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Storms of Change and Astrology Forecast October 28-November 3

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving forward this week into a quite intense beginning to Autumn Eclipse Season 2012. On Monday October 29 there is a Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus that is the last major lunation before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. That will be the first of two eclipses in November, the second is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28.

So the winds of the Eclipse Season blow in this coming week, and here on the east coast USA it is literal as there is Hurricane Sandy blowing in with powerful winds and rain.  It is expected to arrive on the shores of eastern USA close to that Full Moon this Monday.

Metaphorically, as the east is where new daily Suns rise, this Hurricane brings with it to America, on the east coast where the Sun first rises here every day, the beginning of the Eclipse Season for the USA. So we can expect that eclipse season to be a powerful time here.

There is a Presidential Election on November 6, at the last quarter Moon in Scorpio/Leo.  On that same day Mercury changes to retrograde, bringing back shades of the 2000 Presidential Election between Bush and Gore.  That election night, Mercury was also changing directions, from retrograde to direct.  The day when Mercury changes directions, no matter which way it is shifting, is the craziest most confusing time in Mercury’s journey.

In 2000 there was extraordinary confusion about who won, and about voting irregularities.  This time polls show there will likely be a very close election again, and if so people will be screaming about vote fraud again. I am not sure how Election Night will play out this time, but expect some chaos and confusion.

But first we have this storm blowing in at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday October 29 at 3:49 PM EDT.  The invasive power of Scorpio confronts the fixed Earth of Taurus, quite perfect astrologically for this hurricane forcefully entering the eastern landmass of the USA.

Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, and Pluto will also be making aspect to this Full Moon, bringing more seriousness and depth of emotion and mind. And timed with the election shortly thereafter, and the eclipses shortly after that,  the winds of change will dramatically be shifting the affairs in the USA.

Whichever way the election turns, since the political parties now represent two very different cultures more that anything else, there will be much rage and negativity shown by the losing party.   We have been for some time now entrenched in a culture war here in the USA, and in recent years that war has gotten more and more intense.

Of course we know many crazies on the fringe of the “right” hate President Obama and have threatened his life, yet there were also stories recently about how crazies on the “left” have threatened to assassinate Romney if he becomes president.  These threats were all over Twitter last week.

There is reason to fear a kind of civil war here in America, especially if the economy gets much worse, as money issues often bring out the worst in people.  I have often thought that Obama is a reincarnation of President Lincoln, and of course our current lanky black President would be poetic justice if linked to the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves.

We could conceivably have a new “civil war” in the USA, with the south now representing much of the republican party, versus the north and especially the northeast, which was most of northern USA in 1860, and is now overwhelmingly democrats.

If this is how things play out, then perhaps Obama (Lincoln) will be the one who wins this election and is called upon to heal the country again.

I still believe, by certain astrological factors I use, that Romney is  more likely to win; but the Universe is a mysterious place and “Lincoln” could be needed again.

If you are someone who has been getting outside the conventional world box, and transforming your consciousness toward more love and truth, healing of our Earth and human community, and alignment with an Aquarian Age, it will be best to not get in the fight between democrats and republicans. That fight is part of an old paradigm of separation.  Let it go and visualize and work for a New World.

So as this storm and full moon blow in, just a week before the election and Mercury Retrograde, and just two weeks before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio, expect the unexpected.  But we can likely expect the nastiness of this election to get much worse; and we can likely expect the Middle East, especially around the Solar Eclipse to become even more explosive; and we can expect crazy happenings with the economy and stock market.

So batten down the hatches as the storm and full moon blow in.  And be careful in your interpersonal relationships to keep somewhat of a lid on your more negative emotions.    Scorpio can bring with it a stinger to push people’s emotional buttons and Taurus can be so stubborn and resistant. That combination can bring big fights;  and since we are talking Taurus and Scorpio, issues of money and possessions and how they are shared can be in the spotlight of our disagreements. “Tugs of War” can certainly erupt.

Keep in mind that at this Full Moon, and through much of November, that issues will be pushed to come to a head, that energies will be favorable for getting to the core of issues, especially ones that have been previously “pushed under the rug”.  It is a good time, and it will happen quite organically in most cases, to go deeper into what is bothering you or holding you back.  It is a good time this month to “hash it out”, to come to some kind of resolution or at least a clearing of the air.

You will then know better what is needed to be let go and released and what can instead be fixed or healed.  There will be endings, and passing through old “seasons” of your life; and there will be new births and renewals.

So much is changing now and for the next few years because of Uranus square Pluto and moving closer and closer to an Aquarian Age. And how about the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012?

Each planetary aspect or lunation or eclipse can take on so much more transformational significance or importance than usual now.   Keeping the status quo if it is not aligned with your authentic soul and its journey, will seem impossible sometimes.  It will sometimes feel like holding onto the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing.

All is coming to you in divine order, though sometimes at these crossroads it is up to you to decide which way to turn.  Do not trust your intellect at these times to lead the way. It is the connection between mind and heart  that helps, and an allowing for the Universe and your deeper soul to reveal to you signs and symbols and synchronicities to light the way.

There is no reason to stress and worry, instead trust the process to show you the way at just the right time.  Stress and fear can only close you up so you cannot “see straight”.

Your awareness is getting sharper, your consciousness is expanding, so naturally old ways may not work anymore. It can bring fear at first to let go of old security structures, but time will bring you new security and greater freedom to live your life authentically.

See you next week,

I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10 and November 24. I will also do a new YouTube presentation sometime soon also.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.


Dysfunctional American Family and Astrology Forecast October 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Monday October 22 at 8:14 PM, less than an hour before the final Presidential debate.    Saturn will then be only about a degree away from that Sun in Scorpio, and they will be exactly conjunct on Thursday morning.    Expect this election to get even more down and dirty than before, which is hard to imagine, considering how dirty it already is.  Both sides are slinging some nasty mud at one another, and of course the good of the community is a rather low priority.

If you really want to hear people who care about our country and its people and who offer intelligent and insightful opinions and perspective, listen to Jill Stein, the Green candidate for President or Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  But of course most people are locked up in the mindset of dysfunctional Mom (democrats) and dysfunctional Dad (republicans), who are the heads of our dysfunctional and unhealthy American Family. And there is fear there will be a repeat of 2000, when Nader was accused of spoiling the potential  election of Gore over Bush.  I can truly understand that mindset, but I believe it is limited.

It is true that Obama will continue to open doors for our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters and other minorities and peoples in need, and will fight for Obamacare, which gives people who would be previously uninsured because of ill health the ability to purchase health insurance. And it is true also that he will be somewhat more international in his perspective and  a bit less militaristic.   But it is also true that Romney will bring a cap to excessive permissiveness in our society, and show a more ’50s “gee shucks” discipline and innocence that are missed in our complicated and “anything goes” culture.

But make no mistake about it, our country and world need and are on the verge of immense transformation.  The Mom and Dad parties are at war, as are so many men and women in our world.   Their children, the citizens of our country and the future generations, suffer because of their war with one another.

And in the bigger picture, everyone knows but ignores the fact that the Mom and Dad parties are both beholden to special interests and invested in either Big Government (democrats) or Big Corporation (republicans). And actually when you look deeper they are both beholden to big government and big corporations.  They both have run up huge government deficits and they both are bought out by lobbyists of Big Corporations.  This is fact.

And neither party is free from the shackles of the Empire of the Military/Economic Complex that runs our country and most of the world. This is not conspiracy theory- this is fact. President Eisenhower warned us of this over 50 years ago.

So it will make little difference on a deeper level or bigger picture who wins this election, though my astrological analysis shows Romney the likely winner. My only question to that conclusion is that Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day, which could bring big confusion and surprises and that a huge turnout for Obama could conceivably shift the tide.

But it will ultimately make little difference who wins because our country over the next few years is going to know immense change and transformation and healing. Uranus/Pluto, the initiators or the ’60s revolution and evolution are poised for important and monumental change again, leading to 2014, when there is a Cardinal Grand Cross formation with Uranus and Pluto. That Grand Cross has the USA Sun of 13+ degrees of Cancer right in its cross-hairs.   Life as we know it in the USA is at “the end of the world as we know it”.

So it is important to get our individual consciousness outside the old boxes programmed into us by our society, which is connected to an old age and paradigm.

Instead of hating the democrats or republicans, hating Obama or Romney, let go of those dysfunctional dramas.  This is like letting go of your own family dramas and toxic patterns, which you bring to your life and especially to your relationships.

Life is not about who is right and the other is wrong. It is about respecting all ways of life and differences of opinion and finding ways to get middle ground, which will be best for our community (or our families).

Because these parties are so dysfunctional, our budget and deficit are at a standstill and other issues never get resolved.  I know if you are a democrat you will convince your self that Republicans have blocked all efforts for compromise. But just like in a dysfunctional family, one parent enables the other through its weakness, passivity and vacillation.  That “nice parent” looks good, but has never really stood up to the other parent with conviction.

And in the end, nothing moves, the status quo wins every time, no real change and transformation happens.  The family or country keeps a paradigm and way of living that avoids truth and shows little love or true concern for the hearts and souls of its members.  It shows just lip service of concern.

So now, as we approach the election, Mercury Retrograde, and the November eclipses, when events get intense and take us out of our usual balance, look for the light to show you out of your tunnel of old ways of thinking and being.  Get out of the box of black and white choices.  Go into the consciousness of many colors and choices, even though on the surface you can only see the choices inside the boxes of your mind.

The Universe will show you possibilities out in the clear air of renewed life.  Your intellect cannot solve the problem, so find a quiet place inside and go there often, and wait for the Universe to unfold into the truth and love that will lead your way.

This coming period, with two eclipses and Mars conjunct Pluto, triggering the Uranus/Pluto square, will bring big challenges to our economy.  Iran and Syria and Israel will be at the center of a storm around the November Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13.  It is likely that either the Syrian situation will blow up or that Israel will attack Iran.  Something big is brewing in the Middle East. Hopefully it will come to climax and then diffuse, but perhaps not.

If in your life if you are brought to situations that seem impossible, go though the process, wait to see the way. Trust your soul self and the Universe to light the way.  Old ways that no longer serve your deeper soul and authentic self will be pushing to be released. Let them go, even if you do not know what is coming next.  Holding on too long will cause you stress, pain, and provide fertile ground for disease of mind, heart and body.

Our lives are intensifying and will soon intensify some more. Use this increased passion to get in touch with what deeply moves you, what makes you come alive, with what your instinct is telling you you need or need to do.

This could be a very liberating and meaningful phase of life coming our way.

Talk to you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10 and November 24. I will also do a new YouTube presentation sometime soon also.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.


Primal Truth and Astrology Forecast October 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

I am sure many of you have noticed that since Saturn went into Scorpio on October 5,  our experience is deepening, and “darker”  events are showing up more often in the greater world.  

From a more positive standpoint, people are getting more to the core of issues, more intense and passionate.  With Saturn now in Scorpio, it will be much more difficult to keep buried what is boiling under the surface.   So much of the time, for the sake of civility and peace, we keep from expressing what is really bothering us.    Then something triggers an old wound or trauma, someone says something to us that stings us, and we lose control and intensely feel and say that which we previously tried to keep under control.

The Vice Presidential debate this past week exemplifies a Scorpionic intense passionate discussion.  The moderator was not stopping the torrent of intensity between the two debaters.    The most intense and passionate person was Sun in Scorpio Vice President Biden.   He was following his deeper emotions and making faces and interrupting, and dominating much of the experience.   This behavior forced everyone concerned to open up more and state their truth.   Though certainly rude, it was good in many ways as the often pretentious business of politics got more real.  This is Scorpio when it lets down its guard of control.   Sex is also a good example of Scorpio intensity.

At its best sex allows people to be totally consumed by passion, and to act whatever way their instincts and emotions are taking them.  The good, the bad, and the ugly all come out.    Scorpio allows us to be in our primal instincts, without judgement.  Jealousy, rage, envy, fear, and all the so-called negative emotions are opened like Pandora’s Box.  Previously held secrets are opened to be seen.

Saturn in Scorpio will continue through much of 2015.    We are just starting the process of learning to deal with the deeper truths, with the core of issues, with explosive eruptions of previously held-in emotions.  So if you want to truly solve an emotional or relationship problem, the best way now is not to work on the outside of the issue, on the symptoms.   You will be instead be assisted by the Universe in getting to the root of the problem, to truly dealing with it, to letting out the steam of emotions, and to hopefully clear the air, heal and transform into better patterns of behavior.

After October 22nd the Sun will also be in Scorpio and will conjunct Saturn on October 25.  And on November 13 there is a New Moon in Scorpio, many times more powerful than the usual New Moon in Scorpio, as it is a Solar Eclipse also.

So the energies of Scorpio will be getting stronger and stronger.  Inhibitions will have little chance of staying that way.   Especially in November, much will be erupting from deep in our unconscious, from the mysteries of life, to help us to shift out of “same-old, same-old”, and to transform our experience.

That which is ready to die and be released will be set free, including toxic stuck beliefs and patterns.   Some relationships that are currently in trouble, will get to the core of issues and emotions, see the deeper truths, and either end or be reborn again with new life, with new appreciation for one another.  Jobs that are in trouble will face the truth that has been avoided, and people will either leave that job or gain a feeling of gratitude for having the work.

Spiritually, people will have the opportunity to dig down into their deeper fears, release them and gain more trust in their deeper soul and the Universe.

In the greater world there will be events that bring us to deeper truths about our country and world.  These very intense and powerful events will shake us up and disrupt our sense of security, and help us to awaken and act.

The Presidential Election will happen during this time, the Middle East will intensify(with a spotlight on Syria), the truth of the economy will be more evident, and countries and people in general will tend to show their true colors, and will erupt into “on the edge” showdowns and conflicts.

Transformation of our world out of an old Age and into an Aquarian Age will spike and intensify greatly.

November/December 2012 will be a very important turning point in the transformation of our world, our lives, and our collective and individual consciousnesses.

You should feel some of the momentum forward after the New Moon in Libra this week. That New Moon is Monday October 15 at 8:02 AM EDT.

That New Moon starts a lunar cycle that will include Election Day November 6, when Mercury goes retrograde, and will go all the way into the next New Moon, which is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13.

Since this New Moon is in peaceful Libra, the full extent of the power and intensity that is coming will be held back.  Attempts to keep rational and civil will lead the way.   Keeping the status quo will still be a strong intent, though the desires for changing and transforming our experiences will be still powerful though somewhat in abeyance.

The second presidential debate will be this Tuesday October 16.  Of course that promises to be a lively and intense event, but relative to what is coming, it will be tame.

The next week after that, when the Sun moves into Scorpio and then makes conjunction with Saturn, will be when we will truly start to feel the Eclipse Season blowing in.

Then the “darkness’ will reveal itself in the light of day, and the power of transformation and change will intensify.  On a deeper level, the Universe will be transforming our lives, no matter who is president. If Obama wins, then perhaps the changing of our world will happen somewhat more gracefully. If Romney wins, which I believe will likely happen, then the power of revolutionary and evolutionary change could get much more filled with disruptive and calamitous events.

Remember we are moving to an Aquarian Age, one that promises a more level playing field, a multi-polar world, no more superpowers or countries and peoples considered better or more privileged than anyone else.  The power of the world goes to the people, not kings or queens or mega governments or mega corporations or superpower nations.

Both political parties in the USA are part of the same toxic, corrupt system, run by special interests and the Military/Economic complex President Eisenhower warned us would eventually take away our individual liberties.

The eventual transformation of the world will move us beyond the dysfunctional bickering marriage of Democrats and Republicans, who do not allow for the voice of other parties in the debates or in the dialogue for a better and more healthy community.    Neither party seems to care about the common good and helping our country and world to be better. They both care more about winning and perpetuating the status quo, which continues with unjust wars  and violence, American chauvinism, and poor worldwide economic conditions.

See you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10 and November 24.  I will also do a new YouTube presentation sometime soon also.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.


Digging for Deeper Truth and Astrology Forecast October 7-13

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our connection with “reality” deepens, intensifies, and gets more confusing as Saturn has moved into Scorpio while sextile Neptune.  Saturn will stay in Scorpio for almost three years, so get used to not being able to get out of knowing the underworld of emotions and life. That which has been buried in your consciousness and avoided will need to be faced.  This could help you to eventually relieve stress and actually create a catharsis and healing.

This week Saturn stays in close contact with Neptune, so it will easier to imagine realities shifting, or even conspiracies or supposed delusions being real.

This past week, watching the Presidential debates, I started imagining  my recent prediction of Romney winning the election actually coming true. Prior to that debate I began to feel that maybe my formulas for world and political prediction, which usually work quite well, were way off this time. The polls were swinging way in favor of President Obama.

But this past week, during the debate, Obama seemed as if he was not entirely present, or kind of depressed, or distracted by something else, or losing interest in continuing to be president.  Of course as president he has more and heavier responsibilities than any of us can imagine, with possible wars and broken economies, etc. being such a huge burden to carry in one’s mind and heart.

But I have seen many presidents through the years in debate, and never one who seemed so lost as Obama did this past week. A couple people I talked to this week, said he acted that way because he was given the information recently that his time is up, and Romney has been chosen by the Powers that Be to be the next president.

Talk about conspiracy theories!  I have certainly become quite jaded by our world through the years and know our world is run by the Military/Economic Complex, Big Government and Big Corporation, and that our leaders are all too often bought out and corrupted. I know America is now an Empire and has unjustly caused wars in Viet Nam and Iraq, and uses others’ resources for its own needs.  I can even stretch myself to imagine the possibility the CIA or other government agencies might have had something to do with President Kennedy’s assassination

But I have a real hard time believing our government was a part of the 9-11 tragedy, bringing down the twin towers.  And I do not believe that the Powers that Be choose our presidents and our vote is not valid at all.

But I do believe we do not know anywhere near the real truths of what dirty business our world leaders are a part of.  And I know for sure there are many layers of veils that hide deeper truths from our conscious minds. Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus square Pluto over the next few years, will reveal realities that are meant to bring new beams of light to our awareness that awaken us from our slumber.

I am sure President Obama has been shocked by previously hidden truths and awakened to realities we are all still asleep to.

And much will open up over the next few months of 2012, as we get closer to the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 2012.   There is a UFO Disclosures documentary being released this autumn that is expected to blow the lid on secrets.  And November 2012 is a real planetary powerhouse.

Mercury goes retrograde on Election day November 6, and will bring shifts in awareness, election surprises, perhaps confusing results, and maybe more voting irregularities.   Election Day 2000, Gore versus Bush was the last time Election day had Mercury changing directions, an extremely rare occurrence, and you know how weird that day was!

On November 13, there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio.  Huge eruptions in the Middle East can be expected, on this 42nd anniversary of the birth of the current Syrian Regime.  World War is likely to ignite over tensions in the Middle East before too long.   Our world economy is also poised for a deep fall soon, with hyped up gas prices and inflation.

On November 28 there is a second eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini.   Around this date Mars will conjunct Pluto and trigger the Uranus/Pluto square.

Transformation of our individual lives and consciousness will intensify this autumn, and the greater world will face immense new challenges brought on by world events.

It is not time now to be rigid and closed down. It is time to be awake, flexible, and on one’s toes anticipating change and progress.  Open your self to new spiritual vistas, open minded questioning of old conventional world ways, healthier lifestyles, and greater social interactions with people you truly resonate with.

Let go of being invested in relationships that are unhealthy and unsatisfying, or that keep you stuck in your “old self” and your fears.  Dysfunctional and toxic patterns of behavior, thinking and relating are ripe during this upcoming eclipse season to be released another level.  You can bring in more love and truth, and get closer to your soul, your authentic self, and the natural rhythms of the Universe.

Everything you have been moving toward in your personal evolution wants to progress even further.  Blocks in your psyche, soul, and body want to be unlocked so you can bring in more love and light into your life. There is nothing to fear, as you will be basking more and more in a healthy and whole life. Though there is much pain in releasing old familiar support systems, even if they were no longer good for you or your growth and evolution, there is no other way to go anymore.  Holding on keeps you back, and will eventually close your heart and mind more and more.

Let go and let the Universe take you into nature’s dance.  Being kept within a prison of your own insecurities and fears kills your heart and soul and contributes to the old world and its toxic ways.  Your ego may want you to come to definite conclusions right away so it can be in control, but sometimes it is essential to keep the options open for awhile and let life unfold on its own.  You of course need to be proactive not passive, engaged not apathetic; but nevertheless open to what is coming your way.   These next few months will assist your personal evolution if you are open to the waves of change blowing in.

We are now in the waning half of the lunar cycle, awaiting a New Moon in Libra on October 15. That New Moon will begin a lunar cycle that takes us through the election.

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius late tonight and begins a couple months of freeing up our spirits to look for more meaning and inspiration and adventure.     Allow your spirit to soar more now and find more joy, even while  the Saturn in Scorpio rotor rooter digs for deeper truths.

See you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio in October/November. I will let you know the dates soon. I will also do a new YouTube presentation then also. And here is the the link to YouTube talk I gave a few months ago at our Spiritual Renaissance Center.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.