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Shaking our Foundations and Astrology Forecast for February 28-March 6

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

For some in Japan and especially Chile,  it must have felt like the end of the world with the Earthquakes there this week.    And of course very recently the people of Haiti experienced a most devastating Earthquake.      Our world is shaking at its foundation.  We are in the throes of immense transformation over the next several years, and 2010 is a year when the shape of that transformation will reveal itself.

There are so many powerful astrological aspects this year, as there is a restructuring of our planet, our human family and its paradigm for living.    The old ways, the corrupt institutions, the old forms that no longer hold the spirit, the heart and soul of humanity need to be transformed.

When there is an idea, an inspiration, a value or principle that a people believe in; they build communities, governments, clubs, and institutions to hold it.  These built structures are for the purpose of instituting, of making permanent these grand ideas and principles.  The USA was built on grand ideas, values and principles inherent in the Declaration of Independence, the constitution, the bill of rights.  It built a government and institutions to hold these principles of freedom, equality, justice and fairness.

But when governments and institutions become corrupt and slowly let go of the values at their foundation, they begin to decay.   And before too long they are dying and are ready for transformation.   The old forms must die so new forms can be built again on grand values and inspirations.

We have Aquarian Age values burting into our world.  As they burst into our world, the old and corrupt are blown away to make room.  Events that occur this year will be reflective of this transformational process into a New Paradigm and Age.

Are we not ready to live in this diverse Earth community in Oneness, with respect and tolerance for those in differing cultures?  Are we not ready to stop dominating “weaker” peoples and cultures in order to control them and their resources?  Are we not ready to honor our souls and spiritual selves without the control by religions that have lost the spirit they were founded on?  Are we not ready to honor our Earth and its environment, and stop using and abusing it and its creatures?    Can we now build a world founded on love and truth instead of fear and lies?   Are we ready to heal our human family and transform our dysfunctional ways?

We are in the process of being tested, and the tests will get more powerful and challenging this year.   If we choose Life and Health, Love and Truth, we will see more and more magic, more synchronicities, more miracles, even through all the disasters and challenges.   We will experience love and affection coming back to us, greater desires to be healthy and happy.

This spring will especially bring us more challenges with our economy and with political challenges between countries and peoples.  The Middle East is especially susceptible to drums of war this spring and summer.  More natural calamities will continue as well as the strange climate changes that especially occurred this past winter.  Snow fell in Rome and Florida and southern California and Texas.  Here in Maine February has seen mostly temperatures in the ’40s with very little snow. 

Expect the unexpected, remember our paradigm is shifting.    Once people believed the Sun revolved around the Earth and the Earth was flat.   How we view our world and our Universe will change appreciably over the next several years.

Astrology Forecast for February 28-March 6

Our new week begins with a Full Moon on Sunday at 11:38 AM in the eastern time zone of the USA.  This Full Moon has the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo.   Pisces represents the inner spiritual dimension while Virgo represents the  outer material dimension.  Both signs are yin or “negative” in their charge.  They both represent service.   Pisces prompts us to surrender our ego and its control, while Virgo prompts us to perfect and purify our egos. Together they help us to be more humble and grateful, knowing how difficult life can be at times.  Use this full moon to simplify your life, to be more connected to your better values.

Mars has been retrograde since the middle of December in 2009.  While it is retrograde we are going through a process that helps us to know better what we really want and where we need to go and direct our lives.  During this retrograde time we can get taken off our usual track so we can look differently at our lives.    As the picture of our life changes, we are forced to reevaluate our life.  Then we can get more in touch with what we REALLY want and where we want to go in our lives.

Mars soon goes back direct- on March 10.   After that life picks up steam of movement forward.   Soon afterward, on March 20 there is the new beginning of Spring Equinox, Aries time of year.  It will be a Spring to be long remembered.

Talk to you again next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Transformation of America and Our World, and Astrology Forecast

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This last half of winter can be considered a calm before the storms of spring and summer.  Events will heat up like the weather as the winter ends.  But if you look close enough now, you will see hints of what may be coming our way.

The economy is approaching a turning point.  Right now it is not free falling into deeper trouble nor is it getting any better.  By late spring or early summer, events will show the way to more clarity about our collective economic direction.  

Astrologically, there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross on June 26, a few days after the summer solstice ushers in a new season.  That Grand Cross will be making hard aspects to the USA natal chart Venus and Jupiter in Cancer.   Venus and Jupiter together in the USA chart signify its sense of well being.    As a result, our sense of well being will be an issue that we will collectively be addressing this spring and summer.  President Obama’s Venus in Cancer from his natal chart is also aspected by this Eclipse Grand Cross.

What will this economic turning point be like?   What direction will it be going in?  How about our country overall?

I know by the astrological aspects that there is a transformaton of our country’s systems and institutions underway and continung for several years.  Powers that Be have been putting flimsy band aids on the economy, not going to the core of the problem and transforming the structure.   The bailout and the printing of more money only temporarily stop the economic bleeding.   The national debt is enormous, the dollar is in trouble.     The economy will likely turn downward at the coming turning point, and will stay down until there is real deep change of the system.

Many senators and congressmen have been resigning from office lately as polls show Americans have little support of that branch of government.  As crazy as many Tea Party people are, they nevertheless are reflective of a growing number of people disenchanted by our American government.

Another branch of the USA government, the Supreme Court made an unbelievably horrible decision lately when it decided that corporations could spend as much money as they please on elections.  Both conservative and liberal citizens were outraged as such idiocy.

And of course George Bush severely damaged the reputation of our presidency and executive branch of government during his 8 years in offfice.  President Obama has added decency and intelligence to that branch, but he has not shown much strength of leadership or being true to the principles he campaigned on.

This last week there was an event that adds exclamation point to the dissatisfaction for our system now.   A man suicide crashed into an IRS building this week, in anger at that economic institution.

There seems to be revolutionary energy building  in America as more and more people are disenchanted with the established world and their lives.  This is part of the transformation of our country and its system and institutions that is happening and will continue to happen.

As we approach 2012 and also move more fully into an Aquarian Age, more and more great changes will occur.  This last winter has certainly alerted us to the change of our weather patterns and climate.  There were snowfalls in places like Rome, Italy and Florida and Texas USA that do not usually experience such things.  Here in Maine we have had an unbelievably mild winter so far.  What greater climate changes do we face ahead?

And in the Middle East war drums are pounding. World powers are looking to put Iran in its place and defang its growing military and nuclear abilities.   Of course all the countries, including Israel, that want to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, all have nuclear bombs themselves.   And the Israel/Palestinian conflict, arguably the most important conflict in the world as it influences greatly the disdain of Muslim peoples for the western world and Israel, will be heating up this spring and summer.  Also importantly,  Iraq and Afghanistan still have wars going on there.

There is a power struggle for influence and oil in the Middle East and it may blow up soon into a more out of control regional conflict this spring and summer.

All this economic and military upheaval will shake up our world structures and put and end to old ways of being that are destroying our human family and Earth.  The Old Paradigm we have been operating under for over 2000 years is coming to an end. 

Old authorities can no longer be relied upon.   New ways to see our human experience here on Earth will reveal them selves.  Where did we come from?  How did our world begin?  Who are humans?  Where  did our gods and goddessses from ancient times come from?  Some of our coming revelations will be as big as our shifting consciousness from a flat world to a round world.  This blog will examine these questions as time goes on.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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The Challenge of the Aquarian Age and Astrology Forecast for February 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving through a New Moon in Aquarius this weekend, February 13-14.    It is especially noteworthy as it makes conjunction with Neptune.  Aquarius takes us into the mental ethers and networks. It takes us beyond the ONE, and into the Many.   It is about decentralized networks like the intenet.   It is groups, community, and social networks.    As it conjuncts Neptune we are more connected to friends and communities and social networks from our deeper soul, not just from our minds.   Deep healings can occur in and through group settings now, in community, on social networks, in a club, at a retreat, even with family.  This is true for the whole lunar month ahead.

But the process may not be so easy and graceful for many, as Neptune can bring you through fogs of disorientation on the way to deep healing.  You may need to face old patterns of behavior in social situations that make you feel bad about your self, ashamed, or challenged.

Even on social networks like Facebook, people are facing their social and group inner demons.    When you write something on Facebook, your whole communiy of friends sees it and responds to it.  You have put your self on the line for all to see.   “Community” gets to know more about who you are.  You hope your community of friends will be unconditional with you, but that is not always possible.  Even the groups you become fans of, the games you play, the friends you pick, the pictures you put up, they all say much about who you are.

So now this month ahead you will receive healings from your communities.  People may say things to you or write things to you that all can see that will make you feel good about your self and may even make you cry.  You may feel drawn to say things to people you have never said to them before that will make them feel very good about themselves.  Give it a try this month, it is in alignment with Universal movement.

There is an Aquarian Age we are moving into, and group communities and networks will be growing more and more.  Many believe the establishment of the internet was the beginning waves of our Aquarian Age. It is a decentralized network of people and information and web sites. It connects us all in greater community.  There is also a freedom of movement and information, a power to the people, so to speak, without much intervention from government or central controls.  This is Aquarius.

But Aquarius must be careful not to leave the soul, the feelings and body. Aquarius is higher mind, mental airwave connections like the internet.  It is also cell phones, ipods, and technology in general.   We are challenged, by these technologies, to be present in our bodies, to be present for our lives, to feel, to truly connect with others.  So often now we are not looking at someone and touching them.  We are having only virtual relationships.

Last year I was at a baseball game and a young boy about 7 or 8 years old was intently playing video games while the baseball game was played, while people were yelling and having fun.  He only looked up once or twice from his video game, to grab some food from his mom, and to give a dirty look at a woman who was yelling too loud while he was playing his game.

We must make conscious effort to stay in our souls and bodies, and not get addicted to our technology.

Uranus is the planet that is the “ruler” of Aquarius.  It is the planetary corollation to Aquarius. Myth has it that Uranus was a sky god who was married to Gaia, Goddess of the Earth.  They were not very connected. She complaned about him all the time how he was not connected to her, and instead fooled around with other women.    She wanted to hurt him and asked her many children to help her. They all turned her down except Saturn.  Keep in mind that Saturn is the ruler of gravity, just what someone not connected to the Earth would need.

Saturn severed the testicles of his father Uranus. Those testicles dropped into the waters and became Venus, Goddess of Love.

That love is what connects the Sky God to the Earth.

Our human family, especially those who are most connected to technology, in developed countries, are often dangerously leaving their connection with Gaia, destroying the Earth and environment.  They also use science and technology to drop bombs on people, even innocent civilian people. 

They call the casualties and killings collateral damage. These are real people like me and you, real people with homes and families and jobs that get destroyed.  We killed over 200,000 people with nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in world war II.   We have recently killed innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. And soon we are likely to kill more people in Iran.

These raiders will be brought down from the Sky to see what they are doing to our Earth and its people.    Saturn’s gravitational pull will before long pull them down to face what they are doing.  The Saturn square Pluto and Saturn opposite Uranus aspects this year will help this to happen.  Saturn is also the lord of karma and it is time to take responsibility for our actions.

Technological breakthroughs will continue, and are meant to be as we enter an Aquarian Age.  Social networks and the internet will continue to grow and prosper.  But we can also bring our selves more into our bodies, into our feelings and emotions, into reality. 

We can pay more attention to what the Earth needs from us, pay more attention to our human-ness, to our mates’ and friends’ needs, touch one another more, care for those who are suffering.  Arrogance is “sky” detached from what is is to be human, so to speak.

We can now balance heaven and earth, mind and body; so we can heal our human family and Earth and its environment, and proudly and in wholeness enter the Aquarian Age together. 

Besides the New Moon in Aquarius this weekend, the other astrological highlight this week is the Sun moving into Pisces on Thursday the 18th.  That means there is only one more month of winter, until the Aries spring equinox. 

Pisces is the surrender of our egos and the letting go to nature and the flow of the Universe. Pisces tends, during its surrender, to sacrifice it self and take care of others’ needs before its own. It is adept at being whatever  and whoever it needs to be. AS the last sign before the beginning of spring, it contains all the previous signs within itself.  This flexibility combined with letting go of the ego can challenge Pisces to develop a solid self and a straight forward life plan.  Some of them can seem passive and evasive, but actually it is their way- to enter other realms, to trust the flow, to go through a mysterious often circuitous process to get where they are going.     

This month do not try too hard, instead let go and trust life.  And heal and release and get your self ready body and soul for new beginnings in the spring.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Weekly Worldview and Astrology Forecast for February 7-13

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

 We move further forward into 2010, a year of much transformation for the human community on Planet Earth.  The spring and summer especially will shake up the status quo and consensus reality, and bring us forward into Aquarian waves of change.

Since the year began it has been intense, and many can now feel the deep rumblings of change to come.   We started the year with 2 eclipses, a lunar eclipse full moon in Capricorn/Cancer on New Year’s Eve, giving us a powerful signature for the year ahead; then a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 15. 

These eclipses were surrounded in time by a Saturn/Pluto square, a most powerful combination.   The first pass of the square occurred on November 15 2009 and the second on January 31 2010.  A third pass erupts into our world in August this year.  We mentioned in last week’s blog that dramatic events often synchronize with this Saturn/Pluto connection.   Both World Wars in the 20th century and the 9-11 attacks in 2001 happened during “hard” aspect between these planets.

Many more important aspects suggesting great change also occur in 2010, like Jupiter opposite Saturn, Uranus opposite Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, and the beginning waves of Uranus square Pluto.  There also is a very powerful lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross in cardinal signs in late June of this year.    These aspects help you to let go of old patterns and beliefs, situations and people that no longer fit who you are and who you are becoming.

 In turn you expand your consciousness, incorporate new and healthy beliefs, attitudes and life styles.  You see the connections and synchronicities more and more, you open your mind and heart to new possiblites and progress in your life and consciousness.  The old paradigm and age are dying, old ways of living and doing business are dying.   Dog eat dog social Darwinism angrilybegins to leave our world, so we can come together in one human family to heal our human condition and planet Earth.   

So there is much change coming, which we will discuss in greater depth as we get closer to the spring and summer events.

For now we each need to concentrate internally on our own life and soul path, especially so because Mars is retrograde.   Mars went retrograde on December 20 2009 and will go back direct on March 10 2010.

Mars is a planet of action, of  forward movement of life energy.  But when it is retrograde we often feel as if we do not know where we are going in some areas of our life.  Mars also is about “want” or desire.   When Mars is retrograde we often do not know what we really want or desire.   Our sense of life direction can be clouded.    Do we want to stay in our job, will we lose our job, do we want to change careers?      Do we want to move forward with a certain relationship or not?  Do we want to stay in our current home or not?   Do we want to go to school or not?   

During Mars retrograde time periods we often find our selves in situations where we are at turning points in our lives.    We are needing to make decisions soon, or we are in situations where we must dig deeper to know where we are going and what we truly want for our lives.

Around March 10, when Mars goes back direct again, the ignition will be started up again for our lives.     You may not have everything all figured out quite yet, but you will feel more restless to get moving again.  Sometime just before or soon after you will have a better idea of where you are going with your life.

But for now, with Mars still retrograde, do not worry too much if you do not know your way yet.  Don’t “push the river” and try too hard to find answers. They will come to you at the right time.   All cannot be figured out in our heads. Much of life unfolds at the right time,  more gracefully than we expect.  This does not mean we should be passive.  Of course we need to be proactive with our lives, but our striving can be aligned with the greater flow of the Universe and nature, not in domination of it.

We also are in the last quarter Moon phase almost all  this week.  The last quarter began last Friday the 5th in Scorpio.    We are in this waning Moon phase until the New Moon on Saturday February 13 at 9:51 PM EST.    This passing lunar cycle began during the intensity of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 15.  

During this waning phase it is time to wind down our energies from the issues begun at that last new moon eclipse, and prepare for a  new beginning at that next New Moon in Aquarius next Saturday.

The New Moon in Aquarius suggests for the month ahead we get more involved in group activities, internet activities,  socially conscious endeavors, and thinking outside the usual boxes.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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