Liberation and Self Determination in an Aquarian Age, and Astrology Forecast for February 6-12

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

During the eclipse season, and as Jupiter triggered the powerful aspects from the summer of 2010, important events have taken center stage in our lives.   The biggest and most important development are the liberation movements in Tunisia and Egypt, and the intitial spark of liberation and revolution in Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, and Syria.  

We have been letting you know that the Middle East is an integral part of the transformation from an old age and paradigm into a new Aquarian Age, and that big events would happen there.   Now that area is in the beginning of an important process that will eventually shift the power structure of the whole world.

It is not insignificant that most of the major conflicts that the USA has been involved in over the last 30-35 years or so have been in the Middle East and its surrounding area.  There was the conflict in Lebanon during the Reagan years; the terrorist attacks during the Olympics in the ’70s; the Iranian crisis in 1979/80; the Desert Storm war with Iraq in 1990/91;  many Palestinian crises with Israel; the USA attack on Afghanistan after 9-11; and the sabre rattling against Iran over the last few years.

Oil is a big reason for the conflicts, but the presence of Israel in the Middle East is the biggest reason. Israel is a strategic partner of the western world, especially the USA.  They give the USA a foothold on the geopolitically important Middle East.  The USA is hated by many in the the Arab and Muslim world largely because of its close relationship and obvious partiality to Israel.    That relationship was a central reason/excuse for the 9-11 attack on the twin towers in the USA.

The countries that are experiencing the revolutionary forces of change, most notably Egypt, are strong allies of Israel and the USA. This is true even though the citizens of these countries are quite arguably anti-Israel and therefore anti-USA.   The upheavals in these countries threaten the status quo and threatens the allegiance these countries  have to the Israel and the USA.

Do we believe in democracy regardless of who wins?  We did not when Hamas was victorious in Palestine.  We declared them terrorists and did not recognize their legitimacy, even though the Palestinian people spoke loud and clear otherwise.

The credibility and soul of the United States is at stake now.  Do we believe in true democracy, self determination for people and countries?  Do we truly believe in liberation and freedom and equality for all.  Do we truly now keep the integrity of our founding principles, principles that are “god given” Universal values, principles aligned with the USA natal Moon in Aquarius, as we collectively enter an Aquarian Age?

If the USA continues to try to influence the Egyptian people’s process in order to keep our and Israel’s influence in the Middle East, are we staying with our founding principles?   So far we havebeen trying to walk the line between supporting the liberation of the Egyptian people and supporting the dictator Mubarak- who has been in league with the USA and Israel.   How can we believe in democracy and the will of the people when we support dictatorships in places like Egypt and Saudi Arabia?  How can we continue to speak out against injustices in the world when we support such governments?

Make no mistake about it, what is happening in the Middle East, with all the liberation movements, is affecting us all.    There is something huge and  profoundly important opening up in human consciousness and human lives.  It is not just about the Middle East or Arabs or Muslims. It is about walls of oppression falling down so individual human beings can be free and valued, self determining and responsible for themselves and the world they live in.

It happened in the Soviet Union in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It happened when the Berlin wall came down. It happened in South Africa when Nelson Mandela left prison to lead the black people to freedom, liberation and equality. It happened in Iran when they overthrew the Shah who was a puppet for the USA and western world.

The Aquarian Age vibration is sounding deeper, louder and with increasing clarity. It is rumbling inside each of us.  We can use the courageous energies of Aries, which is permeating our consciousness now as Jupiter and soon Uranus travel through that sign.   We can begin to more and more confidently leave our own individual oppressive situations, so we can be more free to find our authentic selves, to know more about our purpose, to be more deeply connected to our free souls, minds, and spirits.

But it is important to realize it is not always easy to leave a familiar though confining and oppressive situation. It has not been easy for the Egyptian people to stand up to the Egyptian government and military who represent a semblance of security and stabilty for them. It is not easy to speak up to a boss at work or to leave a relationship that is stable though limits your freedom to be true to your self.  It is not easy to break out of family roles or expectations or dysfunctional patterns in order to be more fully true to your real and authentic self.

The astrological aspects that seek to break us out of these old stuck patterns so we be free to find and actualize our selves and our potential destinies will not end any time soon.  The pressures to break out will get stronger.  Liberation movements around the world have just begun.  If you belive we can all just ride through the strorm and then go back to same-old, same-old, you are mistaken. 

The waves of big world and personal transformational change have just begun

Spring and summer 2011 will bring even bigger events and changes than is happening in Egypt.   There are 3 eclipses in a row from early June through early July, the last one on July 1 a Solar Eclipse New Moon Grand Cross in Cancer that is more powerful than the one last summer.

It is best to get out of old stuck habits that give you the illusion of order and stability.  Release them and begin to open up to the natural energies in your heart and soul. They will bring you where you need to go and you will be safe in the arms of the Universe- as long as you stay in your personal empowerment and creative choice as well.

This week

The week ahead is the first quarter of the moon since the turning point last week of a New Moon in Aquarius on the same day as Imbolc. That ended the last lunar cycle of the current round of eclipses, and many truly felt shift to less heaviness and “darkness”. Keep riding that wave forward this coming week, until Thursday/Friday when the second quarter moon begins in Taurus.  It will be time then to pause your movement forward to make sure you are grounded and practical in your endeavors. The Full Moon will not be until February 18, right before the Sun moves into Pisces.  It will be a Leo Full Moon that day.

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. I have a new radio show on the air on December 4 at 1 PM EST. It can be accessed after the live event also.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.


One Response to “Liberation and Self Determination in an Aquarian Age, and Astrology Forecast for February 6-12”

  1. 2-6-11

    When I look “past to the back”, as Dan Quayle once said, on the Middle East–it conjures up memories of a Crescent once Fertile and images of a galaxy long, long ago, far, far away. And yet . . . so close to Home.

    Although I’d concur with Noam Chomsky that the plausibility of US propaganda is losing its credence across the planet, I’d better yield from saying so if a cell phone got in the wrong hands of some crazy Joker who drank too much from the Evil Dewar’s. Sorry for the run-on sentence to my properly and grammatically centric folks out there! Moreover, my plea to the Supreme Court and prayer to the “Lord in the Cloud” is to replace the Manna droppings from the sky with seeds of Love, perhaps from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books Excuses Begone! And Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life . . . Living the Wisdom of the Tao. And for the record, I hope we change the triangle on our very own Almighty Dollar closer to an equilaterally more egalitarian Sacred Geometric symbol that is more likely to make even Noah’s Arc appear to “sink like a stone”, while floating on the waters of Life.

    Finally, I particularly sympathize and swim (I really need to learn how to surf) in a deep sea of empathy regarding the “it’s not always easy” vignettes. I know we are all good mirrors for One another to look in the mirror, gaze at Our True Selves and remember to listen to our own Inner Voice. Perhaps this will feel more natural as We become more natural in who We are becoming, in preparation for what’s next? The times, they are a changin’ . . .


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