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Liberation and Self Honoring, and Astrology Forecast for March 28-April 3

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by Leo Tallarico

Spring season has just begun and things are already beginning to heat up in the greater world.   After April 14 at the Aries New Moon, they will heat up even more.      As the season progresses into Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in early Aries in May, fires will be burning hotter in the world.   And as we get close to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross on June 26 events should be raging hot in our world.

This past week after the spring equinox last Saturday the 20th, the Health Care bill was passed.   This set off a firestorm against those who voted for the bill.  One congresswoman from New York had a brick thrown through her window.  Another congressman had his office shot into with a bullet from a gun.    A couple of congressmen were threatened with death and called anti-semitic names.   Earlier in the month health care protesters lashed out at legislators by using hateful language against gays and African Americans.  This week Sarah Palin, on her facebook website, put crosshair gun targets over names of congressmen who voted for the health bill and spoke about RELOADING not RETREATING.

Have you ever witnessed such dangerous vitriol spewed against our public officials before?  And how about the baby killer remark yelled in Congress this week against the health bill. Or congressman Joe Wilson yelling at President Obama in his State of the Union address, “Liar”!

The atmosphere is charging up politically and could get very dangerous before too long.  Those that represent the Old World are getting more and more resistant to the changing tides bringing us more fully into an Aquarian Age.  They desperately cling to an old world of privilege for the few.

In the Middle East more fires are building there.    President Obama and much of the world are trying to build an atmosphere of fairness and trust so that peace can be found between Israel and Palestine.  Israel, lacking trust in the world around it, gets abusive with their power, and also does not want to share Jerusalem with the Arab world.     So they keep building Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem where the Palestinians want to have their Capitol in their future state.  This pushed the Arabs out of the peace process and infuriated President Obama against Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.

Already the Middle East is hot as Iran and Israel appear to be getting ready for war against each other.  This area will get hotter as we get deeper into spring and summer 2010.

More fire energies this spring will motivate all of us to get moving forward with our lives.    Just like in the greater world, these fires can turn more lethal when there is great resistance against the changing, moving energies.

If you have decided to assert your self in a relationship, and let someone know you can no longer tolerate abusive behavior, you have furthered your process of liberation and self honoring.    You are ready for this and are motivated by the fires of change in your self and life.  But the person you are liberating your self from may very likely fight this.  That resistance causes the heat to rise, for angers to burst open.

More and more, people will rise up and fight for what they want and what they believe in.  The coming Jupiter conjnct Uranus in Aries demands this.     The other aspects, especially the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross in June show us the resisitance to this liberation and self honoring.

As you find your way to more self honoring, self acceptance and authenticity, you are honoring nature and the gods and the Universe.    To not honor and accept your self in your genuineness, is to not honor the Universe and nature which have created you.

As you make your transformation out of a you that gave your self away, that let people be abusive toward you, you make the world a better place.  To deny the truth of who you are, denies your real purpose, your function in the world.   As you break the chains that bind you to a false, self denying person, you begin to spread your wings and give freely to the world and people you love.

There will be much opportunity for this, this coming spring and summer, as we all enter more fully an Aquarian Age of individuality and diversity melded into a Unity consciousness and Oneness.  We are One Family here on Earth, with many different peoples, all meant to contribute to the Greater Community of Earth and Humanity.

But you cannot truly be in healthy Oneness until you find, accept, honor and love your unique and individualized Self.

This year,  and especially this spring and summer, is for liberation.   Wherever in your life you feel trapped or confined or overly limited, it is time to free your self.     Life is too short to merely do what one is “supposed” to do or obligated to do.     We have all been conditioned to just “go along with the program”.   Use the approaching planetary energies to break out.

This Week

We reach the half way point of the lunar cycle this Monday the 29th, at the Aries/Libra Full Moon at 10:25 PM EDT.   The current lunar cycle was begun on March 15. It was a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Uranus.   Some felt a real shaking up of their emotions then.  Now at the Full Moon we reach a climax or a solution.  Since this is an Aries/Libra Full Moon, issues around self honoring (Aries) versus needing to be sensitive to needs of the relationship (Libra) may come up for you.   With Jupiter and Uranus soon moving into Aries, this may be a theme for the coming weeks.  As we previously stated you may be ready to go a new level of being true to your self, and how you communicate this in your relationships will be increasingly important.

Intense and transformational Pluto will be in square to this Full Moon, so “getting to the bottom” of the issues will be important.  Discussions could be intense.  Remember the Full Moon’s influence is  3-5 days, so Saturday through Wednesday are in the wake of this lunation.

On Wednesday/Thursday emotional energies are intense as the Moon travels through Scorpio.    And on Good Friday, as acknowledged by Christians, the Moon moves into Sagittarius until Easter Sunday.    Sagittarius Moon is a good Moon for connecting with meaning and faith and inspiration.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Spring is Sprung and Astrology Forecast for March 21-March 27

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Equinox!   Sun in Aries. We are moving into a very exciting spring season, one with many shifts and changes.  We movbe forward slowly, until mid April, at the Aries New Moon when life accelerates.  That New Moon is followed by many spring astrological aspects that promise an interesting season. 

Spring is when we wake up from our winter slumber here in the Northern Hemisphere.    It is time to get moving again, to open our hearts to embrace life with less fear and more hope and joy.    But for awhile  you may need to stretch and yawn away the winter blahs.   After April 14 you will be more ready to fly forward.

Many people now are questioning their lives- their jobs, their homes, their relationships.   More and more this spring and early summer people will get restless to leave situations where they feel confined, controlled, dominated, and unhappy.  The energies for liberation get stronger.   If you feel stuck some where in your lfe you will soon have the opportunity to change that.

The spring and summer 2010 seasons present us with a turning point in our human journey.

Be as open in your mind and heart as possible.  Do not hold on too tightly to anything.   If you do not hold on too tightly you will be able to let go of old and toxic beliefs and patterns in your life.   If your mind and heart are open you will be able to experience new possibilities anddeeper healings.

Old ways and patterns that seem impossible to change will suddenly find new solutions.  Old ways of seeing life will suddenlybe left behind and you will have new eyes for life.

This spring will spike forward our progress into an Aquarian Age and its consciousness and way of life.     Early summer will bring us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross that will shake up our reality and move us all forward in our lives and in our viewpoints.

Expect over the next several years for our viewpoints to change radically about ourselves and our world.  Our preconceived notions, our prevailing Paradigms of our world are shifting and changing.   

The point to be made is that we do not possess all the answers as we believe we do.   Once everyone was convinced the Sun moved around the Earth and that the Earth was flat.   Those that believed otherwise were considered crazy or rebellious.

20 years ago few anticipated the revolution of the internet or that we could use something like Skype to see each other while talking to one another on computers.

Many more revolutionary changes are coming over the next 10 years, and spring/early summer 2010 will present us with clues and signs as to what some of these changes will be like.  Some will be very difficult, but will eventually clear the way for better times ahead.

And so many of these changes will be in our consciousness.

As we individually heal the wounds of our childhoods and past lives, we heal our separations from each other.   And as we make these healings, we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe. And as we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe, we learn to trust one another.    And as we learn to trust one another, we transform our world.    And as we transform our consciousness and world we have entered the Aquarian Age.

Get ready for huge openings and opportunities to transform your life and consciousness in accordance with the Aquarian Age.   The approaching astrological events will provide the energies and changes that promote these healings and transformations.

We will be assisted in releasing old attitudes, beliefs and patterns that hold us back from our personal evolution.   We can release the programming from families and culture that keep us locked in the old ways from an old age.

We can then connect more deeply with our authentic self and further our individuation process. We can then walk down our true life path in accordance with the Universe and the new Aquarian Age we are moving into.   

We then are contributing to the progress of our planet and our human community as it moves through tumultuous and volatile times in transition between Ages.

Week of March 21-March 27

Spring Equinox begins with the Sun moving into Aries. It happened on Saturday March 20 at 1:32 PM EDT. Light and dark moments of the day are exactly equal just as they are at Autumn Equinox.  But in autumn darker and colder energies will get stronger. The Yin side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls then.

At spring equinox we see the light increasing and warmer air coming in.  The Yang side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls.  Aries is yang.   It is force.  It is a spark of life, an ignition of fiery spirit.  It is the force of the buds wanting to burst through the branches of the trees.    Aries is straight forward and direct.  It loves challenge and action. It often thrives on competition even if it does not always welcome it.  Aries represents issues of courage and bravery and pushing forward past our fears.    Spring Equinox is Sun in Aries, but full season does not begin until the Aries New Moon on April 14.   That is when the action principle truly moves into our lives.  Until then we are still within the Pisces lunar cycle begun on March 15.

So continue your healing and slowly wake up before that April 14 date.  Don’t push your self too  much before that.   Still go with the Pisces flow while waking slowly.

On Sunday March 21 the Gemini moon will keep mind moving and nervous energy strong.   You will get a stop sign of Saturn opposite the newly spring equinox Sun in Aries.  If you have been getting too excited by the fiery energies of new beginnings of spring, you may feel frustrated tonight.  And you may have extra reason to pause on Sunday/Monday because of the state of a relationship.

On Tuesday March 23 and Wednesday March 24 the Moon is in homey and cozy Cancer.  Tuesday could be emotionally difficult because of challenging aspects to the Cancer Moon.  Wednesday should flow better.

The Moon goes into fiery Leo Thursday and Friday to combine with the fiery Sun in Aries.  Thursday is more likelyday for some  anger or arguments, as the Moon conjuncts Mars and the Sun squares Pluto.

On Saturday the Moon goes into Virgo to get your Saturday into getting things done and building some order in your life. 

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Spring 2010, Stepping Forward into a New Paradigm on Earth

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week Mars went Direct to get our lives restarted again,  to begin to give us more clarity of what we want in our lives and what directions we are moving in.  But we have only just started up our cars, so to speak.  We are not totally engaged yet in moving forward.   

 Sunday is dark of the Moon before a New Moon in Pisces, Monday March 15 at 5:01 PM.  It is time to lay low energetically at dark of the Moon.

Then on Monday with the New Moon in Pisces, you will feel new beginnings like in all New Moons, but this new beginning may also feel like we are being pulled back to winter in our souls, even though spring is only a few days away.   We may still need to cleanse our bodies and souls, to sink into our inner depths, to let go of the ghosts of our insecurities.   

 This will be a theme during the next 28 days before the New Moon in Aries on April 14, after which time we will feel more propelled forward in our lives.  Then in Mid May, when Mars returns to where it was when it went retrograde (19 degress of Leo in Deember 2009) we will be much more certain of what we want in our lives and what direction we are going in.

But first, this week, we offficially end winter and begin spring on Saturday March 20 at 1:32 PM EDT.  Spring Equinox is a moment when light and dark are equal.  The other time of the year when light and dark are equal is at Autumn Equinox. The difference is that for Spring Equinox, though light and dark are equal, light increases till it reaches zenith at Summer Solstice.   In the Autumn it is the opposite.   Dark/Yin energies increase until Winter Solstice when darkenss reaches its pinnacle.

So with light energies rising at spring, active Yang movement gets progressively stronger.  Remember that at spring equinox this fiery active Aries energy is just beginning.   It is far from being in full throttle.  Let the light shine inside, feel the active energies stirring, as the buds of the trees are only stirring inside still, not pushing outward yet.  Make visualization of what you will want to initiate.

This spring and early summer of 2010 will bring much activity, as there are many important and transformational planetary aspects coming our way then.  Events that will occur will be more important than usual as we are only a couple years away from 2012, the end of an old world cycle and the beginning of a new world as seen by the Mayan Calendar.    

We have been receiving powerful signs that our world is shifting, is transforming in huge ways.    This winter has brought us some really weird weather.   Snow and cold weather have occurred in many unlikely places, like Rome Italy; London England; Florida USA; Texas USA; Louisiana and Mississippi.  In places like Washington D.C., Philadelphia PA, and New York, NY, there has been almost triple the normal amount of snowfall.  Up here in Portland Maine, which often endures pretty harsh winters, we have not had a big snowfall since January and temperatures in February and March have been very mild, with spring-like temperatures mainly in the 40’s.

Recently also has been an unusual amount of Big Earthquakes, measuring from 6.0 to almost 9.0 on the Richter scale.   Two of them were especially devastating, the one in Haiti that killed over 250,000 people and the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, which killed, injured and made homeless thousands of people.

Our world is being shaken up, is being “turned upside down”.  Many more big shifts and waves of change are coming our way.  More nature driven changes are coming our way, as well as more culturally driven changes. 

Many people seem afraid of 2012 and are terrified that we are facing an apocalyptic scenario in the next few years.  Others believe no big change is coming, and that the world stays generally the same always, with occasional pendulum shifts to extremes at times.  The truth is at neither extreme.

We are not facing the end of the world.  The Earth’s poles will not shift in any big way all at once.  All the waters on Earth will not rise all at once to drown most of the Earth’s populace.   No great virus or disease will wipe out most of the world’s peoples.    But I do believe we are in the beginning stages of a worldwide earthquake of our psyches that will transform all our lives.

And our financial system will transform greatly to eventually bring more parity to the world’s people.    Living in a world where some are grossly wealthy while others struggle to make ends meet will transform into something more equitable, after some trials and tribulations.  

And  I do believe we could face a Third World War that would swallow up our human family, and scare us all into changing our ways, ridding our world of WMD’s and changing our overall paradigm for living with one another on the Earth.  If we do not change quickly this war  is a real possibility.

We must learn to quit the power and power abuse patterns.  We must learn to end the vast disparity between haves and have nots, privileged and underprivileged. 

In fact we must learn to tolerate and respect the differences between peoples on the Earth.   We must come to the knowledge that we are all one family on this planet, with so much in common.    Our diversity is meant to provide our Earth community with people of varying talents and functions, with many flavors in the human stew.   Hating those who are different, and especially killing and even committing genocide against those who are different is Un-Natural and has no place in an Aquarian Age.

Maybe instead of World War III we can expect an ET visitation which will give us new eyes with a new perspective on the lives we have been living in an old Age.   Maybe this would humble us or at least bring us all together as ONE  family here on Earth.  

 And for sure it would show us that our scientific and religious viewpoints have been narrow and wrong.  This visitation would shake up all of our suppositions about the world we live in and our human condition on the Earth and within the Universe.  There would all of a sudden be many more questions than answers.

And maybe the shifting of Ages will shake us up in other ways- our knowledge of what it is to be human, how we got here, who we really are, more about how we view God and gods.

Zacchariah Sitchin PHD,  initiated a revolutionary viewpoint on who we are, how we got here, and who the gods from mythology really were.

He began a series of books investigating our origins with the book “The 12th Planet”.

In preparation for writing this book, Sitchin studied extensively cuneiform scripts from the ancient Sumerians, who resided in what is now modern Iraq.   The writings showed pictures of rocket ships, and gods with wings.  Translations showed a story of people coming from outer space to Earth 100’s of thousands of years ago.  The planet they came from is called Niburu.

The gods that were revered by our ancestors, according to Sitchin and his research, were real not just myth.    All of the gods from so many of our human cultures were the same people with different names.  These gods needed the minerals, especially gold, from our Earth to help them on their planet as they were running out of thse elements.

After time, these “gods” needed laborers to extract that gold, and hence used genetic engineering to combine their traits with the traits of the creatures here on Earth.    What was created was us- humans.   According to this theory we are part “divine” and part creature.  Being human is the link between the two, between Heaven and Earth so to speak.

Also interestingly these Sumerian writers wrote of the planets in the solar system and knew about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  These planets were “discovered” in modern times in 1781, 1846, and 1930 respectively.  How could the Sumerians from the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C know of these planets?   Sitchin and other writers like Michael Tellinger who wrote “Slave Species of god”, say the Visitors from Niburu, the gods, brought this information with them.  Perhaps that theory is true, but even if not, How Did The Sumerians Know about the Solar System and Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?

Of course we modern humans generally look down on our ancestors and cannot believe their writings are anything more than fables, not based on any real happenings.  But perhaps we are wrong and many of their “myths” were real. And for sure they knew more than we imagine they knew.

Expect over the next several years for our viewpoints to change radically about ourselves and our world.  Our preconceived notions, our prevailing Paradigms of our world are shifting and changing.   

The point to be made is that we do not possess all the answers as we believe we do.   Once everyone was convinced the Sun moved around the Earth and that the Earth was flat.   Those that believed otherwise were considered crazy or rebellious or heretical.

20 years ago few anticipated the revolution of the internet or that we could use something like Skype and see each other while talking to one another on computers.

Many more revolutionary changes are coming over the next 10 years, and spring/early summer 2010 will present us with clues and signs as to what some of these changes will be like.

“See” you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Mars Going Direct, and Astrology Forecast for March 7-13

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

If your life has been lacking movement,  and you don’t know what to do, you are not alone.    Big changes are coming this spring and summer,  but for many right now life seems stalled.  It is a calm before the storms.

 So making plans and knowing what to do next may be challenging.  Remember it is Pisces time of year, the last month of winter before new beginnings in spring. Energetically, spring equinox is arguably equivalent to a true New Year.   And to add to the feeling of life being stale or stalled right now, remember that Mars is still retrograde, though turning direct this week. More on that later in this blog.

And life in the bigger picture may look foggy now.   What direction is the economy really going in?

“Experts” are saying we have turned a corner and things are beginning to get better.  Is that what you are feeling in your life? I believe, knowing the astrological aspects and how they impact the USA chart, that deeper transformation of the economic system will be needed before things truly get much better.

 And the big picture also tells us even bigger change is coming.   We are changing Ages.  2012 is so close now.  And astrological aspects for 2010 portend strong shifting tides of change for all of us.

Already many have been thrown off balance by a weird winter.  Is it climate change, global warming, or just a plain old weird winter that happens sometimes?  And what about these huge and destructive earthquakes so close together, most especially the ones in Haiti and Chile.  Is this shaking a metaphor for the foundations of our old world crumbling?

 So many of the American people are not trusting our government, big corporations, or either politcal party anymore.   Are we therefore moving more strongly back to our roots as a nation, which is about power to the people, not special interests? Or are we instead in some serious decay as a nation? 

And look at how countries like China, India, Brazil, and Iran are becoming more powerful countries.  The USA and Europe will soon no longer dominate the world. 

 The amount of resistance the USA and Eurpope have to this sweeping world change will determine how large the battles between nations will become.  More resistance to the burgeoning multi polar world equals more trouble for the world.

And technologically we keep growing by such leaps and bounds, for better and for worse.    I have been using Skype lately to talk to people who appear on my computer screen as we are talking to one another.     Technology, in this case, is bringing us closer to one another.  Who would have guessed, 20 years ago, that we would be having these “in person” conversations on our computers.    And the wonder I felt while watching Avatar in IMAX 3-D gave me an amazing experience.   And of course “googling” for all sorts of information is such an improvement over having to use so many reference books at the library to get that same information.

But technology has also gotten us, in many ways, so detached from our emotions and each other- at deeper and more intimate levels.  We text or email instead of talking or being in person.     Are we leaving behind our feelings as we enter our a New Age?

The biggest picture tells us our world is changing so fast and we sometimes do not know what to do or where to go.  Where will the good jobs be 20 years from now?  This confusion can make it hard to know what to take in college or what jobs to apply for or career to choose.

These changing times feel similar, in some ways, to how it felt in the late ’60s and ’70s.     The world was then changing so unbelievably fast.  The sexual revolution and the mind expanding drugs were taking us rapidly off our normal balance and paradigm for living. The Viet Nam war and the draft were making it difficult to know what directions to take in life.   People were going to college or going to Canada just to avoid that unjust war.  Others had to give up their careers or loved ones to have to go to war, against their will. 

 Old gender roles were being transformed, civil rights for black people were shaking up the status quo.

And overall there was a growing mistrust of “the system” we were living in here in America.   We were tired of the corruption, the materialism, the lies and deception by the people in power, the killing of innocent people in war, the injustices, the lack of love and caring in the prevailing world order.  

And now  those same problems are staring us in the face again.  But now so many have become much more cynical, with less hope for true and deep change.


And in the smaller picture of our coming week ahead, March 7- March 13:

It is Pisces tme of year until the spring equinox on March 20, when the Sun goes into Aries.   Pisces brings the washing away of the ghosts of the past year, a cleansing and healing.  One needs at this time of year to let go of ego controls and instead to yield to a power greater than ego, the power of the Universe.  This letting go in itself is healing, as stress is alleviated through surrender.  One can then go with the Pisces flow, Pisces being the flow of the ocean of water and the ocean of space, where one floats beyond the pull of gravity.  Use this Pisces time of year to get ready for the thrust forward in spring by releasing that which is ready to die in your life.

But before spring equinox we experience new beginnings through Mars going direct after having been retrograde since mid December 2009.   It has been difficult for many during this Mars retrograde period, to  know what one truly wants and where one is going in one’s life.  Mars goes direct this Wednesday March 10.

Do not expect that miraculously you will all of a sudden know exactly what you want and where you want to go with your life.  Nevertheless, Mars Direct will signify a shift in consciousness and a feelinbg of movement forward.  You will feel the ignition of your life car being turned on.  Matters of desire and direction will begin to clear up.  You will feel like moving forward again.  But remember it is still winter and there is more inner reflection and healing to do. 

Then comes te Spring Equinox. And then comes a most active and eventful spring and early summer season!

“See” you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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