Occupy Wall Street, Hope in America; and Astrology Forecast for October 2-15

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

While on the one hand we have experienced this year the beginnings of revolution for democracy in countries that have been run by tyrants and dictators and oppressive governments; there is sumultaneously a movement within so-called democracies to transform their systems.  Some are preaching to not vote anymore.

The Arab Spring has shown us revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and other Arab countries to throw off the yoke of control over the people by dictators like Egyptian president Mubarak.   Many of the revolutionaries are also tired of their countries being controlled by western powers, especially the USA. They want true democracy, where the people decide what their government and lives will be like.

But in Europe and the USA there is another movement happening, a revolution by mostly young people who have become disillusioned by the current state of their democracies. In the USA, this is exemplified by the Occupy Wall Street protests going on in New York.  These people and others in the western world are sick and tired of their individual voice in their world having been taken over by big corporate and other special interests.  They know their government leaders are mainly pawns to the power of the Military/Economic Empire.  They believe therefore that their vote is meaningless.

These people are contemplating not voting anymore.  The envision a world similar to the internet’s world wide web.     That New World would be decentralized, non hierarchal, where people would be truly liberated, but also responsible for themselves and the world they live in.

Wha they are envisioning is truly an Aquarian world.      Aquarius is about decentralization, no central control and no ladder of a power structure.  There is equality and equal value of all individuals and peoples.  There is no privilege and no more values of intrinsic superiority and inferiority.  “All Men (people) are created Equal” is an Aquarian value and the USA has its natal Moon in Aquarius.    This right to equality is part of our national conscience.    One country or religion is not superior to another.  That superior/inferior value is part of the old paradigm.

So you can see how the revolutionary movements, both the Arab Spring, and the beginning shoots of western world revolution, are bringing us to an Aquarian Age.  These new growths, connected to the Aquarian Age, are appearing in the cracks of the structure of our Old World as it begins to crumble.

So as you watch the often depressing disillusions of the values of our old world, which is now filled by corruption, dysfunction, incompetency, lies, pretenses, and lack of love and compassion, do not despair.   It is true that the cracks in the Old World structure will get bigger and bigger as catastrophic events explode into our world. Institutions we have relied on will crumble to the ground.

But these new green and fresh growths of new ideas and energies will soon flood through the openings in the fallen old structure, to provide us with the hope for our future here on Earth.

I am sure you have noticed that most of the revolutionary movement has been peaceful.  Hopefully the protesters and revolutionaries will stay peaceful, as Ghandi and Martin Luther King Junior taught us through their civil disobedience movements that progress can be made that way.

But it is quite possible, even likely, that the Powers That Were will panic and use excessive violence to keep their old world’s domination.

Expect the nature of the Universe, and its “desire” to bring in new energies and ideas and a new Age, to break down the Old World and its paradigm and power.   The economy, which provides privilege to some, cannot stay like it has in our past, because it is not conducive to the principle that all are created equal.

And superpower nations who dominate as a military bully will not stand in the Aquarian Age.  We must all, as American citizens, contribute to the transformation of our American family into one that takes care of all its members, returns to its awesome values from its beginnings, and connects as an equal member with all peoples around the world to create, in alignment with Aquarian Age values, a healthy human community and Earth.

The changes coming will be increasingly intense, from now until 2020 at least.   The Mayan Calendar, according to Johan Calleman is ending after some 16 billion years.  He expects earth shaking events to happen between now and October 28 2011, when he says the calendar is ending and a new unity consciousness is born.  Comet Elenin’s closest approach to Earth is in mid October and so coincides with this calendar ending.   Comet Elenin has been disintegrating, however, and its meaning therefore is more nebulous.

Regardless of what happens between now and then, the planets keep moving after that, and inform us of the changes coming to our world and human family.  The Aquarian Age is not fully formed yet by any imagination, and I personally believe we will not pass through that portal until after December 2020, when Jupiter conjucts Saturn in Aquarius at 0+ degrees.

Remember, however, that more important than finding a date when the New World begins, is each of us finding inside our self the consciousness that aligns us with that Aquarian Age.  That consciousness will bring you more fully to your authentic Self, one not so tainted by the programming of the old culture.  That consciousness will also motivate you to find your function and purpose within our greater human community.  You will combine your individuality into the unity of our new Earth community.  Your new consciousness will be connected spiritually to the Oneness of the Universe, so you will be better able to receive its meaningful messages and co-create within its wholeness.

You will respect the individuality of others, regardless of their orientations, as you realize more and more that we each are a part of the balance of the Universe, like the balance of nature.  Each individual creation is a cell in the greater body of the human family, and is integral, once it functions according to its authenticity, in the “ecosystem” of the Universe.

You will know that all the dots of the Universe are connected meaningfully, and all happens as part of the cycles and seasons of the spheres of that Universe.

I will not be writing this blog next week, as I am on vacation, but will return on Saturday October 15 for a new written Perspectives from the Sky, as well as as radio presentation as well (see below).

Keep in mind  till then that we are now in the first half of the Libra lunar cycle, which began this past Tuesday September 27 at the Libra New Moon.  That began a monthly journey into concentration on relationship, fairness, and balance. This does not mean only romantic relationships, but all relationships and social skills and endeavors. It also means making relationship, as in bringing things together, like an artist or decorator does. It is looking for balance or fairness, like in the scales of justice.  It is making the connections between ideas and thoughts also, realizing how one thing makes relationship with another.

The next Full Moon, will be in Aries on Tuesday October 11 at 10:06 PM EDT.  The strength of self and being true to self and one’s independence will want to be combined with relationship. It is important to assert your needs as an individual, and not be a doormat in your relationships.

See you in two weeks,


I broadcast a new radio show on Saturday July 16 at 1 PM EDT which you can still hear. Another new one is scheduled for October 15 at 1 PM.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write soulus@aol.com for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

Published by spiritualtherapy

Full Time astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 30 years. Gained life experience while living in Chicago, Madison, Bay Area, Santa Fe, and Portland Maine. Successfully predicted Iraq War at the beginning of Bush presidency in article "Desert Storm II"; predicted America to be attacked in summer 2001-in article "The Tower" written in June 2001; predicted both McCain and Obama nominations in November 2007 when both were very low in polls; in 2007 predicted coming fall of economy; predicted Trump nomination and presidency in early 2016.

5 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street, Hope in America; and Astrology Forecast for October 2-15

  1. Let me be Krystal clear . . . The occupation of Wall Street sounds rock solid! I wonder if The Boss will be leading a choir of “We Shall Overcome” there? Perhaps Frank Loyd Wright’s Divine architectural hand will flush the ‘Powers that Were’ down the toilet of his Guggenheim Museum too.

    Has anyone out there ever seen the Warren Beatty film, “Bullworth? . . . yo the people got their problems, the have and the have nots, but those that make me listen pay for 30 second spots.”

    I remember when I was in Preschool and the ‘Powers that Were’ started saying to me, “it’s OK to get angry, but it’s not OK to flip desks.” Right Tao, in the spirit of the Dali Lama’s message of compassion–if I can do it, then it’s incumbent on the ‘Powers that Were’ to disarm as well.

    I also remember when ‘SDS’ broke off into a radical sect called the ‘Weather Underground’, forgot Turtle’s medicine and justified the use of the very violence that their Civil Disobedience curriculum taught. Ah, cutting back to Inner Peace is what allows the sunlight to illuminate the shadows.

    Imagine the possibilities . . .

  2. On October 1st, I watched the film ‘Gandhi’ for the first time… His strength and resolve to participate peacefully in the creation of an equal and peaceful society for all is nothing short of astounding.

    Facing the backlash of those who staunchly want to keep the status quo intact is certainly anything but easy. To calmly manage ones own emotions in the face of violent resistance against peaceable change is to me one of the greatest challenges of all. I find comfort in knowing that there are so many shoulders that we can stand on if we need an extra boost of inner strength.

    Martin Luther King and Gandhi paved the trail to peace that so many have gallantly embarked upon throughout these many years. I always remember that some very brave souls left their lives for the sake of it.

    The ‘freedom ride’ buses are still rolling in the hearts of the many that refuse to ever get off. I sense that the buses are today turning into millions of steam trains. Speed surging… whistles blowing… steam billowing…

    Gandhi says that peaceful efforts aren’t ever in vain. He says to remember that throughout history, the few who have willed to rule the many have always fallen. The only difference today is the size of the stage upon which this play is playing out. The ‘Powers That Were’ are no longer at the helm of the boat that they once shared. Their ship is sunk, the trains keep on…

  3. “It is no mere coincidence that in this part of the world the major religions have such strong roots. These old religions have lost much of their original spiritual connection and instead in all too many cases are a part of this old paradigm of winning and at war for one’s god, and proving one’s god and religion are superior to someone else’s god and religion. How spiritual is that?”

    Okay, first, I don’t disagree with your astrological knowledge, but you REALLY need to learn some more history, because the above statement shows a REALLY basic ignorance of both religion in the ancient world and the advent of spirituality.

    What you describe above could be said of MOST ancient religions, at least in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean basin, both those still practiced and those *long dead*. See, it’s not that these modern-ancient religion have “deteriorated” (as you imply) … but that at least practitioners of them *never advanced* in basic viewpoint. “War on earth reflect war in heaven.” That was the ancient view, whether your god was Yahweh, Assur, Marduk or (later) Allah (which just means ‘God’ in Arabic and could be translated the same as the Hebrew ‘Elohim’).

    And “Spirituality”? Very much a MODERN, or at least *medieval* concept. Being a “god” in the ancient world wasn’t about inherent “goodness” … it was about superhuman POWER. MORAL law was CIVIL law … don’t kill, steal, commit adultery in the ancient Mesopotamian basin, that was CIVIL law, made by kings … not gods. Religious law was largely about proper ways to sacrifice, read omens, conduct ceremonies, et al. Yahweh is very much in the mold of most ancient gods, even while early Judaism was unique (and considered ‘wierd’) in other key ways, such as the refusal to acknowledge an icon, and the invention of “apodictic” law (as opposed on only causitic law, ala most of the ANE). In fact, the JEWS were among the first to unite “religious law” with “moral law.” Is that good or bad? Well, depends, doesn’t it? I’m not defending modern Israel, mind, but as a religion professor, it annoys me to see ignorance about these things.

    Too often people know little to nothing about religion in the ancient world, assume it was much like religion today in essentials if not specifics, and therefore make unsubstantiated statements about “changes” that are not, in fact, changes at all, or ancient realities that are merely modern myths.

    1. I certainly respect your religious education and knowledge, but I do not believe you understood what I was trying to say.

      Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, three major religions of today, have strong roots in the middle east. These religions, especially Chirstianity and Islam were inspired by profound spiritual ideas, such as Mohammed and Christ embodied. I believe those original high minded spiritual ideas have not been lived up to by the current state of the religions. I all too often find it difficult to see Christ in Christianity or to find Mohammed in Islam. The people who represent these religions all too often lack in my estimation “spirituality”. I do not see spirituality and morality as the same. I see spirituality as a connection to something “divine” like Love or Truth.

      Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated.


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