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Light at the End of the Tunnel and Astrology Forecast February 1-7

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This weekend we get through the half way mark of Mercury Retrograde.  During this current Mercury Retrograde movement I have witnessed more than a few people who have been swept into a change of direction.

Often it happens that Mercury retrograde shifts our perceptions so that we consider changing our minds or changing the directions we had chosen before Mercury went Retrograde.  I of course advise that is best to wait before deciding to make major shifts until Mercury goes back Direct again.

But this time I have seen people almost swept into a changed direction with little or no ability to choose otherwise.

In such cases it is aligned with Universal movement and so needs to be accepted as right. If our previously chosen direction or mindset was off course or alignment, then it is right to have this changed during Mercury Retrograde.

But for most there is a only a tease to shift as events or ideas swirl through our lives, and as people or situations from the past provide us a different perspective.  And then we can wait until after Mercury goes back Direct ( in this current case on February 11) before we gain clarity and sense of direction.

But if it feels like a wave of “fate” is carrying you, then there is no choice but to surrender to it.  All you have choice in that case is how you react.

This coming week, as Mercury is in the second half of its Retrograde movement, we also experience Imbolc on Monday February 2 and a Full Moon in Leo on Tuesday February 3 at 6:09 PM EST.

So the theme this week is a turning to the last half of cycles.  That is because not only is Mercury half way through its Retrograde cycle, Imbolc signifies being half way through winter and the Full Moon symbolizes being half way through the lunar cycle.

So you should this week be able to see a light at the end of any tunnel of pain or confusion you might be going through now.

Astrology, with its planetary movements and cycles, teaches us that “this too shall pass”.   The circles of life, the seasons of one’s own soul journeys, always show us to a shift out of whatever we feel stuck within.

Of course people do have the gift (or burden) of choice.  And many people choose to maintain certain attitudes or beliefs even as seasons change or even ages change.

This rigidity seems to keep them stuck, as what you believe has much to do with what your life will be.

But if you stay aligned with the natural and organic shifts of Nature and the Universe, you will have the benefit of awakenings and new beginnings, of renewed opening of mind and heart, of changes that assist personal and global evolution.

Often in the aging process one seeks the kind of security that impedes growth.   It then seemingly gets more difficult to change.

This is not maturity as some claim, but instead often signifies a wariness and weariness  of life that has come with disappointments and disillusions.

When one is young, one is often more open to shifting tides as one’s heart and mind are open and hopeful.

But life can bring bruises and traumas and that tends to close up the channels of natural change inside us.

Life’s traumas instead are meant to shift our attitudes and beliefs and to build a bridge between left and right brain, between mind and heart, between male and female ways of being and thinking.

But these traumas do not force us to shut down our open hearts and minds.  They are meant to merely shift our focus, to motivate us to grow and mature, to change priorities, to heal, to gain more empathy, to transform, and to rebalance.

So keep your connection to your soul and the Universe no matter what happens in your life.   All happens meaningfully if you are open to that way of seeing.

And of course now we are in transition between ages, and Uranus/Pluto square is helping us to transform out of the Pisces Age and into the Age of Aquarius.

Uranus/Pluto is meant to help us to evolve our consciousness and live in accordance with the changing of ages.

There are many changes coming to our world now and in the near future. March/April, with its potent planetary movements, will open a major portal into increased world-wide revolution and evolution. This portal will open channels to more truth and love, new energies of light, and evolved consciousness. It will also bring more economic turmoil and world conflicts.  Things could get extremely intense this late Winter and Spring 2015.

So much needs to change.  Look at the paradigm we live under in this world and what that paradigm creates.  Look at the hatred between cultures and religions and nations.  Look at what  has been happening to the land and environment ,  to the creatures of the Earth.  Look at how we treat one another.  And look at the inequities of living conditions for our human family.

This past week brought a report that showed that half the world’s wealth was owned by 1% of the people on this planet. How can that be the right way to live on Planet Earth?

Why would some people need multiple homes and vehicles and billions of dollars while others struggle to survive? Is it OK to have a paradigm which creates systems built on winners and losers instead of sharers.

Is it not incumbent on the strong to assist those who are weaker or more vulnerable?  Of course it is best to metaphorically show one how to fish instead of just bringing them fish.  Just bringing them fish does not empower and bring one confidence and self esteem.

But a system that encourages greed and domination does not tend to bring out the best in people.

If there is a pie and 6 people who need to eat, why would we develop systems that make it possible for one person to eat the whole pie and let others starve?

I am not saying we necessarily need to develop a system based on communism or socialism, but we  sure do need to build a new one that is fair and fosters equality, an honoring of those who are different from us, and a desire to see all people with a good life and sufficient resources.

And soon we are going to be brought closer to “the edge”,  with economic and military crises.

It makes no sense to me that the pillars of our world are built on an economic and military structure, or as it used to be called, the Military/Industrial complex.

The pillars that must hold up our world and be its foundation must be Universal values like Love and Truth, Fairness and Justice, Unity built from Diversity. Truly honoring and embodying those inner values will necessitate building outer systems that are more fair, transparent, and empathic.

Allow your consciousness to continue to evolve beyond a merely material outlook. Without inner connections and values to balance our material concerns, we are stressed beyond what we can tolerate, and we are divorced from the empathy that connects our souls together.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years


Preparing for Delivery and Astrology Forecast January 25-31

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

A New lunar cycle began this past week at the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20.

This New Moon was meant to give a spark of positive energy and hopefully a sense of forward movement.

But this forward movement was countered in part by the fact that Mercury went Retrograde the next day January 21.

Mercury Retrograde is meant to have us loosen up any tight and firm mental constructs or paradigms we have developed, to rethink our plans, to not be so sure of whatever agendas we have attached to.

Its process can bring upsets to get us to stop and rethink.  Its process can bring people back into our lives, through dreams, strong waking memories, or actual real time connections.

Mercury Retrograde may even bring back old ideas or old ways of being or thinking from our past.

Before we move forward with our current agenda or plan, we may need to question the direction we have chosen.  Or maybe we need to reintegrate someone or something from the past so we can heal or re-member.

Then when Mercury goes back direct again, in this case on February 11, we are more fully prepared and equipped to continue our journey forward.  Or perhaps we then realize we had been off course and we thus end what we thought was right to do.

So you can see why it is best to wait until Mercury goes back Direct before making important decisions or starting anything new.  It is because one needs to go through the entire Mercury Retrograde period, which in essence is pausing, reflecting and rethinking, before finding direction agsain.

Information is gathered during Mercury Retrograde, emotions are processed.  Old times are experienced again to give us better perspective on our life now.

So please do not rush to make decision now or do anything impulsive or based on fear.  Trust the process, and be as patient as possible.

And it may take until a few days- to a week afterward- before you are truly ready to see the truth, make decision or do something important. After February 19 Mercury will be back to normal Direct speed again.

Many people speak of machinery going awry or communication equipment or electronics to not work well during Mercury Retrograde.  That can happen sometimes and likely more often than usual; but this is not the essence of Mercury Retrograde.

Being superstitious or fearful about Mercury Retrograde will only tend to make matters worse.   If your computer stops working, perhaps it is important to pause in what you are doing before proceeding. If it totally breaks down, as difficult as that may be, it might be time to get a new computer or to get it in better shape.

But please do not expect really bad breakdowns to happen.  I have been through over a hundred Mercury Retrogrades personally and have watched hundreds more with clients and friends; and many more times than not no equipment or electronics have failed in a serious way.  Little glitches here and there only have been common.

On February 2 is Imbolc, commonly called in our modern era Groundhog Day. This is approximately half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

It is usually a time to begin to feel the coming of spring, even if only on a subtle level.

For those on a spiritual path it sometimes is a time of spiritual initiation, a sacred time of new awakening or passage.

In this regard February 2 in Christian tradition is Candlemas, remembered as the time when Jesus entered the temple for the first time or when Mary received purification.

This coming week, however, will bring a continuation of what was started last week. It will continue the lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Aquarius and it will continue the shifting mental and communicative winds of Mercury.

The second quarter Moon in Taurus will begin late Monday, and will ask each of us to be grounded in whatever endeavors you have recently chosen.

Remember we are experiencing the Sun in Aquarius now, and that brings more mental energy, especially mental energy that is ingenious, inventive, and “outside the box” of usual thinking.

So use the 2nd quarter Moon in Taurus to make your inventive ideas more practical and real.

Energies will intensify more strongly around Thursday/Friday (30th/31st) as Mars makes exact contact with the Uranus/Pluto square.

Important world events are more likely at that time than usual.

And of course we are not far away from a very powerful late winter and spring 2015.   Uranus makes exact square to Pluto on March 16.  Then there is an eclipse on the day of the Spring Equinox, and another eclipse two weeks later that includes Uranus and Pluto in its signature.

The world as we know it is in the process of giving birth to an Age of Aquarius.    Our human family is experiencing a sometimes rather painful pregnancy.

And there is much that needs to change before the delivery.  Let us hope that we are not so naïve as to believe that all will stay the same during the pregnancy or after the birth.

You parents know that once the child arrives the world as you knew it is never to be the same again.

And some more conservative types resist the changes and want everything to stay as it was.  And of course we do not want all to change all at once.

So expect this March/April time period coming up to bring severe labor pains that alert us to the fact that the birth is getting closer.

Prepare to release more of the old ways that do not fit what is arriving.  Help yourself to trust what the coming chapter will be. It is nature working its magic. It may not always be pretty, may even get quite painful and ugly at times; but a new and hopefully healthy baby will be the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years

New Energies and Shifting Perceptions and Astrology Forecast January 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is an energetic shift this week as we transition into a new lunar cycle at the New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday January 20.  More shifting winds blow in as Mercury stops going direct and turns Retrograde on Wednesday January 21.

The days leading up to the New Moon on Tuesday January 20 will show a Moon getting darker every day.

As we experience this Dark Moon period prior to the actual New Moon, our inner world becomes more fertile ground for contacting the void in our meditations.   That calm connected spot in consciousness is where our soul meets the Universe.

Then on Tuesday January 20 at 8:14 AM EST there is a shift toward light and energy coming back at the New Moon in Aquarius.  But for awhile still, for a night or sometimes two, the Moon will still be dark.

During that time our meditations can be more intentional, using affirmations or visualizations in order to co-create with the Universe for our personal lives.

Then after the lighted sliver appears, the New Moon cycle begins and it is a good time to move forward into New Beginnings.

The most aligned kind of new beginnings after the New Moon in Aquarius would have themes of group participation; social consciousness; sensing greater diversity and equality; acknowledging your uniqueness or even “weirdness”; and finding a greater connection to thinking in inventive ways.

But of course there will be energy for any kind of new beginning at the New Moon.

Then we get “thrown a curve ball” from the planets as Mercury goes Retrograde on January 21.

So as you are moving forward with renewed energy, the greater Mind of the Universe, represented by Mercury, is beginning to shift its viewpoint.  And for us that means our perceptions are beginning to shift.

Sometimes that starts out very subtly and picks up more static later. Sometimes on the shifting day itself, things already seem out of sorts.

Either way, the mind, especially the left brain half of the mind, is beginning to function in differently.

So as a result, actual events or maybe mind-fucks show us the linear logical way of thinking is just out of reach sometimes.

Best not to try to over analyze during Mercury Retrograde or to need to “figure it all out” obsessively.   It is better to let life unfold, to entertain more circular thinking, more creative, intuitive and inventive thinking.

As our mental frequencies are shifting, it is not usually recommended to make really important decisions or to sign long term contracts.  You may think all is normal but it is not.  Many bad decisions are made during Mercury Retrograde.

This does not mean you should approach this time period superstitiously.  If there are decisions to be made that have happened organically and can not truly be put off, then realize it is meant to happen this way and must be right.

Mercury will be Retrograde from January 21 at 10:54 AM EST until February 11 at 9:57 AM EST. That is almost exactly 3 weeks long.

Often during Mercury Retrograde we are taken back to the past in some way- memories, dreams or people from the past coming back.  Of maybe we start thinking like we used to do or have old issues come back to haunt us.

That is one reason why it is not advised to make decisions during Mercury Retrograde. It is because we are needing to process something from the past which would interfere with clear thinking about our current life.

Perhaps we need to further release someone or something; perhaps we need to reintegrate something we discarded in the past.

Whatever the reason, it is usually best to wait until after Mercury goes back Direct again to find  more clarity and direction. And sometimes it may take several more days, when Mercury gets back up to speed, before we find total clarity and direction.

So as you begin to move forward this week with new ideas and inspirations, please keep in mind that Mercury may play some tricks on you.

That does mean you necessarily need to abort your new plans, but it may mean you need to rethink or to modify the new plan.

And also there is a possibility you were off course entirely, but if that is so please wait until Mercury goes Direct before you jump ship.  At some point soon after Mercury goes back direct you will know what is real and true for you.

Remember that we have a most intense time period coming up March-May with ramifications from that time period lasting for several months beyond.

In the greater world we can expect more big events that change our world like we had last year and early this year.

There is a growing conflict between socio-religious cultures.  There is a much weakened economy on our collective horizon.

We are not going back to “normal”.   There is a “new normal” developing, one of transition between ages.

The Age of Aquarius is becoming stronger and stronger in our collective consciousness.  Fence sitting between the Ages no longer works.

And after March-May 2015 there will no fence to sit on.   There is a large portal opening then for entrance into the Age of Aquarius.

But keep in mind that the knee-jerk reaction to this transformational change will be strong also. Police and Military are getting stronger as a result.  Laws and rules will be twisted to fit the needs to keep intact an old world’s structure and paradigm.

I found it interesting this past week to see France’s reaction to the killing at Charlie Hebdo.

While on the one hand there was a huge rally to ostensibly celebrate free speech- on the other hand France arrested a local comedian named Dieudonne because he kept saying “Je suis Charlie Coulibaly”.  Which is not only saying “I am Charlie” which is identifying with the people who died for free speech at Charlie Hebdo, but also identifying with the killer.

He was arrested for an expression of free speech!! He could face 7 years in prison!

Keep your sanity during this trying time.  More fully release the programming of society and family so you can more completely think and feel for your self.

Being in your truth is a most important piece of the foundation for what we are building in the New World.

Sure you may sometimes want to keep your viewpoint to your self for the purpose of self protection or peace.   Just make sure you do not fool yourself too.

As energies shift this week, you will likely feel more awake as a result.   Soon enough here in the Northern Hemisphere we will be halfway out of the winter. That will be on February 2 at Imbolc, which in modern pop culture is called Groundhog Day.

Then we are halfway to Spring 2015, a most important season on the journey to the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years


Mutual Respect and Astrology Forecast January 11-17

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week’s tragedy in Paris happened in the wake of a powerful Full Moon in Cancer that formed a T-Square with transformational planets Uranus and Pluto.

Now I believe the intensity level will subside for awhile, at least until around the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20- followed by Mercury Retrograde on January 21.

But then in March when Uranus exactly squares Pluto again- for the last time after 6 previous exact squares- a powerhouse of planetary aspects will begin.

The world as we know it is in the process of monumental transformation into a New Age of Aquarius.

So much needs to shift so we may eventually live in a world of more equality and fairness, one where Diversity within Unity is the standard of the world.  Love and Truth, the pillars that hold up the Universe, will need to be the pillars that hold up our human culture on Earth too.

Abusive power; greed; cover-ups and lies; corruption; and violence will need to be cleansed from our human consciousness in order for the New Age to be birthed and to flourish.

Right now there is a growing conflict between the values and traditions of the Western World and a rising tide of Fundamentalist Islam.

The western values of freedom and freedom of speech have been violently challenged this past week in Paris.

I as a western living American place a very high value on freedom and freedom of speech.  And I also believe the killing of those cartoonists and others of Charlie Hebdo is horribly wrong and there is no excuse for it.

But I also believe that with freedom comes responsibility and sensitivity toward others’ sacred beliefs.

As a spiritual person, I am not fan of most organized religion of any brand; but at the same time I respect that others do have strong religious beliefs.  In a world of Diversity within Unity it is imperative that we respect others’ ways of life as long as the Golden Rule is used.

That means that as long as someone else’s beliefs or way of life does not directly hurt anyone else it is OK.

Is it being responsible and sensitive to demean and humiliate a God some cherish and love?  Did you see the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo made of Mohammed?  They humiliated him and also showed no sensitivity to the fact that Muslims believe that Mohammed’s image should not be shown or drawn, etc.

I also believe that humor needs to be free to be irreverent, to poke fun, to show the Emperor with no clothes. Being spiritually or politically correct holds back the truth that humor gives us.

But those cartoons of Mohammed were filled with hate and sought to humiliate.  Mean spiritedness is not the same as pointed sarcasm.

I know many of you are thinking “yea but who is to draw the line and how does one draw the line?”

If it is about what another culture finds sacred,  as sacred as Islam finds Mohammed, then we should respect that.

Are Christians OK with Jesus being shown as depraved or perverted and him being humiliated?

Well perhaps here in America where freedom of speech is also a sacred value, perhaps one can get away with it?   But if the other culture does not have that same cherishing of freedom of speech, is it not responsible and sensitive of us to put limits on our expression, especially if those expressions are filled with venom?

Again let me reiterate there that there is no excuse for the killings. Those people did not deserve to die for those cartoons.

But if we are going to build a New World, one where we respect the differences in a world of Diversity within Unity; then all people will need to respect the cherished values of other cultures.

To get to that New World, all cultures and peoples will need to leave behind the idea that their way of living is superior and that all others should believe and live the same way!

So now you can see the work to be done, and there may be more and more ugly situations that erupt until we start waking up to what is needed.

If you start hating Muslims and their way of life and judging them, it will be no different than the judging of blacks or gays or hispanics, or transgenders, etc.

Please do not buy into what is developing, now in both Conservative and Liberal cultures (see Bill Maher).   If we from all sides further demonize Muslim culture we are contributing to what is brewing so strongly now:  world war.

So this coming week brings us a 4th quarter Moon in Libra Tuesday the 13th.  After that the waning moon brings more downward movement to our consciousness.  Low key is the watch phrase, and as Mars goes into Pisces on Monday January 12, that reality gets stronger.

Mars will stay in Pisces until February 19, so forceful and straight-forward activity turns to a more circuitous process. Mars in Pisces brings yang Mars into yin Pisces.

It is time to let the flow of life, as it unfolds, determine what you will do. Overly aggressive movements may find much frustration in fulfilling an agenda or reaching a goal now.

The 14th/15th may add to that theme as Mars squares stop sign Saturn.  Be patient and all will turn out better.

All in all this is a good week ahead to process one’s thoughts and feelings, to heal, to work things out.  But it is not a great time to rush forward, to take on big projects, to have important new beginnings. Be careful not to let yourself get too negative or depressed.

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years



Dancing with the Full Moon and Astrology Forecast January 4-10

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer Sunday January 4 at 11:53 PM EST.

It will likely be a strong and transformational lunation, as both Uranus and Pluto are connected to it.

The Moon will be closely in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus in Aries.  The Sun will be closely conjunct to Pluto and square to Uranus.

This forms a cardinal T-square, a very strong configuration of planets.

I know many of you are sensitive to the energy of full moons.

And usually a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer is rather stable, even if sometimes emotional or mysterious.

This year’s Capricorn/ Cancer Full Moon, as it contains Uranus and Pluto, may also bring with it greater intensity and a shakeup of your usual default behavior patterns.  It may require more letting go of the past and how it used to be, and more accepting of how new roads will need to be travelled.

Cancer can be emotional, especially around family or parenting issues.  And Capricorn is more stoic and reserved.  Cancer is the permissive archetypal “Mother”, allowing unconditionally of what happens organically. Capricorn is the taskmaster “Father”, creating boundaries and rules and expectations.

You may be dealing with parenting or family issues or memories over the next few days.   Balancing home and job could be important, as well as balancing personal needs with obligations out in the world.

There could be a dilemma between deciding “how much does one nurture another or oneself”, versus “how much does one need more discipline and meeting of demands.”

Energetic intensity will subside a few days after this Full Moon.  Then we will be in the waning half of the lunar cycle that was initiated at the Winter Solstice on December 21 2014 with  New Moon in Capricorn.  That lunar cycle goes until January 20 at the New Moon in Aquarius.

So after this Full Moon in Cancer- until the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20- there will not be much in the way of high spirits.  The intensity level will turn down and so then it is either time to contemplate and reflect and/or come down into reality and do what needs to be done.

Be careful not to dip too much into the pit of depression, self pity, or self loathing during that time period.  There may be a need to process and find resolution, but there is no need to self destruct.

There may also be a sensed need to “clean things up”, and perhaps a greater acceptance of endings and new chapters of one’s life.

Keep in mind we are preparing ourselves for a very powerful late winter and spring.  But no matter how much you need to see the truth and be real, keeping your mind seeing a half full glass of life instead of a half empty one is very important for mental health.

This week there will be three planets in Aquarius: Mars, Venus, and Mercury.   So there will be some movement out of Capricorn resolutions, commandments and conventional rules; and instead movement into “doing one’s own thing”, and accepting the differences between people.

There may also be- by the end of this week- a need to get in touch with one’s social consciousness, but there may not be much motivation to put this consciousness into action until after the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20.

Late in 2014 Saturn moved out of Scorpio, where it had stayed for 2+ years, and then moved into Sagittarius in December 2014.  It will dip back into the late degrees of Scorpio for awhile again later this year, but then enter back into Sagittarius in mid September. It will stay there until late 2017.

As a result of this movement by Saturn into Sagittarius, the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel more of need to “get it together”- for themselves and their lives.

Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius should feel a release of pressure and responsibility.

In the greater world we are getting used to a very changing world. And in 2015 there will likely be even greater change.  It is also likely this year that the global economy will suffer greatly, including here in the USA.

This is all meant to be a part of the transformation of our world out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

This changing of ages brings a movement toward more equality and sharing, a rebalancing of power.

Old paradigms and institutions that hold up those old ways will begin to lose their power over the people.

But of course there will be a countermovement to desperately hold control and dominance.

That will cause more revolutionary movement and a faster evolutionary track of consciousness.

There are new frequencies and beams of new light pulsing and wanting to enter our collective consciousness and personal lives.

They will meet with much resistance, which will create greater turmoil in our world and in many personal lives.

If we each can get out of our own way, can release ego controls and open up to spirit; then we will experience more awakenings, more synchronicity and magic, and a greater sense of connection with the Universe, our human family, and our authentic and healthy soul potential.

Meditation and spiritual practices are essential.  Going to healers and spiritual guides will be quite useful on our journeys this year.  Eating and moving more in tune with our bodies’ needs is important also.

You can find your natural place in this New Age, your function in the greater human community.  You do not need to save the world or others, as that consciousness was more attuned to the Pisces Age, begun around the time of the Christ.

Now it is more important in an Age of Aquarius to actualize your true individuality and in the process find your place and contribution within the greater whole.

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years