Dysfunctional American Family and Astrology Forecast October 21-27

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Monday October 22 at 8:14 PM, less than an hour before the final Presidential debate.    Saturn will then be only about a degree away from that Sun in Scorpio, and they will be exactly conjunct on Thursday morning.    Expect this election to get even more down and dirty than before, which is hard to imagine, considering how dirty it already is.  Both sides are slinging some nasty mud at one another, and of course the good of the community is a rather low priority.

If you really want to hear people who care about our country and its people and who offer intelligent and insightful opinions and perspective, listen to Jill Stein, the Green candidate for President or Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  But of course most people are locked up in the mindset of dysfunctional Mom (democrats) and dysfunctional Dad (republicans), who are the heads of our dysfunctional and unhealthy American Family. And there is fear there will be a repeat of 2000, when Nader was accused of spoiling the potential  election of Gore over Bush.  I can truly understand that mindset, but I believe it is limited.

It is true that Obama will continue to open doors for our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters and other minorities and peoples in need, and will fight for Obamacare, which gives people who would be previously uninsured because of ill health the ability to purchase health insurance. And it is true also that he will be somewhat more international in his perspective and  a bit less militaristic.   But it is also true that Romney will bring a cap to excessive permissiveness in our society, and show a more ’50s “gee shucks” discipline and innocence that are missed in our complicated and “anything goes” culture.

But make no mistake about it, our country and world need and are on the verge of immense transformation.  The Mom and Dad parties are at war, as are so many men and women in our world.   Their children, the citizens of our country and the future generations, suffer because of their war with one another.

And in the bigger picture, everyone knows but ignores the fact that the Mom and Dad parties are both beholden to special interests and invested in either Big Government (democrats) or Big Corporation (republicans). And actually when you look deeper they are both beholden to big government and big corporations.  They both have run up huge government deficits and they both are bought out by lobbyists of Big Corporations.  This is fact.

And neither party is free from the shackles of the Empire of the Military/Economic Complex that runs our country and most of the world. This is not conspiracy theory- this is fact. President Eisenhower warned us of this over 50 years ago.

So it will make little difference on a deeper level or bigger picture who wins this election, though my astrological analysis shows Romney the likely winner. My only question to that conclusion is that Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day, which could bring big confusion and surprises and that a huge turnout for Obama could conceivably shift the tide.

But it will ultimately make little difference who wins because our country over the next few years is going to know immense change and transformation and healing. Uranus/Pluto, the initiators or the ’60s revolution and evolution are poised for important and monumental change again, leading to 2014, when there is a Cardinal Grand Cross formation with Uranus and Pluto. That Grand Cross has the USA Sun of 13+ degrees of Cancer right in its cross-hairs.   Life as we know it in the USA is at “the end of the world as we know it”.

So it is important to get our individual consciousness outside the old boxes programmed into us by our society, which is connected to an old age and paradigm.

Instead of hating the democrats or republicans, hating Obama or Romney, let go of those dysfunctional dramas.  This is like letting go of your own family dramas and toxic patterns, which you bring to your life and especially to your relationships.

Life is not about who is right and the other is wrong. It is about respecting all ways of life and differences of opinion and finding ways to get middle ground, which will be best for our community (or our families).

Because these parties are so dysfunctional, our budget and deficit are at a standstill and other issues never get resolved.  I know if you are a democrat you will convince your self that Republicans have blocked all efforts for compromise. But just like in a dysfunctional family, one parent enables the other through its weakness, passivity and vacillation.  That “nice parent” looks good, but has never really stood up to the other parent with conviction.

And in the end, nothing moves, the status quo wins every time, no real change and transformation happens.  The family or country keeps a paradigm and way of living that avoids truth and shows little love or true concern for the hearts and souls of its members.  It shows just lip service of concern.

So now, as we approach the election, Mercury Retrograde, and the November eclipses, when events get intense and take us out of our usual balance, look for the light to show you out of your tunnel of old ways of thinking and being.  Get out of the box of black and white choices.  Go into the consciousness of many colors and choices, even though on the surface you can only see the choices inside the boxes of your mind.

The Universe will show you possibilities out in the clear air of renewed life.  Your intellect cannot solve the problem, so find a quiet place inside and go there often, and wait for the Universe to unfold into the truth and love that will lead your way.

This coming period, with two eclipses and Mars conjunct Pluto, triggering the Uranus/Pluto square, will bring big challenges to our economy.  Iran and Syria and Israel will be at the center of a storm around the November Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13.  It is likely that either the Syrian situation will blow up or that Israel will attack Iran.  Something big is brewing in the Middle East. Hopefully it will come to climax and then diffuse, but perhaps not.

If in your life if you are brought to situations that seem impossible, go though the process, wait to see the way. Trust your soul self and the Universe to light the way.  Old ways that no longer serve your deeper soul and authentic self will be pushing to be released. Let them go, even if you do not know what is coming next.  Holding on too long will cause you stress, pain, and provide fertile ground for disease of mind, heart and body.

Our lives are intensifying and will soon intensify some more. Use this increased passion to get in touch with what deeply moves you, what makes you come alive, with what your instinct is telling you you need or need to do.

This could be a very liberating and meaningful phase of life coming our way.

Talk to you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10 and November 24. I will also do a new YouTube presentation sometime soon also.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write soulus@aol.com for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.


7 Responses to “Dysfunctional American Family and Astrology Forecast October 21-27”

  1. Leo,
    Please go to http://www.starlightnews.com and read the article A Question of Character by Nancy a fellow astrologer. I feel this election is extremely important and the results will be felt for many years to come. The green party candidate is great but it is not realistic to think that in 2012 this party has any chance to win. As a 68 year old woman I lived through the 50’s when women were treated as second class citizens. I don’t want my daughters and grandchildren to lose all the rights we have gained the last 60 years which is what will happen if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins!
    –Marcia in W. Paris

    • Marcia= Please read the article again. I am not suggesting people vote for anyone in particular. I believe that the Greens and Libertarians should be part of the conversation, but that the Big Parties, giving us only two choices, do not allow other voices. Both parties are part of an old system and old age that does not serve us anymore. It is on its last legs. If you truly look at our world during the Bush years and Obama years, nothing much really changed. Both parties support unjust wars, drive up deficits, and are bought out by Corporations and other special interests. Both parties strike fear in us by telling us to fear the other party and what it will do. Remember that neither Reagan or either Bush or any other republican repealed Rowe versus Wade or made any other big move to change the status quo and both parties supported the Iraq War. I truly understand however, if you feel it is important to vote for Obama and not a third party, which has no chance of winning. I am only saying that in the big picture, our system is about to go through such big transformation that it will not truly matter who is president.

  2. sunlitmoon Says:

    I feel the same way Leo does in the sense that, ultimately, it won’t really matter who is elected President this time around. We are entering an era of true and lasting change that comes with the Age of Aquarius that is now at hand. Other than the Mayans, many indigenous cultures have known this for generations. We are poised for this transition, and it will take place regardless of how things unfold politically or otherwise at this time.

    I will say this though… Voting to me is about choosing the best person for the job at hand. It’s not about their gender, color or party that they’re associated with. When someone is honest, authentic, respectful and sincere, and they consistently work towards the betterment of the whole, they get my vote. The present systems are corrupt, this is true, but there are still those in the political world that are aligned with the Golden Age. The clarity of ones own heart will sense without any doubt who they are. Look to The Essence of your Being for guidance before casting your vote In November. Ask it to reveal to you the candidate that is truly in tune with this Age in the making, and you will assuredly and comfortably know who to vote for.

    • Hi Sunlitmoon- It has been awhile since hearing from you. I do agree about your assessment of voting for who best resonates with one’s vision of an Aquarian Age. And of course it would, in that light, not really matter if that person or their party can truly win. That is voting according to one’s principles and values, which in the end is what truly changes the world.

      • sunlitmoon Says:

        Hi Leo! It was very kind of you to have noticed my absence these past many months. Unfortunately, this year thus far has been one of the most difficult years of my life. A member of my immediate family is gravely ill, and the circumstances of this has made daily life very difficult for us all. My boyfriend wasn’t well either at the beginning of this year, and had a really hard time finding work once he was well again. The instability made for harrowingly rough waters, and I can honestly say that I’ve only been feeling a little bit better for a few days now.

        I have followed your blog religiously though, and having your words to read every Saturday has been one of the encouraging factors that has kept me going. I thank you dearly for your wonderful service of star filled guidance that you freely offer to everyone each week.

        I hope this this calmer energy will solidify for me, and I wish you and Deborah a colorfully rich and peaceful continuance of this beautiful Fall season.

  3. In the tunneling, there is darkness. In the digging, what is unearthed usually stinks–though the dung makes for healthy compost. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In surface and depth, my experience is revealing to me that deep soul work on the individual and couple front is a powerful opportunity for radical transformation. The personal is political. And it is helping me help other folks, which I truly love. From a position of empathy, I can’t expect to help folks co-author new scripts, if I don’t address the engrained nuances of watching Groundhog Day painfully playing out in my own walk of life. In that process, like the John Lennon energy in me sings, I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch ’em go.

    In American culture, there are winners and losers. Yes, there is always a price to pay for that developmentally delayed paradigm, but we don’t have to invest in it. In the becoming Golden Age, we intuitively know more equity and less fleecing. Mountains are moved, rather than annexed. And together, we breathe in righteous Chi and co-create the realm of Infinity.

  4. excellent just how I feel about it, change the old paradigm. Love Dr. Jill Stein.

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