which is bringing in the first breezes of the Eclipse Season, be present and aware of any signs or symbols of the issues that will important during this Eclipse Season. What is coming into your personal life that will be an important issue to look at during this Eclipse Season?

What is opening up in the greater world that will be important during the Eclipse Season?

See you next week,


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Hand of Time and Astrology Forecast August 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through the gate of a New Moon in Leo from August 2. On August 18 that New Moon from August 2 will become Full- A Full Moon in Aquarius.

That will be an important Full Moon, as it begins a new Eclipse Season.  That Full Moon in Aquarius blows in the first winds of change connected to the issues that will dominate our consciousness during this new Eclipse Season.

The first Eclipse will be on September 1.  It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo.

The second and last Eclipse for this Eclipse Season will be on September 16.  It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Pisces.

So we can expect another round of important and intense world events soon again.   There will likely be a continuation of issues around police treatment of African Americans,  and anger toward the police.

There will also likely be a continuation of terrorist events.

And of course the Presidential election process will intensify, though it seems hard to imagine it getting any more intense.

There will also likely be new world events that continue to shake up our reality and consciousness and help us to more greatly transform into the Age of Aquarius.

The economy and stock market could be vulnerable for change, especially so if interest rates are increased in September by the Federal Reserve.  The really volatile Middle East could also be ripe for new eruptions.  Also North Korea and China are getting more and more angry with neighboring countries, as well as western governments- especially the USA.

Turkey and  Russia and their roles in Syria could also be in the spotlight.  And of course events will likely erupt that will be complete surprises.

Just know that Eclipse Seasons accelerate the process of change and transformation in the world and in your personal life.

We have entered a big new chapter or season of our lives.  The transition time has been from Spring 2014 to now.  Look back at your life prior to Spring of 2014 and look at it now.

Look at the world prior to Spring 2014 and look at it now.

Islamic State was unheard of  and Ferguson had not happened yet, whch triggered all the racial tensions.  Russia had not invaded Ukraine and upset its relationship with the western world and Nato.

So now we are in an important new chapter of our collective and individual lives, a new chapter on the way toward the Age of Aquarius.

What still needs to transform in your life to make you aligned with the energies of the Age of Aquarius and also aligned with your own authentic higher self and its natural soul journey?

What is not aligned in your life now?  Are your relationships healthy?  Are your family connections other than dysfunctional?  Are you in a career or job that is satisfying and aligned with your true self or are you there just to surive financially?

Do you have love in your life or are your relaionships just relationships out of habit?

Are you still controlled by old belief systems, and patterns of behavior that keep you stuck?

Do you feel like your life is a rerun every day, with “Groundhog Day” repeats?

Do you put up with relationship patterns that are so dysfunctional that they are not heart or feeling connected anymore?  Do you just go through the motions without real connection?

Well, it is possible that the approaching Eclipse Season will break down some of these old ways and provide you with breakthroughs into new mindsets and ways.

In fact Eclipse Seasons usually do have breakdowns and breakthroughs, some small and sometimes rather large life changing ones.

Before we hit into Eclipse Season, however, we find ourselves in the waxing half of the lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Leo on August 2.    That Moon continues to wax and grow until the Full Moon in Pisces on August 18, at which time it begins its waning half of the cycle.

This Leo New Moon lunar cycle wants us to get more into our hearts and creative expression.  It beckons us to trust more and live from our spontaneous hearts and not so much from our calculating heads.

Have Leo fun this remaining summer, while it still lasts here in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 1 will herald the call to get more into work and to create more order in our lives.  But that’s almost a month away.

There are only minor aspects this week, until Saturday when Saturn goes from Retrograde to Direct.

Saturn is gravity, but also the Hand Of Time.   So the clock of the Universe begins to tick again on Saturday.

You may feel or see events that seem rather fated around that date.  Saturn gives a sense of greater definiton, of rules and regulations that need to be followed.  It can make us also feel more secure, stable and grounded if not trapped and controlled.

Try to get a sense at around the Saturn turning of what new resolutions, intentions and commitments you want to make for your self and your life.

The Universal Hand of Time lets you know that time is limited and that you cannot keep putting off or procrastinating that which is important to you and your soul’s growth.

Till next week,


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