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As the Dust Clears, and Astrology Forecast for August 29-September 4

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are almost past the powerful summer astrological aspects of 2010.    There is still a weakened Cardinal T-square of planets:  Jupiter in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.    By mid-September, however, Jupiter will join Uranus in late mutable sign Pisces, and Saturn will move out of T-square influence, though still in Libra.

We have also recently moved into a waning Moon cycle, as we passed the Full Moon from August 24. We stay in that declining phase of the cycle until September 8, when there is a New Moon in Virgo.  And of course Mercury is recently moved into Retrograde, where it will stay until September 12.

So all in all, we are slowing down for a little while ; and now as the dust from the storms of summer of 2010 move away, we reflect, analyze, contemplate, meditate, and perhaps pray.  Big events that result from the eclipses, grand cross, and cardinal t-square of the summer of 2010 are on the way.  They arrive soon.

Many personal lives have been quite shook up this year.   We have been taken out of our usual comfort zones.  Some have endured rather difficult events in their lives, events that are not always easy to put in a meaningful context.

We are awakening from a collective slumber.   We are being thrust back into deeper places in our hearts and souls.  We are moving forward into new phases of our lives, letting go of times gone by.

We have been thinking and acting like we want to stay in control of everything.  Now we are realizing that we need to let go of over- control by our egos, and instead be more connected to our authentic self and deeper soul, connected more to the natural rhythms and “seasons” of the Universe.

This is all in preparation for greater waves of transformation to come, of consciousness, personal lives, and of the greater world we live in.     By 2020 we will have entered an Aquarian Age.   2012 is merely two years away. 

In the greater world the summer astrological aspects of 2010 have brought us to a crossraods in so many areas of life.  We cannot maintain old ways of being that attempt to dominate the natural forces of Earth and the Universe and our souls.   We need to get out of the way of powerful Universal forces that are clearing the path into an Aquarian Age.  The old paradigm for living in this world is imploding. The governments, corporations, militaries, and other institutions that hold and perpetuate the existence of the Old World will be cleared away.

And so, the economy is very likely now to take a bigger dip downward in late summer and autumn.   We will soon know we have gone into a so-called double dip recession.  The bottom has not been reached yet.   After it is, we can rebuild the economy into a more organic and just system. 

And last weekend, as Saturn was square Pluto and Mercury had just gone retrograde;  there was much action in the world around Israel, Palestine, and Iran.  Efforts at peace, cries of war were both strong.  That region is at a crossroads now, and likely soon there will be war, unless something amazing happens to shift the tide.  Korea is also dangerous now.   The old dog-eat-dog paradigm for survival of the fittest is dying a most horrible death.  In its place is a deep knowing, aligned with a new Aquarian Age, that our future survival is dependent on knowing we are all one human family, all on this Earth together, diverse yet unified.

So for now it is best to enjoy the rest of the summer, and at the same time to go inside and reflect on your self and your life.  Total clarity and direction will come later.  Mercury retrograde can help you in this process, as it tends to get us to think differently.  It is not a good time to push any agenda.  It is not a good time to force your mind to find a logical answer that is not ready to appear yet.

It is a good time to go deeper inside your feelings, to think more creatively and imaginatively.    Much in life unfolds for us, if we are patient and trusting in the process.   Often it is not really imperative to know the answer right now.  Too often we cannot stand the unknowing, as it makes us feel stressed and insecure.  Let go and wait.   It will come at the right time.

And we begin to move forward at the New Moon in Virgo on September 8.   And then issues gain more clarity, as we find more direction after September 12, when Mercury goes back direct again.

And a couple of weeks later is a more than usual meaningful Autumn Equinox- late on September 23, and shortly thereafter is a  Libra/Aries Full Moon- merely 5 hours later.   That equinox/full moon brings back the emphasis on early cardinal signs again, letting us know again we are entering even bigger new seasons of life.

And for the near future, there will be a lunar eclipse right on the winter solstice, that promises a quite eventful winter season also.

It is remarkable that so many big astrological aspects are happening around early cardinal signs.   We are truly in transition now into new phases of our lives, both personally and globally. 

If you can let go of unnecessary controls now, you can then more gracefully let go of what needs to go, inside your self, in your beliefs, and in your life. Holding on tightly may feel like you have control, but it is an illusion.  You will have more say in your life if you let go of too much mental controls, and instead open your heart and soul. 

You will then be more able to leave the traps and boxes in your mind and life.  And from there open to the rhythms of your authentic self and the Universe. You will no longer need big wake up calls from the Universe, and you will be happier as you walk in step with the Aquarian Age upon us.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

There are more writings and information about astrological consultations on my website.  Also there will be a new live Perspectives from the Sky radio show on Saturday September 11 at 1 PM EDT.  You can also listen to past shows at that address.  I did cancel the show for today August 28.

Shifting Winds and Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast for August 22-28

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The mental winds have shifted now- as Mercury went retrograde Friday August 20.  Perceptions are changing, what we thought was happening or about to happen may now be questioned.  Mercury Retrograde always shakes up our usual way of seeing things, gives pause, and prompts us to reflect and review.   It is often subtle, sometimes not so much.    When Mercury first changes directions, from direct to retrograde, or from retrograde to direct; that is when issues can be most confusing.  

For instance, on the evening of  November 7, 2000, Mercury had slowed down while retrograde, and went direct.  That night Al Gore and George Bush were in an election for President of the United States.     It was a crazy night- as winds shifted back and forth from media calling the victory for Bush, then Gore, and back and forth all night.  The election was finally over weeks later, after many hanging chads and a Supreme Court verdict which handed the election to Bush. 

Mercury changing directions is not always as confusing as that election night in 2000, but it always does shift the mental framework, more or less.   And as we go deeper into the retrograde period, we shift our perceptions, our paradigm.  Events may force us to question how we have been viewing our lives.     People from our past may reappear in our lives or in our minds or dreams to shift our reality.     Events which we are relying on to happen, do not happen or get postponed.   Events which we were not expecting, drop into our lives.

As a result of these shifts, we are forced to re-examine, to re-think.  This is why we are advised during Mercury Retrograde not to make big decisions or sign important contracts. It is because our minds are operating differently than they usually operate.   Left-brain linear thinking is stressed.  Right brain creative imaginative thinking often does better during Mercury Retrograde.  

Also, sometimes we feel we have been taken into a kind of Twilight Zone during Mercury Retrograde.   Our sense of reality has shifted that much.  We are in a fog and wanting to come out.   After Mercury goes back direct, we start to gain more clarity and direction. Sometimes it takes 3-5 days after Mercury has gone direct before we feel clear again.

This time Mercury will go back direct on September 12.  So its retrograde period is from August 19- September 12.

Closely coordinating with Mercury Retrograde is the final pass of Saturn square Pluto today on August 21.   As we have mentioned before, Saturn/Pluto events can be very destructive in their process of breaking down old structures, and opening the way for a new passage forward. In time new structures are built that have been injected with new spirit, unlike the old ones that had lost their original purpose and passion.

Wars have been a very destructive way of transforming these structures.   World War I, World War II and the 9-11 tragedy all erupted in our lives during hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto as this current Saturn square Pluto represents.

We wrote last week that Israel and the USA charts were closely affected by the Saturn/Pluto aspect and that it was either possible they would be involved in some kind of conflict (likely Iran), or that we would get clues as to what is forming around some kind of conflict that would happen soon.  

Interestingly,last week it was abruptly and surpisingly announced that Russia would be opening an Iranian nuclear reactor plant on August 21, the day of the square.   Some were predicting that Israel or the USA would attack, bomb and destroy the facility before August 21, when the nuclear fuel would be loaded in which would almost certainly preclude a bombing. That is because a bombing after the fuel is loaded in would cause a massive nuclear disaster with fallout destroying many lives.  There was little time to set up a bombing and nothing happened before the plant successfully opened on August 21.

It is also quite synchronistic that the USA estimated this week that Iran could not make a nuclear weapon for at leat a year.  Also this week, The USA and other world powers initiated peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians that are slated to begin on September 2.

It is obvious to me that there are great efforts being exerted to stop an attack on Iran, and avert a most devastating war that would explode as a result. I believe Israel is determined to attack Iran nevertheless.  The opening of the nuclear reactor by Russia and Iran on Augut 21, at the exact day of hte Saturn/Pluto square is an important synchronicity.  It must be some kind of turning point for the Middle East.   The ramifications of the Saturn/Pluto square are operable until later this year.  Keep close watch on the Middle East now and for the near future. 

What happens there is most important as we shift from a Pisces to an Aquarian Age.    Religions became major social institutions during the Pisces Age, and all our main religions have powerful roots in the Middle East.

We are moving into Diversity in Unity in the Aquarian Age.   Wars between religions is a dark joke.   It is unbelievable to anyone who has truly connected spiritually.  We need to cleanse our world of this toxicity.    We can only hope and pray that there are not too many horrors that await us in this cleansing process.

Sun in Virgo-  The Sun moves into Virgo overnight August 22/23, Sunday into Monday.     Virgo time of year is a time to begin to unwind from the summer and begin to transition into the autumn.   We start to think about getting our lives together again, fixing what needs to be fixed or healed, getting more organized and efficient, working harder.    Synchronistically, it is the time of year when kids go back to school. The creative and fun loving roar of the Leo lion begins to subside, and we now seek to find the simplicity and humility of the Virgo Virgin.  Remember, however, that it is still summer and that you do not have to turn to “all work and no play”.  

Keep your eye also on the economy now as we shift to Mercury Retrograde, Sun in Virgo, and in the wake of Saturn/Pluto.  There is a downward shift that should affect the economy and stock market.  It is likely the stock market will go down, perhaps appreciably, this late summer and autumn. 

Please remember that all the changes are cleansing our world of old ways that are soul dead, corrupt, unfair, unjust, and uncaring.  New ways are being born.    We are connecting again with our deeper souls, with one another, with the Universe, with our spirituality.   We are creating ways of healing our Earth and environment, of making community.   We are creating in alignment with an Aquarian Age being born, creating a world of Diversity in Unity, anchored by the Universal strongholds of Love and Truth. 

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There are more writings and information about astrological consultations on my website.  Also there will be a new live Perspectives from the Sky radio show on Saturday August 28 at 1 PM EDT.  You can also listen to past shows at that address.

Will Never Be the Same, and Astrology Forecast for August 15-21

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Collectively our human family is in the midst of an enormous transformation.  In 2020 or so, when we look back at the times we are in now,  it will seem like ancient history.   We will before then pass through 2012 and many powerful astrological configurations that are accelerating our passage from a dying Pisces Age into a birthing of an Aquarian Age.

 The 60’s revolution, brought on by the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in 1965/1966, gave us the first huge thrust of revolution and evolution into an Aquarian Age.  Someone who lived in 1959 and went to sleep and woke up in 1975 would have seen a world they would not recognize.  The social, political,  fashion, and consciousness changes were drastic during those years.

Then in the early ’90s there was another strong conjunction, the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1992/1993 brought us the Internet revolution and more power to the New Age spiritual movement.  It is difficult to imagine now what life was like before the technological and spiritual revolutions of the ’90s.

Now the coming changes will, in many ways, be greater.   This year 2010 has brought an acceleration of transformation forward into an Aquarian Age. The powerful eclipses, grand cross, and cardinal t-square in the early degrees of cardinal signs, have taken us out of our comfort zones and brought many to major turning points in their lives.  There may not be a sense of clear direction yet, but nevertheless we know we cannot go back to how it was.

This autumn, amazingly, the early degrees of cardinal signs will again be emphasized as the autumn equinox will be a part of full moon in Aries at 0+ degree of Libra and Aries. And even more amazing, just one hour before the winter solstice on December 21, which is at 0 degrees of Capricorn, there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 29 + degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini. 

This again affects the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, and therefore people born in the early days of these signs will continue to be affected as will people born in the last couple of days of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Symbolically,the emphasis most of the year on early cardinal signs (signs of new yearly seasons here on Earth) suggests we are changing bigger “seasons” of our lives.  We are going through a major passsage into a new phase of our lives, a new birth.

The last time I saw an eclipse on the day of a new season was on the summer solstice 2001.  That aspect, plus a Saturn opposition Pluto at the USA Ascendent in August 2001, inspired me to write the article, “The Tower”, where I forecast that the USA would be attacked before the summer of 2001 ended.   Of course that year we experinced the 9-11 attack of the twin towers in New York.

This year 2010, as we explained in our last blog, Saturn squares Pluto in early cardinal signs Libra and Capricorn respectively on Saturday August 21.  This aspect often portends dramatic events to come, which drastically change our lives, and even when horrible, open the gates to new phases of our lives.    

Perhaps a big event will occur next week as we get closer to Saturn square Pluto on August 21.  That aspect affects the natal Venus of Obama, Israel, and the USA.  Mercury Retrograde begins the day before on the 20th.  The Sun will then be at 27 degrees of Leo, where both Israel and Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel have their Mars.  Also at 27 degrees is Obama’s North Node and it is opposite the USA natal Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius.  If a big event for those two countries does not happen during the days surrounding that Saturn/Pluto square, then rest assured that there will be big clues around that time suggesting what is coming by spring of 2011.    An attack on Iran or Lebanon or Syria is a most likely event.

Please keep in mind that the Age of Aquarius requires diversity in Unity and equality.   A superpower nation will not exist in that Age.  Therefore coming events, whether economic downturns or military adventures or something else, will serve the big picture purpose of bringing more equality to nations all over the world.  The United Nations tries to bring such equality, but is often too controlled by an unfair system, which gives veto power to nuclear armed nations USA, Russia, China, France, and England.  And the hypocricy of putting sanctions on Iran for possibly trying to build a nuclear weapon, while these other countries own thousands of such weapons and Israel owns them too, is obvious. 

The other big aspect this week, besides the Satrun/Pluto square, is Jupiter opposite Saturn on August 16.  Jupiter and Saturn have a 20 year cycle together. This current cycle began in May 2000, when Jupiter was conjunct Saturn in Taurus.   In the chart erected for that event, Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus was square Uranus in Aquarius. 

I wrote than that this symbolized the “battle”, for the succeeding 20 years, of an Old World (Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus) digging in to perpetuate its existence, challenged by a New Age being born (Uranus in Aquarius).  I then predicted the first 10 years would show us an old world that would look at times like it never was going to leave (mainly Bush years), to be followed in the next 10 years by huge waves of change that would bring us forward into a new Aquarian Age in 2020.

We are in 2010 at the midpoint of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, as Jupiter opposes Saturn.   2010 has been giving us the many powerful aspects in the early degrees of cardinal signs, which shows us the transition into a new season for the human family on Earth, on the way to a New Aquarian Age in 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius in December of that year.

Expect big events to happen to assist us in our shifting our consciousness and lives in attunement and alignment with the collective transformation we are all going through.

In your personal life the same thing will be happening. You will be helped to make the changes that are right for you also.  You will be helped to better connect with your authentic self, beyond the progamming by society to get you to “fit in”.   You will be helped, through signs and symbols and sychronicity and meaningful events, to make the changes necessary.  You will connect more with others of like mind and heart, and find greater purpose and function in our greater community and Universe.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.  Also I just put up a new radio show you can listen to also.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Saturn/Pluto and War, and Astrology Forecast for August 8-14.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we have been talking about for several months now, the Summer of 2010 is a real life changing season.  Of course we still have a few weeks more of the Cardinal T-Square, which will be highlighted by Jupiter in Aries opposing Saturn on August 16 and Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn on August 21. 

These aspects will bring climax and culmination to the many profoundly important astrological events of the summer of 2010.  These events are initiating us through the portal- into a huge and life altering new chapter of our lives.  

On a personal level, many people have been taken off balance, out of their “normal” way of being, and pushed forward in their lives.   They have been brought to turning points, some to crossroads decisions or events.  The old plateau we rested upon has lost its comfort and we are being brought into new challenges and/or opportunities.

This is happening because we are about to move much faster forward into a collective new chapter of the human condition, on the way through the transition between ages. 

Our personal lives, beliefs, and consciousness need to be transformed so we will be more aligned with this new chapter, new phase of our lives on Earth.  This summer has initiated us, has shown us we need to shift on all levels of our lives and consciousness. We are being transported from lives of separation and fear, programmed by the old world- to lives devoted to love and truth, diversity in Oneness.

The largest world events have not happened yet.   But they are close now.  They will take us out of our old ways of being.  The changes of the ’60’s and ’70s were nothing in comparison to what is coming our way soon.  

Most world events that are connected to these summer astrological events have not happened yet.  They will happen over the next couple of months as the energies are released from the aspects.

Some of the events that have happened already have been calamities concerning nature.    There was the horrible gulf oil spill that spouted so much of the summer and caused so much devastation and took our balance of nature so out of balance.   It is being reported by the Powers that Be that all is fine now, not much damage was done.

If you believe that, you must also believe there is no climate change or global warming.      Both opinions ignore that truth that would force us all to change our ways and to find alternative energy sources and to heal and clean up our Earth and its environment.

Another world event that is part of natural disaster is the flooding in Pakistan that has affected millions of lives and homes there.   And of course the fires near Moscow that have caused such smoke and limited visibility.   And it has also been a very hot summer for much of the United States.   Worldwide, the last decade has seen the highest average temperatures ever recorded.

The oil spill was the only huge man-made disaster that has erupted in our world so far this summer.    But to truly understand the power of the eclipses, the Grand Cross and the cardinal T-Square, it is important to pay attention to the themes that have been simmering in our world this summer.

The economy is showing us no real signs it coming into recovery from the great recession.  Many had expected the economy to show obvious signs of recovery this summer.   Aside from the out-of-touch stock market, and corporate profits, there has been little evidence that real humans are feeling the recovery. Jobs are as scarce as ever, people are not spending money, state and local governments are in trouble, are lessening public services and laying off government workers.   The housing market is not showing any real signs of improvement either.

And so the signs during the Summer of 2010 have been that the economy is going down further, and soon even the stock market will be falling in a big way. Be prepared late summer and autumn for a slide downward for the old economy.  New economic ways, ways that will be more equitable, are coming our way before too long.

The other themes simmering this summer have been around military and war.   It is getting very serious between North Korea and South Korea.  Noth Korea has been accused of shooting a torpedo at a South Korean submarine this year.  North Korea denies it and has threatened military retaliation.  This is a most dangerous situation.

And even more threatening to world stability is what is going on surrounding Israel.   Late spring, just before the eclipses, a flotilla of ships bringing aid to the people of Gaza,  whose lives were devastated during the Israeli bombardment recently, was stopped by the Israeli military.  The Israeli’s invaded one of the ships in international waters and killed 8 people, most from Turkey.   This caused a huge upheaval and more ships will be on their way to break up the Israeli blockade of Gaza this autumn.

And more recently there was a blowup in southern Lebanon between the Lebanese and Israeli’s.  Four people were killed.  And all this trouble is related to Iran, a country that Israel, the USA, and many western nations want to de-fang and take away their nuclear potential.    This summer the United Nations put sanctions on Iran to try to get them to drop their nuclear program, which many believe leads to a nuclear bomb.  The USA and Europe susequently put unilateral sanctions on Iran.  Of couse most of these western nations, the USA, and Israel all possess many nuclear weapons already.

We are on the verge of a war breaking out soon in the world, to be started in the Middle East.

The first flare-up could happen as soon as late in August.  On August 21 Saturn squares Pluto, a day after Mercury goes retrograde at the degree (19 degrees Virgo) where the Sun was when the 9-11 tragedy happened.     Saturn and Pluto will making aspect to the USA and Israel natal Venus in Cancer at 3+ degrees for USA and 4+ degrees for Israel.   President Obama has his natal Venus at almost 2 degrees of Cancer and Bibi Netanyahu, leader of Israel has his Uranus at 4+ degrees of Cancer.   Other aspects August 20-22 touch off the charts of Israel, USA, Netanyahu and Obama.   

There might be a huge event that happens then, but for sure there will at least be big signs then about what is coming before the autumn has ended this year- for Israel and the USA. An attack on Iran is one of the strongest possibilities.

Keep in mind that Saturn/Pluto aspects have in the past brought destructive events that have cleared the way for new chapters in the human condition.    Saturn/Pluto made hard aspect to one another in 1914, just before World War I; they made hard aspect in 1939, just before World War II; and made hard aspect one month before 9-11.

I anticipate that these coming wars will be the last before we collectively decide to eliminate weapons of mass destruction for everyone on Earth.  War will not be a common occurence in the Aquarian Age.  We are transforming our world and creating a New World and Age.  We do have much cleaning out of old, dysfunctional, separating ways first .  

While we are releasing these old ways, we are building new ways of being with our selves, each other and the Universe.  The world of separation is dying a sometimes horrible death.  The world of Oneness and Unity is getting stronger every day for so many individuals all over the world.  The recent Conscious Convergence was to bring our human family stronger into Unity, knowing we are all one family.   This attitude of oneness is happening as the old world is being destroyed.

It is most important now to concentrate on love and truth, and to bring them to your every day life.   

We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are the change we want in the world.

Astrology Forecast for August 8-14

We are in a dark of the Moon now until after the New Moon in Leo this Monday August 9 at 11:08 PM EDT. It is best at this time, through the New Moon, to meditate and reflect.   It is also a good time to make intention, to make prayer.  After the crescent Moon appears on the evening of Tuesday August 10, it is a good time to get moving forward in your life, especially in your creative life. Open your heart now and express your authenticity.    Look at life more through your heart than your head now. Be careful, however, of your own or other people’s egos.    

This new lunar phase, begun at this New Moon, is the first since the eclipses.  It is time to move forward and let the chips fall where they may now.   Some events that were “tied up” duing the eclipses and crosses will be ready to open up now.  The Moon will be in Virgo mid week, a good time to get things in order and work hard.  Late week the Moon will be in Libra, a good time to begin to get more relationship oriented.

See you next week.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings and to find out more about readings and other services.  Next week August 14 will a new Perspectives from the Sky radio show at 1 PM EDT.