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Shifting to More Light and Astrology Forecast January 27- February 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo tonight February 26 at 11:38 PM Eastern USA time.  The Sun is in “do it my own way even if people think I am weird” Aquarius.  Opposite that planetary position is the Moon in “I think I am cool, I’m having fun and being popular” Leo.  How does that work if the two come together?  Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga come to mind as good metaphors for that combination.

As this Full Moon is experienced, which is usually for three days (a day before the Full Moon, on the day, and the day after); you may have the experience of thinking and being out side the box, skeptical of conventional reality, while also wanting to be popular, accepted and liked by others.

The Aquarian goes looking for a car and looks to find something different, not the usual car, but also one that is socially conscious, gets good mileage and is environmentally correct.  The Leo wants one that is beautiful and shiny and makes your heart sing every time you see it.

Use this Full Moon to find a balance between what is unique, inventive, and socially conscious, on the one hand; with what is creative, fun, and opens your heart on the other hand.

Aquarius is of the mind and usually possesses idealistic principles that it is committed to living up to.  When off course it is cynical of so much in the world, and feels it cannot fit in anywhere. Leo is of the heart and shines its glowing warm aura for all to be uplifted by. When it is off course it gets too filled with itself and its ego is out of control.

Later this week, on Wednesday the 30th of January, there is a turning point as Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct.   The Saturnian Capricorn influence is waning as only Pluto and Venus remain in Capricorn and Venus will enter Aquarius this coming Friday.

So the limiting contracting energies are getting weaker and the expansive rays of Jupiter will be on the rise.  Add the progressive influence of Aquarius, and this coming week brings a feeling of moving more strongly into idealism and high minded pursuits.  Also on Wednesday the Sun squares Saturn, to somewhat dull the upliftment of Jupiter.

But nevertheless the Jupiter shift will help you to shift gears into more hopeful and expansive attitudes.

Adding to that hopeful feeling is Imbolc next Saturday February 2. The pagan celebration of Imbolc has become Groundhog Day in our contemporary world.  It is a symbol of the midpoint of Winter, and now we turn more firmly toward the light and hope of Spring.

So this week begin to shed the doldrums of Winter and begin to visualize more positive movements in your life.

This winter there has been in the media and the mainstream medical world a mission of worry and fear for germs, flu and sickness.  People are now more than ever, it seems, obsessive/compulsive neurotic about staying away from germs.

Though of course germs and viruses do have influence in causing illness, the mainstream world does not acknowledge the wisdom of our souls and bodies in relationship to illness.  Sometimes we need nurturance or time to reflect or time to release emotional toxins or wounds, and our bodies and souls call us to illness.

If we do not need these emotional or spiritual reasons for sickness, then no matter how many germs are around you will not get sick.

Holistic health healers do understand the connection between our psyches, emotions, and spiritual state with our physical world and bodies.

All is connected and can be seen in a meaningful and sacred manner.  The world of germs is not out to “get us”.  And our bodies often need temporary ailments as part of our natural healing.  A healing crisis, though often very painful, brings with it a deep release and a renewal of body and spirit.

We are taught that all is material/physical, bad and good luck, or carelessness and failure.  Instead all is connected and meaningful, holistic and connected to the wisdom of soul and body.

As the light gets stronger every day now, especially after the shift Imbolc brings, bring more light and positive hope into your heart and mind.  When you are connected to your deeper soul and the Universe, all life looks more meaningful and connected, even when it is not going the way your personal will wants it to go. Your ego self does not have the wisdom of your soul and “higher self”.  It seeks to control life and not allow it to unfold naturally.

In March and the Spring of 2013, during Eclipse Season 2013, the status quo of our lives will be shaken up so we get out of our familiar same-old addictions and habits, and open up to the unified rays of your deeper soul and the Universe.

These shakeups will help to get you more in touch with the energies of truth and love, energies that cannot be truly accessed when we are trying to keep old toxic patterns and familiar ways from being let go.

The first eclipse will be a Lunar Eclipse full Moon on April 25; the second a Solar Eclipse New Moon on May 9; and then a more rare third eclipse, another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May 25.

Yet energies will begin to intensify as early as March, when Mars and Uranus will make conjunction in Aries near the time of Spring Equinox.

So now this week, feel the shift to more hope and light, but realize it is a deep subtle shift. Do not expect your life to change overnight. Nevertheless, more  “positive” energies are moving in to help you to believe your life is moving just as it should, as long as you are proactively involved.

I have created a new Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1.  And Part 2

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Sun in Aquarius and Astrology Forecast January 20-26

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we shift today January 19 2013, from Sun in Capricorn to Sun in Aquarius, the pressure to fit, or fit in, or be fit, or do anything as it “should” be done morphs into “do your own thing”.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, holds us tightly in its grasp, so we will stay long enough to learn our lesson, make our plans,  accomplish something, or to build what we need to build.

When Aquarius comes on, we realize that a tight reign on our lives has forced us to be what we need to be in order to get the job done; but we have sacrificed our authentic individualized self in the process.

Capricorn teaches us that there are rules, societal mandates, religious commandments, and authority figures to dictate our lives.  Aquarius shows us that we individual humans, each of us true to our own distinctive authentic self, can together develop a human community based on socially conscious higher ideals.

Uranus, the “ruling” planet of Aquarius, was discovered in 1781, around the time of the American and French revolutions.   “As above, so below”, a spiritual principle that astrology resonates with, shows us the meaning of Uranus from when it was discovered.

Liberty, freedom from rulers, and power to the people is Uranian and Aquarian.   We individual humans being responsible for our own world, is a guiding light of Aquarius.  It is equality and self determination. It is Diversity in Unity.  It is a large part of our American heritage, and of course the USA has in its natal chart from July 4, 1776, a Moon in Aquarius.  The Moon is the light of our inner soul values, and the American inner soul values are very attuned with the Aquarian Age we are moving into.

But now our Superpower American Empire is out of tune with equality for all, with liberation and self determination for all, with worldwide Diversity in Unity. Much transformation of our country will happen over the next year and a half.

We are now in the middle of a dark night of our American soul, as we are being split in two, in a kind of cultural civil war.  It is in part “red state” values versus “blue state” values.    And the Civil War in 1861-1865, when Lincoln was president, was split in similar geographic ways, though many of our western states were still not incorporated.

There are many issues at stake in this cultural conflict, but the one that is most in the spotlight now is the rights of gun owners.

This issue is heating up, and there is much anger being shown by those who want few or no changes to our current gun laws.  President Obama is standing firm on the need to change the gun laws in a way that will make our country safer and less violent.

The NRA is standing stubbornly to not changing much, not even tighter rules for assault weapons.

The second amendment was instituted in large part because of a fear of tyrannical government dominating our lives, and citizens therefore needing to defend themselves. This is a Uranus type of principle, aligned with the Aquarian ideal of power to the people.   We have become, however, a country with a very violent culture of movies and video games, gangs, bullies, and desires to solve problems with force.   There needs to be compromise found to better our country.

Most advocates of new gun laws do not want to limit the rights of the second amendment, but rightfully are afraid that we have developed a very dangerous and violent America, and we need to make changes.

This is a most dangerous issue now in the United States, and President Obama is in a very precarious position as a result. Many gun rights advocates are extreme and some are even rather paranoid, believing President Obama is going to use the government to militarily take over our country and strip us of our freedoms.  This unfounded fear could cause some of them to rationalize violence and killing.

So, as we move into the time of year of Sun in Aquarius, we also on Monday move to the second Inauguration Date for President Obama.   This also is Martin Luther King’s celebrated birthday.

President Obama will be using martyred Lincoln’s bible to be sworn in with, on Martin Luther King Day, an acknowledgement of another martyr for better values in our country and world.  He will also be adding a bible belonging to Martin Luther King Jr.for his swearing in for the Inauguration.

Prayers for our president are much needed now, as our collective need for martyrs needs to die along with the Pisces Age.  I believe we are capable of evolving our collective consciousness enough to stop the trend for another assassination.  Autumn 2013 is the most dangerous time period in this regard.

As far as this coming week goes, as we enter Sun in Aquarius time, and move one third through winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we each look to honor our distinctive authentic selves, but also look to find “birds of a feather” shared values in groups and community.

Internet activity, and especially social network sites like Facebook, are Aquarian by nature.   These new found freedoms of information and human connection must be protected against those who seek to control, like nations and governments.

Use this Aquarian time of year to break away from that which keeps you locked up from your true self and free mind.  Open to places and people who have social values that you resonate with. And use this Aquarian time to do what you want to do, even if others see these actions as weird.  You can better find your individual genius now, if you are willing to be different.

Late next Saturday January 26 is a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo that we will talk more about next Saturday. It is at 11:38 PM EST.

Also please keep in mind that the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect is still in effect, as it has been over the last month or so.  So there is a kind of dark cloud hovering over our consciousness.  And it seeks to bring us down into cold reality, away from illusions and into deeper truths that will set us free.

We are getting closer to a most powerful Spring Eclipse Season, which will start in April with the first of three eclipses, one more than usual.   Uranus square Pluto will have its next exact meeting in the spring also.

Actually, in March is when energies will already be intensifying, so use this time now to center your self, and clean up old issues.

I have created a new Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1.  And Part 2

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Getting it Together and Astrology Forecast January 13-19

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have moved into a new lunar cycle, as there was a New Moon in Capricorn Friday January 11.  New Moon means new beginnings.   And since this new moon is in Capricorn, most will concentrate their efforts on “getting it together”.

That is because Capricorn, which is “ruled” by Saturn, wants to build, accomplish, and “get down to business”.  In order to do so, it needs to organize, and to plan; and in order to properly carry out the plan, it needs to be disciplined, to be focused, and to step by step implement the plan.   Part of its process also is an attitude of doing what you have to do, and meeting obligations.

So during Capricorn time of year, as it is now by both solar and lunar cycles, most people get more serious and grounded.  And that can help one to “get their life together”, to structure or restructure parts of their lives, to work harder.   This is not the time for most to expand and rapidly progress.   It is not a time for new adventure or impulsive actions.

It is more a time for thinking of the long haul, for making serious resolutions, for making strong commitment to things and people who are important to you.

It may be a good time, however, to think of something you would like to accomplish, something you have been putting off or procrastinating about.

If you have been thinking about writing a book, or starting a big project, or taking that trip you have desired, or getting in shape, now is a good time to make the plan and figure out how you will make the plan work.

It is also a good time, as we move through this Capricorn cycle, to put a stop to things that are unhealthy for you, to say no and create boundaries. It may also be a good time for endings, for letting die relationships or patterns or jobs that no longer serve your higher self and your desire to live an authentic life aligned with your deeper soul and the Universe.

Remember also that Saturn is sextile Pluto, and this combination will help you to see through any inflated illusions, and instead assist you in seeing “reality” and deeper truths.  And in so doing you can soberly make your plans with open eyes to what will work in the real world.

Keep in mind that “putting your house in order” now will serve you well during the rapid movement, change, and huge transformation beginning this coming spring 2013.

There will be three eclipses in a row, not the usual two, starting in April. Revolutionary Uranus square Pluto erupts into our consciousness in May, and that month also shows us two more eclipses.

In fact as early as mid March, just before Mars in Aries makes conjunction with Uranus Aries, there could be powerful change already swirling through our lives.

In the summer transformation will be simmering, and then in Autumn with two more powerful eclipses and another Uranus square Pluto, our lives will be bursting with change, much more than happened in 2012.

And the great climax of change, for those of us in the USA, will happen in spring of 2014 when there is another Eclipse season, and most importantly a Grand Cross alignment with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars. This Grand Cross will have the USA natal Sun in its cross-hairs, exact to the degree, 13+ degrees of Cancer.

From this spring 2013 until spring 2014, there will be a huge burst of new energy pushing against  the dams of the old world paradigm, looking to burst into our hearts, minds and lives.

Powerful world events will be flooding in, and the stubbornness of old world resistance will be severely challenged.

Our country is in grave trouble now, needing to let go of its Superpower ego image, let go of its dominance of world affairs through its Empire.  If Barack Obama is now owning his deep connection and possible reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, then he will be ready to bring our country into a world aligned with the principles our country was founded on: liberation, equality, self determination, diversity in Unity- FOR ALL PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES.

At the least Barack Obama is somehow connected to Lincoln and will again at his inauguration, swear in as president for a second term using the Lincoln Bible.  He is the first person since Lincoln to use that Bible.  And Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are all connected through the freeing and providing Civil Rights to the African slaves. And Obama is the fruit of those previous efforts.

And Lincoln began his presidency in 1861, Kennedy 100 years later in 1961, the same year Obama was born.

And now our country is fracturing again, as it did in the Civil War.

And now the issue of gun control versus gun owner rights will take center stage in this fracturing of our country.   Other issues that divide “red states” from “blue states” will also come to the fore this year and next.

President Obama, as he takes responsibility for his role in our human condition at this major crossroads during the transition between the Pisces and Aquarian Age, will be in harms way and in danger of suffering the same fate as Lincoln and Kennedy.

The growing Civil War in our own country, the coming chaos in the Middle East, and the restructuring of the world power structure and world economy; all of these issues will come storming in while Obama is president.

Obama, with a South Node of the Moon in Aquarius (the South Node considered symbolic of past lives), connects with Sun in Aquarius Lincoln, to find the strength to make it through this great challenge into an Aquarian Age.

Freedom, equality, and Diversity in Unity are common traits of the sign Aquarius and are connected to the Civil War of Lincoln’s time and the changing of Ages now in Obama’s time.

Pisces is about saviors and its age was begun around the time of the birth of Christ.  Aquarius moves beyond gurus and royalty and saviors and toward power to the people and the individual, in unified community.

Will we need one more Pisces Age savior martyr to usher in our Aquarian Age?  Or will we sufficiently evolve fast enough as a collective so that is not necessary?

These next 18 months or so will provide us with the answers. Autumn 2013 looks especially important, as the Eclipses fall so very close to Obama’s Saturn and Sun, with Saturn in Scorpio making square his Sun in Leo then also. This will be a most challenging time for him, and from then to spring 2014 there will be much chaotic change in America.

So for now, for January into February, put your own house in order, preserve and build your security structures, make plans for your future, and get your self and your  life grounded in “reality”.

Yes we are moving into a new Aquarian Age, but this transition will take hard work, a strong sense of responsibility and a connection with the physical plane of reality.  We can make this Aquarian Age real, not just a figment of our imaginations.

See you next week,


I will be doing a Youtube video forecast for 2013 later this week and will give you the link next Saturday the 19th of January.

Leo Check out this new Youtube video I created during the last Eclipse Season:

There is a radio shows on blog talk radio from November 10. You can hear that forecast at any time after the live broadcast.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.


New Year 2013, and Astrology Forecast January 6-12

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

2013.  What does it look like?  What can we expect?  2012 was such a hyped up year, especially at the end, as many were expecting very dramatic events to erupt then at the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Even though 2012 did not live up to the sensationalism, it nevertheless was a year that shook us up, took us out of our old boxes of thinking and living, and opened us up to expecting more change and transformation over the next several years.

The first exact passes of Uranus square Pluto happened in 2012, and the two eclipse seasons of spring and autumn were quite powerful.

But 2011 was the year when Uranus and Pluto began to get closer (in orb) to being in exact square, and their influence together really began then.

In fact in the summers of 2010 and 2011, there were cardinal t-squares and grand crosses in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) that connected the transformational outer planets and the eclipses together.  Those years began a wave of revolution and evolution, highlighted by the Uranus/Pluto square getting closer.

2010 brought the Oil Spill off the coast of Louisiana and 2011 brought us the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster.  The oil spill showed us how our addictions to oil were endangering our oceans, wildlife and healthy living on the Earth. The Fukushima disaster showed us how dangerous nuclear energy is to our world in the forms of nuclear power plants, but of course also because of nuclear weapons.

Then also in 2011 the Arab Spring erupted in the Middle East and caused complete transformation of countries like Libya, Tunisia, and most importantly Egypt.  And now Syria is also in the middle of a civil war and drastic change.  These events show us how people want to be liberated from governments that control their freedoms, but these events also show us how much the power structure in the Middle East is rapidly changing now.

And then later in 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement began, bringing the issue of corporate control of our lives into our consciousness.

Liberation is a very important component of the movement into an Aquarian Age, and more liberation movements are on the way. Liberation from that which controls your free mind and heart will come your way in 2013- if you are ready to let go of those things or people or inner beliefs that have held you back.

In 2012 the Syrian situation got worse, Israel and Hamas in Gaza went to war, and Israel’s threats to attack Iran got stronger.  Also in 2012 President Barack Obama was reelected for a second term as president.

Though there were no big liberation movements in 2012 as there were in 2011; instead we became more aware of how much our world is in decay, as the mass murders and corruptions and dysfunctions of our government were revealed.  So the stage is being further set for more revolution and evolution in 2013.

The Uranus/Pluto square has 3 more years of exact meetings, and then their influence will spread further into the 2020’s.

1965-66 brought us the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, which brought on the ’60s revolution and the first cries of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, yet the ’60s revolution lasted well into the ’70s.

So now we face 2013.   Here are some of the aspects to look at in 2013:  Saturn sextile Pluto will last most of 2013 and it hooks up to the Uranus/Pluto square.  Jupiter in Cancer, which begins in late June 2013, will also make aspect to Uranus square Pluto and the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect.   So all the outer planets except Neptune will be interacting with one another in 2013.  That is  unusual, and promises a powerful year of personal and world change.

Saturn sextile Pluto, which is especially strong now and throughout this winter season, brings a deep truth teller into our psyches and world.  Saturn and Pluto together will not allow any illusions or dreamworld to live in.  They will be a rotor-rooter into being real.  Sometimes the lifting of the veils into deeper truths will be painful, as we are forced to let go of illusions about people in our lives and people in the world.

The projections we put on people will not hold up very well, and celebrity will lose its shine of glamour for many. Our government and corporations, our military, and all the institutions that are our old world security structures, will need to transform themselves as more reality and truth about them is revealed.

Secrets will be broken down and we will be better able to see what has been previously covered up.  We will see more clearly the truth of our old world, warts and all. And we will be shown the truth of our selves, and how we have been leading our lives in accordance with programming from the old world. Relationships that we have been hanging onto with old dysfunctions will not be able to keep the truth away any more.  We will see our patterns of relating more clearly, and how they refer to our early family wounds and abuses.

Saturn/Pluto is an aspect that helps us to shed and release through the process of dis-illusion, so we can move on with our lives into more health and wholeness and greater authenticity.

Then is late winter and early spring the Uranus/Pluto square will be triggered by the Sun and Mars and Jupiter.  The Eclipse Season will start in early spring 2013.  And this spring there are 3 eclipses, one more than the usual Eclipse Season.  There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 25 in Taurus/Scorpio; a New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 10 in Taurus; and a second Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 25, this one in Gemini/Sagittarius.

Uranus and Pluto make their first exact square to one another on May 20, in the middle of the Eclipse Season Spring 2013, so we can expect a most powerful awakening time period for humanity this coming spring.   Issues concerning the economy, the Middle East and abuses of power all over the world will be in the spotlight.

The summer of 2013 will bring many aspects that touch off the Uranus/Pluto square as well as the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Change through strong world events will continue in the summer of 2013.

And then the autumn of 2013 brings another Eclipse Season, with a  Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra/Aries on October 18 and a Scorpio Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 3 that is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and occurs two days after the next exact meeting of Uranus square Pluto.   This will be an unbelievably powerful time for transformation, healing, and change in our greater world and in our personal lives.  President Obama has natal planets very connected to these eclipses and planetary patterns, and his life will change in a very big way then.

The Old World will be losing more and more of its grip in 2013, unfortunately through more ugly events, yet each of us will nevertheless see much more light from the Aquarian Age beaming into our consciousness and lives.

This coming week  January 6-13 begins with it reality checks as Mercury makes aspect to Saturn and Pluto on Sunday with Moon in Scorpio, touching off the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Mercury is our mental perceptions and communications. It is the messenger of the gods, and as such can bring us information from “otherworldly” sources.

The two otherworldly sources, Saturn and Pluto, are rather heavy dudes.  Saturn is the god of gravity, locking us firmly into grounded reality.  Pluto is the god of the underworld, bringing us down into the underground of our psyches, primal passions and emotions, and suppressed thoughts.

The gift of this weekend and of Saturn/Pluto in general is that we can contact our soul and body wisdom, as our distractions and addictions will have a difficult time keeping us away from truth and reality.  You can facilitate this process by staying grounded and not running around in a haze.  Meditation will be helpful.  Do whatever you can to stay connected to your body and soul.

On Monday Mars in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio, again triggering the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Do not force anything over the next few days, and do not let your ego-will push hard for what it wants.  Let go and allow the natural energies to unfold.

Most of the week will also be in the last quarter of the lunar cycle, so getting excited and moving fast forward is not encouraged.

But the tide will turn this Friday January 11 at the New Moon in Capricorn at 2:44 PM EST. New Beginnings. This is the best time to begin to implement your New Year’s resolutions, to get into more discipline and long term planning, to do what you need to do make your life work better.

See you next week,


I will be doing a Youtube video forecast for 2013 later this week and will give you the link next Saturday.

Leo Check out this new Youtube video I created during the last Eclipse Season:

There is a  radio shows on blog talk radio from November 10. You can hear that forecast at any time after the live broadcast.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.