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Astrology Forecast for November 29-December 5

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Astrology Forecast for November 29- December 5

Perspectives from the Sky report will be more brief than usual because of the holiday weekend.

As we have talked about before,  2010 will be a big year for change and transformation in the World and in our personal lives.   Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus will be in transition between mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces) and cardinal signs (Libra, Aries).   Since Pluto already is in a cardinal sign (Capricorn), that means that 4 of the 5 outer planets will be in or moving into cardinal signs.

The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto show us by their transits what change from a bigger picture is coming into our lives.    The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn represent the beginnings of seasons: Aries-spring; Cancer-summer; Libra-Autumn; Capricorn-winter.  As such they represent new beginnings in our collective lives, and for many their personal lives also.

This transition between mutable and cardinal signs represents the kind of energetic change, except on a bigger scale, that happens on the cusp of new seasons.   Weather and energies fluctuate more than usual as we go through seasonal transition.

Symbolically this combination of mutable and cardinal signs is a good metaphor for the bigger shift that is occuring between an old Pisces Age and a new Aquarian Age.   Also 2010 is only 2 years away from the Mayan December 21, 2012 prediction of a New Age.  So we are on the cusp of Ages, of a New Season for the world.   

2010 will challenge us to let go and release old ways of thinking and living, and to let in and embrace new ways to live and think.   Events will occur in the greater world and in our personal lives to prod us into making the needed changes.   

 There is an especially important Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross in late June that reveals an important crossroads/turning point for us all from old world to new world.   Many other important aspects happen all through 2010.    As those events get closer we will write about them more.

An eclipse on New year’s Eve 2019/2010 will set a tone for the coming year.   Another eclipse on January 15 will shake up our world.

This week, November 29-December 5 will bring into our lives some lively aspects 

The Moon is in Taurus on Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th.  Keeping a lid on feelings and emotions should be easy.    Movement should be slow and methodical, practical and grounded.

Uranus changes from retrograde to Direct on Tuesday the 1st of December.  Energies will be shifting from earthy body awareness to more electrical mental energies.    You could start feeling this shift as early as Sunday or Monday, which would disrupt the tranquility of Moon in Taurus.  Many, however, may not feel this shft until Tuesday when it does actually go direct.

As the Moon on Tuesday moves into Gemini, a mental air sign, it will combine with Uranus to give you a  boost for a couple days.  For some it may feel almost like caffeine.

It is time to let in new inspirations and information and ideas to help you to gain vision for your life, as the Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini blows in on Tuesday also.  The Full Moon is at 11:30 PM on Tuesday the 1st on the west coast USA, and is at 2:30 AM Wednesday the 2nd on the East Coast.

This is a very energized Full Moon, especailly good for talking or any kind of communication. If you have felt slow or depressed lately, this combination of a lively Gemini Full Moon and Uranus going Direct will awaken your mind and spirit.

The aura of these aspects could last until Thursday or Friday.  Nevertheless, the Moon will be in Cancer most of Thursday and Friday and part of Saturday, which should help many to find some comfort during the storm of mental activity.

In the greater world, this week of full Moon and Uranus direct will show a shifting of energies, a changing of direction.  There may be breakdowns of old stuck energies and breakthroughs into new territory.   Rebellious and revolutionary movements may pick up confidence now.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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What does 2012 the Movie have to do with 2012? And Astrology Forecast for November 22-28

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Saw the movie 2012, though I knew it would be a Hollywood ripoff of an important subject for these transformational times.    Did anyone who saw the movie really believe that we will face that level of catastrophe in 2012?

I mean the whole world and all humans were dying horribly tragic deaths.  The Earth’s core had over heated, the poles shifted, the Earth was cracking open everywhere, huge Tsunamis were drowning the world. Only those who were going on the Arks would be saved.

Nevertheless there was at least one thing about the movie that rang true:  The privileged and wealthy were the ones who would get to be saved on the Arks.   And some people were able to buy their way onto the Arks.

There was a hopeful moment for humanity when the privileged people on one of the Arks, before takeoff, decided to open the gates of the Ark and let the lowly common folk in.  It was like the people in the castle letting the rabble cross the bridge of the moat to get inside the castle.

How truly important December 21 2012 becomes remains to be seen.  The Mayans said an old world and reality would end then as a New World was being born.  That old Age began in 3113 BC when large human cities first opened up to civilization.  How much change is coming our way before 2012, when Mayan elders say we enter a  new age of global and Universal unity, when telepathy will be our new way of communication?

Whatever will truly happen is unknown now, but there is no doubt in my mind, however, that the next several years will bring huge and intense transformational waves of change to the world.

Those tsunami waves from the movie were actualy great metaphors for the change coming.  The waves of change will be huge.  The world as we know it will be very different over the next several years.  I personally guage the end of 2020 as the biggest “landmark” of our voyage into a New World. I believe it is the symbolic gateway into an Aquarian Age. 

This does not mean earth shaking events will happen only then.  What it does mean is that much change will happen between now and then.    And how it looks then will be so much different than now.   

Between now and then there will be a great schism between old ways and new ways, like the Earth splitting.  People will no longer be able to straddle worlds.  Some will go down with the old world, others will have the courage to spread their wings and fly with new ways.

At the deepest of levels we are deciding whether we believe all is connected or not.  Are we each a distinct individual, yet part of a greater whole, working together to contribute to the greater community? Or are we each alone, separate from one another, lacking trust in the Universe, ourselves and each other?

Our greater culture now teaches us we are mainly separate.  Even our religions often pit us against other religions, telling us our faith is better.   They also teach us to not trust ourselves by selling us on our original sin.  

Our nations don’t trust other nations and their peoples, even though we all inhabit this Earth together. 

We are one family, whether we admit it or not.   Of course now we are a hugely dysfunctional family.

So the schism between the old world and new will break open over the next several years.    Wars will occur, economies will continue to suffer.  Before long enough people will join those already there who know we are all one, connected in heart, mind and soul; connected in the One body of the Earth.

This is our Aquarian Age, when a critical mass of people will show the way into our unity.   2012 will likely bring the battles between the two worlds to a climax.   Afterwards we rebuild in the image of an Aquarian Age of liberty for all peoples, equality and sharing in a diverse multicultural world.  In 2020 we will have arrived enough for it all to be quite noticeable.  2009 will be a distant memory. 

In the coming year 2010 change will accelerate greatly.  Put on your seatbelt for that ride.   We will talk more about that in the coming weeks.

Astrology Forecast for November 22-28

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on Saturday night here in the USA>  It will stay there as always unti the winter solstice on December 21.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, of rising spirits.  Sag likes to do things in big ways, stretching our aims.   Sagittarius likes to see the best, to feel inspiration, to find meaning in all of life.   It relies on intuiion and spends a lot of time in the higher mind, always searching for greater understanding, for solutions.   Holiday season is a perfect time for Sag, who like celebration and the spiritual and spirited.   It is important for Sagittarius to make faith an important part of their life, as their life never works well without it.

There is a second quarter moon in Pisces on Tuesday.    Second quarter moons represent turning points in the lunar cycle.  The New Moon in Scorpio last Monday began a new cycle.  Now we are challenged to stay on course.   The Pisces Moon suggests we need to add our feelings and compassion to whatever we do now.   The Moon stays in Pisces Wednesday and through most of Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.  Should be a mostly mellow day.

Friday the Moon goes into action oriented Aries, so today and tomorrw Saturday. with the moon still in Aries, are good days to get moving and get things done.  Some will partake in an orgy of consumerism on Black Friday.

Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Moving Through the Saturn/Pluto challenge and Astrology Forecast for November 15-21

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The darker heavier energies reflected by the Saturn/Pluto square, which has its first exact pass on Sunday November 15th, can help us in our process of growth and transformation.

Saturn, lord of gravity and definition meets up with Pluto, god of the underworld and the primal instincts.  Together they bring us into places in our psyche that demand attention.   We cannot run away from the often difficult emotional issues they force us to experience.  We must deal with them.

The issues they bring up for us are often our core issues, the ones that tend to evoke fear, anger, resentment, etc.

If we lived a childhood where we fought for our sanity and a sense of well being, then Saturn/Pluto will bring us events that have us feel that same way again.  

Whatever has been coming your way during this Saturn/Pluto aspect needs your deeper attention.  Ask your self these questions:

What do I need  to let go of and release?  What needs to die in my life or in my attitudes or my belief systems?   Do I need to fight or do I need to let it go?  Do I need to toughen up and face this or do I need to surrender to something greater?

President Obama has his natal Venus in Cancer opposed by Pluto and squared by Saturn now, almost exactly.  The closer an aspect is to a natal planet in one’s chart, the more our lives will be affected.  His natal Venus in Cancer shows his natural desire to make close relationship with other people in an intimate way.  It is a sensitive and caring Venus, which seeks to trust others.

Right now President Obama has grave pressures from so many sources coming at him.  He is being toughened up by events coming from the Saturn/Pluto square.    Issues that may be coming his way now could be:

1) Has my desire to make relationship and have dialogue with Iran, North Korea, and Republicans been a good idea? 2) Can I really stay with my core values?   Do I send more troops to Afghanistan because I have learned from my military advisors to be more cynical about the world? 3)  Can I stay with my more  idealistic notions about health care reform? 4) This world is so much more dangerous, corrupt, and horrible than I ever had imagined 5) WTF was I thinking when I decided I wanted to be President of the Unithed States?

He will now need to decide if he will let himself get more jaded and cynical and just play the game, or does he go back even stronger to his idealistic values and fight for them.  The kind of aspect that Saturn/Pluto brings forces one to go one way or another.   Obama can no longer sit on the fence, but will have to choose one way or another.  If you look closesly soon after this aspect you will be able to know.    He could turn us closer to war and our own American decay, or lead the way forward to an Aquarian Age.

Remember Saturn/Pluto brought with it the first and second world wars and the 9-11 tragedy.   This kind of aspect brings us to the brink, to personal “judgement days”.   

The potential is to transform old ways of being and thinking, to move beyond ways that no longer work for us.    Will you now choose to fight harder even if it potentially means war or destructiveness or greater fear and anger, or will you choose to let go to a new way of being? 

Astrology Forecast for November 15-21

Sunday is the first pass of Saturn square Pluto.  The second pass is January 31 2010.  The third pass is August 21 2010.   

 The last time they made major aspect to one another was in 2001/2002 when they opposed one another.  At that time the first pass was on August 5 2001.    It fell close to the Ascendent/Descendent axis in the USA natal chart of July 4 1776.  

The 9-11 tragedy exploded in our lives a little over one month later.  The second pass was on November 2, 2001.  The third pass was on May 25, 2002.   America chose to go into its War on Terror during that time period, which totally transformed our country.

This Saturn/Pluto square makes close aspect both to the USA and President Obama’s natal Venus, as they are both in the early degrees of Cancer.    USA relationships and values will be severely challenged.  There will be grave danger for both the President and the well being of the USA duing this time period between now and September 2010.  

The energies of Saturn square Pluto stay strong much of this week, especially so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

On Monday there is a new Moon in Scorpio adding to the intensity now.   It is very easy now to fall prey to more primal emotions and outbursts.

It is time to get started on new ventures also as this is a new Moon.  As the Moon goes into Sagittarius on Tuesday there will be stronger energies to go forward with whatever you have recently been contemplating.  The Moon stays in Sag all day Wednesday also.

The Moon goes into Capricorn Thursday, potentially touching off issues you thought you had resolved, as the Moon in Capricorn makes aspect to both Saturn and Pluto.

On Friday the Moon stays in Capricorn and we seek some stability.

Late on Saturday the Sun makes its yearly sojourn into Sagittarius.  It is the entry point into the holiday season.  More on Sagittarius in next week’s forecast.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Transformation of the United States and Astrology Forecast for November 8-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The rate of transformational change will accelerate soon.  We are creating new ways of being with one another on the Earth.

Much of what we have come to rely on in the world will begin to shatter.  It actually already has been shattering.

We were lead to believe for many years that the value of our homes would only go up.  We were lead to believe that our 401 Ks would only go up.  We were lead to believe that the economy was rock solid and would always stay that way.

We were lead to believe that if we went to war it would be for good reason, that our sons and daughters who die in war would only die for with sacred meaning.

And now we see our homes depreciating in value, our 401 Ks have lost money, our jobs are not secure.   Over the last 20 years or so we have come to believe that whatever we need materially we can have. If we don’t have the money on hand we can borrow it.  Now it is getting more and more difficult to borrow.

The Iraq war was fought from lies, and many people have died as a result.  Our lives were not threatened by Iraqis.    We invaded and took over a country for no morally justified reason.   People in Iraq not only died horrible deaths, but lost their homes and lives.  For what reason?  So we can live better here in America and the western world?

And in Afghanistan, we invaded another country so we could pay back the the 9-11 attackers.  We never found them.  And why must so many innocent Afghani’s die and have their home life ravaged now 8 years later?

Well Afghanistan has destroyed empires every time they have invaded there.  Britain and the Soviet Union are two recent examples of powerful empires brought to their knees in Afghanistan.

And the USA has begun its downfall.  The Bush administration showed us how decayed we have become.  The Obama administration does often remind us of what the best in America can be, but he cannot stop our slide downward.    What is happening to us is bigger than what any one man or presidential administration can stop.

Soon we will know the economic recovery is not real.  We have to fundamentally change our economy and our lifestyles.  The bailout and attempts at recovery seek to bring us back to what we were.  That will not happen.

What we transform into I do not know, but I do know we must get back to simple basics, to compassion for those who cannot thrive or even survive in a dog eat dog world.  We must learn to take care of those who do not have much money,  and we must find a way to stop unbridled wealth and greed.   We must value and find a way to pay those who provide human services as much as those who know how to sell and make money.

Soon we will have our military stretch beyond just Iraq and Afghanistan.  New fires of conflict will erupt in the Middle East that threaten our military might in the world.   We in the western world must learn to be more humble and see ourselves more as equals with other peoples.

It has been ingrained in us that we are the best in the world, above all the rest, the great superpower.     America is our country, its people our family who we should be proud of in many ways.   We have freedoms unheard of in so many places around the world.  We are a fine example of a melting pot of peoples and religions.  We even elected President a mixed race man.

But are we, in the eyes of the Universe, any better or with more deserved privilege that any one else?

We have been here before!   Great empires have risen and fallen.   Their own decay has been a result of their fallen values and principles, their corrupt ways.     Rome, the first empire of the Pisces Age, rose rapidly and fell in decay.

America is the last of the Pisces Age empires, and is our transition into an Aquarian Age.  We don’t need another Empire.

Aquarius is about equality, liberty, and the God given right to individual pursuit of happiness.  It is part of our American heritage, something to be proud of.   But these values and principles apply to all peoples, not just us.

I believe we will rise again, not as a superpower, but as an equal member of the world community.  I hope it does not take too long for us to get there.

So be ready for big change in 2010.    It will be a year when all of us are tested.  It will not always be easy, and we will need to work in our consciousness so we do not let fear get the best of us.

Do we continue to hang on to old ways that no longer serve our souls’ evolutionary movement?

Or do we let go and embrace our journey into an Aquarian Age?

There is no stopping this train of progress and evolution.  The recent setback of gay rights in Maine was only temporary.

Nothing can stop the movement to greater diversity and equality.  It is written in the stars!!

Astrology Forecast for November 8-14

The first pass of Saturn square Pluto is approaching, and happens on November 15.   The recent mass murders at Fort Hood and in Orlando Florida symbolize the kind of energies Saturn/Pluto can bring.

At Fort Hood, in the processing center for those coming and going from Iraq, a man of Middle Eastern descent went on a rampage of killing.     The symbolism is powerful.    America needs to leave Iraq and other countries we have invaded and taken over.  Saturn/Pluto  brings ruthless energies, and demand our attention.

They bring with them a process of transformation from old ways and forms, to new ways and forms.  Our American military institution needs major transformation.  We can no longer keep our soldiers stationed in places all over the world.   We can adequately protect our citizens from our home territory.  We have more weapons of mass destruction than any country in the world, and have used them.

Iran is the country now in the crosshairs of America, Israel and the western world.    They do not play by our rules.   They are on notice now, and will be attacked before the summer of 2010.

This attack will bring chaos to the Middle East and open up greater war in the world.

In our personal lives Saturn/Pluto will not be so dramatic for most of us.  There is a need, however, to let go of parts of our lives that are toxic.  Those parts of our lives will be revealed to us during this Saturn/Pluto transit, which will last through next summer.   Issues will be brought to the surface.

If there are toxic patterns in your relationship, for instance, they will seem more unbearable during Saturn/Pluto and perhaps will reach a crisis stage.  This will demand your attention, so you can work to transform your relationship.

This week begins on Sunday with the Moon in Leo.  This is your best day to play and have fun this week.    Emotional issues could erupt, however in the evening as the Moon conjuncts  Mars.

On Monday the intensity could get more dramatic at the last quarter Moon in Leo squaring the Sun in Scorpio.

Time to get more efficient and work-oriented on Tuesday as the Moon goes into Virgo.  It will stay in Virgo all day Wednesday also.

Moon in Libra conjunct Saturn and square Pluto brings dark clouds of change blowing in.

Events and energies intensify greatly as the Moon goes into Scorpio  on Saturday, just a day before Saturn squares Pluto.  There is feeling of heaviness and gravity, and world events will likely be intense and grim.

Remember we are ultimately cleaning out old ways of being, to clear the decks for an Aquarian Age.   Keep focused on the world we are creating together, keep your mind, body, spirit, and soul as healthy as possible.  Keep your self spiritually connected and aligned.  You will be where you need to be, doing what you need to do.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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