New Beginnings and Astrology Forecast for April 3-9

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Time to take your life’s car out of neutral or even reverse for some of you, and get moving forward.  This Sunday April 3 ignites the energies of action, of starts, of new beginnings as there is a New Moon in Aries at 10:32 AM EDT.  This is more true than at the usual New Moon in Aries because Jupiter is conjunct the new moon, adding expansive, inspiring, adventursome energies to the new sparks of life.    And the force of change is even much stronger than that because Mars is conjunct Uranus also this Sunday April 3.    This aspect will help you to break down the barriers that block your advancement, and to assist you in breaking outside any limiting boxes in your life. 

But do not expect the chanes to happen all at once.  Aries is the time of year when the force of nature pushes buds outward on the branches.  The leaves will not be out for another month, yet the force of action and new beginning is strong. And this year that force is extra powerful, especially because Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries also.

So let yourself feel the motivation for action.   If you need to act, you will have the winds of the Universe at your back.  If you merely need to begin to visualize more positively about your self and your life, you will have help.  Spirits are rising,  fires are being stoked.

There are six planets in Aries today Saturday and tomorrow at the New Moon.  That is a lot of “warrior” energy also.   It is time to empower your self and be true to your self and take care of your self.  It is time to summon up the courage to do what is right, to fight for what you want or need or believe in.  It is not in natural order now to be selfless.  To empower your self you need a solid self and strong center.

You were made to authentically be YOU.  If you are not true to your authentic self,  you have given the middle finger to creation, to the Universe/God/Goddess and who you were made to be.     Sometimes we need our inner warrior to drive us past the limitations and those who are holding us back.  Now, with 6 planets in Aries, a New Moon in Aries, and Mars (the ruler of Aries) in Aries and conjunct Uranus, it is time to live your truth and move forward.

But also remember that Mercury is retrograde now, so be present and “have your wits about you”.   Be grounded and wise and not careless or impulsive.  Be reflective before jumping into anything.  Do not let this caution take the winds out of your sails, but don’t make change just to make change or because you are bored.  Know that it is the right change for you at the right time.

The spring and summer seasons will bring many more energies of change, especially with three eclipses in June and early July, so get your motor running now and moving forward, but do not worry that the active energies of transformation will end any time soon.  Neverthess it is important to get started now.

And in the greater world, which has much toxicity and clinging to old dyfunctional ways, there will be many more conflicts as Mars, ruler of Aries- the god of war- is especially powerful now.   Expect the battles in the Middle East to exacerbate. Expect Israel to get more angy and war-like, as will those who oppose it, like Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Hamas and others.

The war in Libya will likely get worse, as will Ivory Coast and other places.  Volcanoes, Earthquakes and other fiery events are more likely now also.

The World Order is in the process of falling apart, and we are each being prodded to evolve more quickly to transform old ways of being that are destructive for the human heart and soul, and destructive of humanity, the Earth and all its creatures.   Aries is empowerment, but empowerment does not need to turn to war.  Through evolution now into an Aquarian Age, we learn to empower our individual selves while learning to be in community.

We speak our truth, but listen and honor the truth of others.  When my truth seems no longer able to be reconciled with your truth, which does happen sometimes in relationships, do we need to go to war?   We may need to argue, debate, compete (all Aries traits), but do we really need to destroy he or she who disagrees or is different than we are? Do we need to abuse our power? How do we take these natural Aries energies into our new world with us, and transform them to work healthily and effectively in an Aquarian Age?

These are the type of  issues we need to be aware of and discuss and work with in order to transform old and toxic and destructive ways into ones that keep their authentic nature and yet are better aligned with a new age.

This coming week, besides being about Aries New Moon and Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, is also very special becaause Neptune is moving into its most natural sign Pisces.   Neptune thrives in Pisces, and its desire to dissolve boundaries and bring more empathy, compassion, and unity will be strengthened.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces was from 1848-1862.  The issue of slavery was being addressed then in America.   This issue led to the Civil War in 1861.    Abraham Lincoln was president then, and knew he was annointed to bring together back in unity the North and South of the United States. The boundaries between them needed to be dissolved.   War brought them to horrible opposition with one another, but eventually brought the transformation that led to a unified America.

And now Barack Obama, who has seemed so connected to Abraham Lincoln, the lanky man who helped enable freedom for the African blacks, is the first  president with black African roots.  Perhaps Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln. 

And now our world is beginning to split apart, and now we are part of a civil war in Libya.  And so far the current president Obama is seeming to lose his way, by supporting the Empire and not the higher values of this Universe. Will he wake up or not. His soul is at stake.

What will this 15 year transit of Neptune in Pisces bring this time?  It will bring us to remember our common humanity with all others, stoke our feelings of compassion and dissolve the boundaries between us, though we are all so diverse.  It will bring the consciousness of love and unity back to us more strongly, as at the same time we are splitting apart from one another in an old world and paradigm.

Neptune will be in and out of Pisces this year, spending a little time back in Aquarius also. In 2012 it will be in Pisces, and stay until 2026.  It is time for each one of to go deeper in our spirituality, to learn to trust the flow of the Universe and our own individual flow, to let go to that which is greater than our own ego, to feel the unity of everything in this Universe.

On Saturday April 8 Pluto will turn and go retrograde in Capricorn. Its intensity and power will be felt in our lives in a couple days surrounding this event.  You may be taken into the zone of power struggles with others. Avoid the power struggle, but do not disempower your self in the process.  Get down into your deeper feelings and emotions, express them and let the chips fall where they may.  It may get intense but the clearing of emotions will help everyone involved.

see you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. I will have a new radio show broadcast later this spring, closer to the eclipses. I will let you know soon when it will be.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.


2 Responses to “New Beginnings and Astrology Forecast for April 3-9”

  1. Ari Joshua Bouse Says:

    Hey Leo, etc.,

    I have also wondered about the past life connections between President Obama and President Lincoln, so much that I have looked at pictures of one and seen the face of another staring back at me. Moreover, I don’t have to look further than the mirrors in front of me to reflect on keeping the vampires at bey and stake claim to my own Soul by staying True to my Self. In the Spirit of Wisdom and Clarity, I hope our current president remembers his days as a boy in Indonesia, feeling his connection to Mother Earth, when the bare soles of his feet pulled power from Her and circulated through his Being. I choose to visualize myself, “Barry” and the rest of Us cut back to Inner Peace by each listening to our own Inner Voices and allowing the voices of the ego gently pass with care. I hope Mr. Obama sets a firm precedent by standing rooted in his Being; sticking in alignment with Nature, warding off the Powers that Be–in much the same way slavery in this country blew away a la “Gone with the Wind”. Perhaps President Obama checks this blog on his Blackberry and is an “Honest Abe” with his secret service folks about it.



  2. sunlitmoon Says:

    Remembering that there is but One Essence that animates the individual beingness of each person is key to healing the feelings of separateness in our world.

    There is only One God Source, and every single one of us is a unique expression of it.

    To hear and honor the voice of our own inner promptings that impeccably guide us towards the greater good for ourselves is to automatically enrich the world with the greater good for the whole of our collective.

    Allowing the honesty of ones deepest feelings to steadily trace the path of every step taken is to enable ones inherent joy to spring to the surface of their experiences. With joy in each of our steps, the path of peace will be paved, and shine brightly for us all to enjoy.

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