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Summer Eclipses and Transformation

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross is upon us.    It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 11.  Throughout most of the summer there is T-Square of planets in cardinal signs Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, especially close in late July and early August. 

Many have been feeling increasing tension and intensity inside themselves, in their personal lives and in the greater world. 

In the greater world there is still the challenge of the Oil Spill in the Gulf.  This passing week there was the changing of generals in Afghanistan and the approaching confrontations by Israel of Lebanese and Iranian ships headed with supplies to Gaza. Remember that many empires, inluding the Soviet Union, began their empire’s downfall in Afghanistan. And remember also that many prophecies, including Biblical ones, view the Middle East as the centerpiece around moving from an old world to a new one.

The economy was in the spotlight this week as well,  as federal money for home buyers dried up; bills to continue funds for the unemployed were not passed in congress; and a wall street reform bill gained form and strength.   All show the great winds of change happening now during this summer of 2010.  Our economy, as it happened in the Great Depression, needs to be radically transformed to serve more of the people in the USA and all over the world.  A system built on privilege for the few is unfair and is no longer working well any more.  The economic bailout, passed by the two headed dragon of Democrats and Republicans, has tried to keep the old system intact.  It will fail, recovery is an illusion.

The old world, the Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about,  is wanting to re-strengthen its Fortress- like world strength. Great waves of resistance to this Empiric power is forming to break the Old Fortress down and bring in new energies of fairness, equality, love, and truth.  In the big picture all these eclipses and other planetary movements are spikes of change within the Universe’s great cycle of the changing of Ages into an Aquarian Age.   

And perhaps most on point is what is happening in Toronto now.   There is a G-20 meeting there this weekend June 26-27 of the leading Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors, and heads of state of the richest countries in the world who control most of the wealth in the world.  These economies comprise 85% of the gross national product of the world and 80% of world trade. It will discuss matters of the International financial system and its stability, including talks about the threats to that security by countries like Iran and North Korea.

Protestors, including some hardened anarchists, are ready to fight the Machine.  But nowadays, since the ’60s revolution and the violent Seattle protests in 1999, the Powers That Be have made it extremely difficult to make any powerful statements against the World Order.   They push the protesters into small areas of activity far from the actual meeting places. These meeting places are cordoned off in fortress-like security barriers, with sometimes 2 police for every protestor.  Interestingly, there was a rare earthquake near Toronto this week.

This kind of situation is symbolic of the control over the citizens that the Empire of wealth and armor has now.   The power of the people is being threatened.

But nature, the Universe, and the power of people aligned with Universal movements and truths will continue to push us forward into a New Aquarian Age.

In the year 2000 there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  They make conjunction every 20 years. That year they were conjunct (or together) in Taurus.  The chart for that moment of conjunction found Uranus in Aquarius square that Taurus conjunction.  Symbolically that meant that the next 20 years after 2000 would show us a battle (squares are battles) between forces of the old world digging in (Taurus) and great waves of change into an Aquarian Age (Uranus in Aquarius).

The half way point of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is 2010, as Jupiter opposes Saturn.  It is at this point that the tide begins to turn away form the powers of the Old World and toward the New Age.  In December 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius at 0+ degrees, we will collectively be symbolically entering a New Aquarian Age.   There will be more and more breakdowns of the old world and powerful breakthroughs into new ways and consciousness on Earth.

In your own life this is true also.  The power of conditioning from the old world and its institutions will fall away for you more and more.  You can be more liberated now from old tapes that control your mind, heart and soul.  You have Universal permission to break through stifling old patterns that hold you back from your authentic self and true soul’s journey.

This summer season, with the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross today as I write this blog; a Solar Eclipse on July 11; and a T-square of cardinal planets through most of the summer, will bring more and more shifts internally and externally, to help us to better evolve into alignment with the new Aquarian Age.

Watch for more breakdowns of old ways and breakthroughs into the new between eclipses.

Stay positive during the changing tides of life.  The Oil Spill was meant to show us the error of our ways. We can no longer ravage the Earth for our own selfish benefit, at the expense of our environment and the creatures of the Earth.  We need to stop digging and build new energy resources now.  The downfall of the economy is to show us to new ways that will be better and more equitable for all.  The coming military challenges will be to show us that our dog eat dog mentality is bringing us to the brink of great danger, with all our weapons of mass destruction.

In your own life, whatever breaks down is for a reason. It is to show you to new and better ways to live your life.  I do acknowledge that sometimes shit does happen and it can be very painful and horrible.  But overall do you believe that all happens for a reason or not?  Do you believe you are on a sacred soul’s journey, not just here to raise a family or make money?  There are lessons to be learned and experiences to know, and evolution of your soul has importance.   And very often what we are losing is a doorway into a new phase and often more meaningful phase of our life.

It was inspiring this week to read about a woman who lost her husband during the tragedy of 9-11, and then she started to have contact with him after his death.  She talked to other people who lost loved ones and also were contacted by them after death. This woman then wrote a book about these experiences and subsequently quit her finance company job.  This is a good example of transformation from an old phase of life into a new phase.  And of course it was horrible and tragic to have lost her husband, but the Universe and her deeper soul had new meaningful vistas for her explore and gave her an opportunity to contribute to the human condition here on Earth.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon, June 20-26

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Today, Saturday June 19, we are only 2 days away from the summer solstice 2010, which is the beginning moment of a summer which ought to be long remembered.   One week from today there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross , and two weeks afterward there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon.   Solar Eclipses always happen at New Moons.     Eclipses are exponentially many times more powerful than a  normal full moon or new moon.  Usually surrounding the times of the eclipses, we are taken off of our normal balance emotionally and energetically.    Events and energy shifts may be experienced weeks before the astrological event, and then reach an energetic climax close to the event.    Afterwards there can be a release of energy. There are usually big breakdowns and big breakthroughs that occur surrounding the eclipse.    Personal and world events connected to the eclipses can begin a few weeks prior to the eclipse and last a few months afterward.  The overall repercussions can last for years.

 This is especially true this year because the lunar eclipse is also aspected by “outer” planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto to form a grand cross of planets.   These outer planets together in the grand cross of the eclipse promise much transformational energies in our lives.  This transformation is true for all of us collectively, but some people will be more affected because they have natal planets which fall closely within the grand cross formation. 

Their lives will have the most movement, the most challenge for shifts and shakeups and changes. It is time to let go of old attitudes, old ways, old patterns that no long serve the person and their soul’s progress. It is time to move forward into a new chapter of one’s life.   Sometimes there are big surprises that happen within days of the eclipse to shake up someone’s life, but more often events have surfaced before the eclipse and intensify leading up to it.

As an example, flotillas filled with supplies sailed for the port of Gaza to bring supplies and aid to the people there.  This flotilla of ships came from Turkey. It was stopped and boarded by military from Israel on May 31, approximately 3 weeks before the lunar eclipse.  The lunar eclipse falls closely within Israel’s natal chart from its birth of May 14, 1948.   It makes close aspect to the Israeli Venus in Cancer, a planetary placement that represents Israeli relationship ties, and its sense of values, security and well being.

Turkey especially, and much of the rest of the world are enraged with Israel and how it invaded the ship in international waters and hence killed 9 Turkish nationals in the process. No Israels were killed. Tensions between muslim Turkey and Israel reached fever pitch then. Tensions between Iran and Israel have intensified.

Now as we are one week away from the eclipse, other flotillas of ships from Lebanon and Iran are sailing to break the blockade of Gaza and bring in more supplies.     It remains to be seen what will happen close to the eclipse, but planets will continue to form a grand cross not too far from the Israeli Venus for most of the summer, beyond the date of the actual Lunar Eclipse. And in fact the Israeli Venus will continue to be in aspect of transformational planets for three more years.

So we can look at the Lunar Eclipse as a portal into a new season of relationships and well being for Israel. Events will continue for 3 more years which will have great affect on the security of Israel in the Middle East region of the world.

It will certainly, during this time, transform its relationships with its neighbors in the region.  This could happen through war or peace or a combination of the two. Because the Middle East, where so many religions have been born, has been named in so many prophecies as the “battle ground” leading us into the transition between an old age and a new one, we can see the importance of what transpires there.

We are moving to a world of unity, in diversity and equality, as we enter this new Aquarian Age.  What happens in the Middle East, starting this year and through the next several years, will show the way forward.  As it is the birth place of so many spirtual traditions, it is important how it works out its relationships with one another there and how each spiritual tradition stays true to its original messages of peace and love and justice and compassion.

Whatever happens there will clear the way for a renewed spirtuality in many different forms. It will eventually open the way for an Aquarian Age of respect and tolerance for all races, religions and ways of the Earth.

But how ugly will it need to get before it transforms into a New Age?   As many prophecies have suggested, will World War 3 begin there in the Middle East?  Can we shift world and individual energies sufficiently to avoid this horror?    What can you do in your life to help out?

It is interesting how many people in their families, relationships, and work situations have been facing serious challenges also.    Can we work out our differences without going to “war” with one another.   If you are separating or divorcing your mate, can you work it out amicably or do you need to make them your enemy?

In other personal situations that come up during this eclipse season, it will be important to know if you need to stick with someone or some situation to work it out, or if you need to leave.   Sometimes old patterns can be changed within the old situation or relationship.  Other times it is essential to leave in order to change personal patterns, to personally evolve, lead a more authentic life, be more healthy in mind and spirit.

Know this eclipse season, this intense summer season of 2010, is an entryway into your own personal new season of your life, a new chapter in the book of your life.  This will be especially true if you are born in late March, June, September or December or if you have any natal planets in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  And the transformation is only beginning.   Your life is meant to clear away the deadwood so you can more fully blossom into who you really are and what you are meant to do on this planet.

Know that all that happens is meaningful in this sacred life journey.  Channges that arise are meant to give you the necessary experiences or lessons to further your soul’s growth.

Week of June 20-26

Sunday is the last day of spring 2010. Summer Season begins on Monday June 21 at 7:28 AM EDT, 4:28 AM PDT at the solstice.   That day brings the most light of day and least dark moments of the year.  Yang energies are at their most zentih of the year. Yin energies are at their nadir moment of the year.  Energies of nature at their greatest abundance now, as the Sun moves into the nurturing energies of Cancer.  After the solstice, light begins to wane and dark begins to wax forward. By autumn they will be equal again, and at winter solstice dark and cold reign.

This summer solstice chart has a grand cross already:  Sun at 0 degrees Cancer, Pluto 4 degrees Capricorn, Uranus and Jupiter 0 degrees Aries, and Satrun widely in the cross at 28 degress of Virgo.   This chart gives us the signature of summer 2010, a time of challenging events to take us forward with our lives and consciousness.

The following days leading up to the eclipse next Saturday will show intensification of energies and events.  The actual Lunar Eclipse is in Cancer/Capricorn, 4 degrees 50 minutes, happens on Saturday June 26 at  7:30 AM EDT and 4:30 AM PDT. Pluto is conjunct the eclipsed moon closely at 4 degrees 5 minutes.  Jupiter and Uranus at 1+ degree of Aries and Saturn at almost 29 degrees of Virgo form a Grand Cross of planets.

This will be followed two weeks later by a Solar Eclipse at 19+ degrees of Cancer on July 11. The intensity will continue.  Shifting tides of events will continue throughout the summer of 2010 and beyond.

Talk with you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Unity Consciousness and Astrology Forecast for June 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a New Moon in Gemini today- Saturday June 12. This new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads into the summer solstice on June 21, and then into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26. 

So this weekend is sort of an entryway into the summer season, a most intense summer season ahead.

Gemini brings many mental and communicative frequencies into our lives.    Let them in, but be careful not to get too scattered, or overwhelmed with information, or too nervous over attempts to figure things out.   Conversations and socializing can be helpful for expressing and releasing these energies.  Keeping it light and fun is in alignment with Gemini energies.

But as this New Moon in Gemini is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads up to the Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross, we can also expect issues and events in your life to be heating up.  And new issues and events may come into your personal life this week that set a tone for the summer season ahead.

In our personal lives and in the greater world we are approaching crossroads times. 

In what areas of life are you at a crossroads?    Have you been on the fence with a relationship, not knowing if you can work out issues between you?    Are you not sure if you can keep your job or if you can keep a business going?    Are you not sure if you want to stay on a job or even if you want to change careers?   Are you thinking of moving, not sure what to do?

This summer events will ensue that will likely push you in one direction or another. There will either be breakdowns of the old ways that will let you know it is definitely time to move on, or you will get obvious inspirations to move you into new zones of your life.

In the greater world there are many issues of crisis that are coming to a head and will break open soon.

In the economy, some are saying we are in recovery and some are saying we are about to go into a double-dip recession and even depression. This summer we will know. Surrounding the Lunar Eclipse events will shake out to provide us with a clearer picture afterwards. 

With the gulf oil spill, it is getting close to the time when we will know how bad this disaster really is.  Can we contain the spill and stop the oil from gushing? Or is this disaster going to get far worse?   This summer we will know more.

The Flotilla to Gaza attack by Israel has caused many repercussions.   Both Turkey and Iran have said they intend to send ships to Gaza in order to break the blockade by Israel, a blockade that stops needed aid from coming to the Palestinian people.   If they do send these ships, a much bigger conflict will arise.     And Western Powers are getting very worried about Iran and its capability to build a nuclear weapon.    How dangerous will it get there?     This summer events will break open to let us know where things are headed in the Middle East.

North Korea this passing spring torpedoed a South Korean boat and killed almost 50 sailors.  The South and its allies, including the USA are formulating a response to this attack.      How North Korea then responds is not known yet. We will know much more this summer.

There will be many other global events this summer that we do not anticipate, including more than usual natural events like hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

There is also a trend toward breaking down and breaking through boundaries, liberating oneself or peoples from confining or repressive situations.  Freedom is the issue.

On a global scale there will be more and more people who are forced from their homes this summer, through foreclosures, natural or man-made disasters, or emigration.

The world this summer will go through much change and many surprises will happen.

It is wise to acknowledge that these personal and global events are meant to happen in order to push us out of an old world, a dying paradigm and age.  We are generally speaking a species that is quite adaptable to changing conditions.  Adapting to changing conditions is necessary to evolution.

And now as conditions change more radically, we are forced to evolve more rapidly.  To do so we must let go of old attitudes and beliefs that keep us chained to an old world and paradigm that is dying.  We need to find ways to move beyond notions of ultimate separation and take in more unity consciousness.  This does not mean we all need to be the same. In an Aquarian Age, which we are evolving into, there is more recognition and respect for distinctive individuality.

But at the same time we see one large family or community of peoples and creatures and environment and Universe. 

Moving to this notion of diversity in unity is essential now to our evolution as a species, and to our ability to save life on this planet and for humanity.

The challenges we have now like the oil spill are dependent on our changing our attitudes.  In this case we honor our Earth annd also realize we are all connected, through the oceans of Earth.  The digging of her and making her bleed oil through the waters must stop. It can only truly be healed if we move to knowing deep in our souls that we are all one family on the Earth, joined together

The dangers of war coming up will force us to realize that our making enemies of others, while having created weapons of mass destruction, can only mean horrible disaster some day for the Earth and all its creatures. Do we need to be taken to the brink to realize this?

Unity consciousness is necessary now to bring us to an evolved enough state to save life on this planet.

And it is important to marry truth with unity or love now too.   It is TRUE that the glaciers are melting and that there is global warming. All intelligent beings know this.   We must face this truth and so many others in order to feel the urgency that will motivate us to ACT NOW on so many issues of vital importance.

Please be part of the Conscious Convergence this July 17/18.  There are local events in your area to honor the Unity Consciousness we all need to evolve to now. If you cannot attend please be there in spirit and through meditation. 

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries and Astrology Forecast for June 6-12

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

New beginnings enliven the week ahead.     Jupiter moves into Aries on Sunday June 6 and soon after joins Uranus in Aries on June 8.   Jupiter is expansion and progress; Uranus is breaking out and making change.  They are both in Aries, which is bold new beginnings.

New ideas begin to brighten our way and take us out of what seemed like a stuck place or pattern.   New ventures begin.  New events push us forward with our lives.

Keep in mind that what happens this week is only the beginnig, as there is so much change on its way this spring and summer.  Jupiter and Uranus in Aries form into a grand cross with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in late Virgo and the Sun and Moon in a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.    As Jupiter and Aries meet this week, many will begin to experience and feel the power of change of that Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, which happens on June 26, followed by a Solar Eclipse on July 11.

Then there are many other strong astrological aspects after that, including a cardinal t-square involving Mars and Saturn in Libra opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, all square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Again it is important to note that people born in early Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will experience and feel the shifting tides most of all.  If you know your natal chart, check to see if you have any planets at 0-6 degrees of those aforementioned signs. It may be wise now to consider having a reading to help you through these shifts and changes.   Write me at for more info.

We are all moving into a new chapter of the human experience on Earth this summer.  Many events will ensue to help us to release the past and open our minds, hearts and lives to the new Aquarian Age. 

  “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Watch closely the movements and events that happen this week in your own life and in the greater world.   This year we have experienced many powerful events already, including many volcanoes and earthquakes, most notably the earthquake in Haiti and the volcano in Iceland.    Also the horrible BP oil spill erupted this spring to make us all more aware how the Powers That BE in our world are not truly concerned enough about our Earth, its creatures and environment.

More coming events will show us the wrath of nature, and also show us how much the human family has gone off its Higher Path and all too often succumbed to our more base desires and instincts, like greed and power abuse.   

Do not let fear or hatred or cynicism get the best of you.  Make your commitment to the new world even stronger.  Stay connected to your deeper self, nature, and the Universe.  Associate your self more and more with others who also are dedicated to the New World and new ways.     Keep your body, mind and soul healthy.

There may be a political  showdown soon between Israel and Turkey as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus.  There will be a chance for something even more threatening than what happened this last week. This last week Israel used top soldiers to invade a ship in International waters, which was trying to bring aid to the destitute in Gaza.   They could have waited until the ship was in Israeli waters and merely inspected it, not invade in from ropes from helicopters. This caused the ship’s members to defend themselves, some with weapons. At least nine of the ship’s members were killed, no soldiers died.

It is also good to be alert for what North Korea and South Korea do this week also.  North Korea sank a South Korean boat a couple months ago and killed many South Korean soldiers.  South Korea has threatened reprisals.  China so far is adamant about not punishing North Korea.  It believes USA is hypocritical, as USA backs Israel’s violence against the flotilla going to Gaza.   There is a third world war that is brewing now.

Whatever happens this week and through the summer in part will be an old world showing its ugly old ways through oil spills, conflicts, and a downsizing economy.

Itis time for those of us who believe we can create and be part of an Aquarian Age- to step up and contribute more and more.  As the old world prepares to separate us more with its wars of idiocy, we need to join together, hand in hand, empowered to change our world.

Do you truly believe the power of love is stronger than the love of power?  Do you believe love and truth are the pillars of this Universe?   Or do you believe the forces of money and power, the military/economic complex that runs much of this country and world, is the most powerful force in the Universe?

This July 17/18 is a global Conscious Convergence, a gathering of souls around the Earth who proclaim the Unity of humanity, of life on Earth, and of the Universe. It is in conjunction with the Mayan Calendar, and facilitated by Carl Johan Calleman, an authority on that calendar and the prophecies concerning a New Age on Earth.  Please check out SpiritualRenaissance/convergence to find out more about this event.  It is meant to be a follow-up to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, an event that awakened people to the Mayan Calendar and 2012 and touched off the New Age movement.

We are movng into quite powerful and profound times now.  All the prophecies from around the world are coming together:  Astrological Aquarian Age, Mayan 2012, Hopi, Biblical and others.   We are ready to create a New World, one based on care for the Earth and one another, of diversity in Unity, of a return to sacred meaningful living, of honoring our hearts and souls.

But there will be great labor pains, many challenges on our path to this new land.   WE ARE READY.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

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