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Transformational energies of Saturn/Pluto, Astrology Forecast for November 1-November 7

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The first pass of Saturn square Pluto is now in orb (in influence) as Saturn just went into Libra on Thursday the 29th.  November 15 is the actual date of their meeting.

In line with that aspect, the stock market went down over 250 points today, and Iran turned down an important UN offer to be a part of its uranium enrichment process, which is instrumental in making a bomb.

The stock market’s retreat is because there was a report showing that consumers were still not spending money.  Americans spending money is the most important ingredient for stoking the fires of the economy.    Not spending and high unemployment show we have a long way to go to get the economy out of recession.

The government and media are trying to convince us that all the signs and reports point to a recovering economy, but polls of average Americans show a much different story.   These recent polls show that people are much less hopeful than government reports.

In the bigger picture, the American and world wide economic system does not serve our human family, as it has caused such a wide discrepancy between rich and everyone else.  In an Aquarian Age, which we are on the cusp of, inequality and inequity will not work anymore.   Saturn/Pluto will help to destroy the old to make way for new economic forms, structures and institutions.

Iran’s refusal to agree to the UN offer brings a dark cloud over the Middle East, which brings dark clouds all over the globe.  Israel is hence getting closer to their bombing of Iranian land, in order to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In the bigger picture there will be huge transformation of our world power structure, which begins with it huge changes in the Middle East.

There were two superpowers when the USSR and the USA were at odds with one another.  Since the end of the USSR there has been only one superpower, the USA.

By 2020 when the Aquarian Age will be more fully opened, there will be a more equal distribution of world power.   China, India, Pakistan, Iran, USA, and Europe will be on more equal footing with one another.  It is also possible that we will have many mini-states or city states, like there was in Renaissance Italy, instead of the major nations that currently cover our Earth community

Make no mistake about it, Saturn and Pluto together can bring much devastation in their process of powerful transformation.  They destroy old forms and structures, and clear the way for new birth, new forms and structures.

Saturn was conjunct Pluto the year World War I started (1914); and the year World War II started (1939) Saturn squared Pluto.  Saturn opposed Pluto in August 2001, just before the twin towers were brought down.

Events that dramatic do not always happen when Pluto and Saturn make hard aspect with one another, but more often than not.  Because there are so many powerful aspects in 2010, we can expect dramatic events to unfold, especially so because we are on the cusp now of an Aquarian Age.

So expect explosive events to happen over the next year, as Saturn makes 3 passes in square to Pluto during that time.

In personal lives it is time to let go of that which needs to die in your life and consciousness.  If you hold on it only will cause you more pain and suffering.

It is important to remember that we are each part of the building of a new world, a new age.   Letting go of fear and instead trusting life is most important now.   Death and birth are always swirling around together in our human Earth experience.

Have you not watched as a new baby is born in families, that around the same time someone or some pet dies, or a relationship or job ends?

So each of us is also going through our own changes in line with the changes going on in the world.  I have noticed many friends, family, and clients recently going through many challenging and sometimes traumatic events in their lives.

As Saturn makes aspect to Pluto now, do your best to let go of that which is holding you back from embracing the new world inside of you and in your life.

This new world begins with your caring about your true and authentic self, not the self that has been programmed to fit in and be what others want you to be.

Let go of people and situations that keep you stuck in old ways of being and seeing your self.  Sometimes when someone leaves us or we lose a job, for instance, it means it is time to let go of an old shell of ourselves.

That person or job helped keep us in patterns and reactions that belied who we were becoming, belied our true and authentic selves and belied a life more attuned to a sense of purpose.

As you get more connected to your true self, you also connect to new ways to live, to healthier ways of being.   You care more about our human community and the world we live in.  You care more about how you eat and how healthy your life is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You see signs and symbols and synchronicities that light your path and give your life direction.  You know you are connected and aligned with your deeper self and the Universe.

So as the walls of our old world fall down, do not be afraid.  You will be guided to where you need to be and what you need to do.

Astrology Forecast for November 1- November 7

We are now two weeks away from the first pass of Saturn square Pluto.  Watch for signs the economy is losing its old sense of normal.  This could mean there are signs the economy is not in recovery mode, as has been reported.   Look for signs that Iran is a place that world powers and especially Israel are considering bombing before spring 2010.

Watch especially the stress and weight of problems being brought to President Obama.  The Saturn square Pluto aspect makes very close aspect to the President’s natal Venus in Cancer.  It will be quite difficult now for the president to feel safe and nurtured.     This aspect portends grave challenges for him during the holiday season and beyond.

On November 1, as we set our clocks back Mercury squares Mars and shows that conversations can be intense and passionate.   Energies are shifting also as we approach a Full Moon.

The actual Full Moon will be in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday the 2nd at 2:14 PM EST and 11:14 AM PST.  Taurus governs “taking in and holding in”, and Scorpio is letting out and releasing.    Taurus holds on, stays calm, and will not give in or react.  Scorpio intensifies emotions and can disrupt tranquility.

The intensity of the full moon is usually a day or two before the full moon until a day or two after the full moon.   With Mars in Leo square the Sun and Moon, this full moon could bring out intense emotions and power struggles.

On Wednesday Neptune goes direct and the inner mysteries of life become more apparent.   It may be more difficult to stay directed, but easier to let go and trust.  Some may even feel more “spacey” now. The more you can go with the flow for a couple of days, the better.

On Friday the Moon moves into Cancer and helps us to feel more safe and nurtured.  The next couple of days, with the Moon in Cancer, find time to escape your normal running around and find cozy comfortable surroundings.

See you next week,

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Scorpio: Deepening of our experience, and Astrology Forecast for October 25-October 31

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun has gone down into Scorpio, and our human experience deepens.  We begin to feel and know the deeper reality and truth.  With so many electronic devices in our lives. with so many prescription drugs, with so much time on the internet, with so much running around to get things done, we often do escape the deeper realities.

At Scorpio time the deeper reality often cannot be avoided.  Family dramas arise.   Emotional outbursts erupt.  Thoughts and feelings we thought had been resolved or buried come back into our consciousness.

It is time for our soul to speak louder than our intellect.  We are so trained here in America to mainly respect what our minds tell us, and to give less respect to our feelings and emotions.

Yet our feelings and emotions are the voice of our souls.  They tell us about our longings and desires, our sufferings and our joys, our hopes and our fears, our deeper connections, our loves and our hates.

Without the feelings and emotions of our souls we are mind driven robots.

So even though Scorpio time of year can seem too emotional or intense for some, it does bring us deeper into our souls, which brings us into our true humanity.

In the greater world some of the latent challenges and troubles will come to the surface to be confronted.   More troubles with the economy will surface this Scorpio month and people will get more worried that we are not in recovery.

The deeper animosity between the western world and Iran will surface with events around Iran’s nuclear program.    Israel will be in the lead to push the world toward war.    Obama is in the lead to find a logical and peaceful solution.

In Pakistan/Afghanistan things will get more intense also, and Obama will likely be pushed to send more troops there.

The battle for health care will heat up even more as we get closer to a united bill.     The Public Option will be included in that bill.

Events and emotions will intensify even more greatly as we get to the middle of November, when we are in the last days of Sun in Scorpio.  On November 15 Saturn will square Pluto and on the 16th will be a Scorpio New Moon.

These aspects will take us deeper into our emotions as events play out that stoke these deeper feelings.    Often under Scorpio influence we figuratively blow our tops like a raging volcano, and in mid to late November this tendency will be at its zenith- especially for people with Scorpio planets or a strong Pluto in their charts.

Astrology Forecast for Oct 25-Oct 31

Emotions intensify during this Scorpio time of year and will intensify even more when there is a new Moon in Scorpio on November 16.

Scorpio is a misunderstood sign and is feared by many people.   Scorpio is most associated with the planet Pluto.  Pluto is the mythological guardian of the underworld, of Hades.   And our modern world is so removed from its natural energies.    Scorpio is the intensity, power, and passion of our instinctual emotions.

In a mostly civilized world it is often feared because it reflects our true feelings and desires that cannot be easily expressed.    So Scorpios often keep their true desires and thoughts to themselves.  But since they are so deep, passionate, and mentally penetrating, they often have to keep powerful emotions suppressed inside.   This is why so many Scorpios seem mysterious.

As guardians of the underworld they see the shadow side of life, the darker motives of other people.   They often cannot stand to be around more superficial people, people who do not seem real to them.

Scorpios will often, and sometimes quite unknowingly, sting a person emotionally in just the place that will upset and hurt  that person the most.  Sometimes arguments will then ensue and all the negative emotions will be expressed.   This can result in a catharsis, almost like a sexual climax, which will leave both parties more angry with one another, or will result in a deep healing experience.

Scorpios, as they are connected to the shadow side of life, are also often quite compassionate people.  They do understand emotional pain.

The second quarter of the lunar cycle begins on Sunday with the Moon in Aquarius square to the Sun in Scorpio.   This can create situations on Sunday and Monday that require us to decide between using our heads or letting out our emotions.

On Tuesday there is less drama as the Moon makes aspect to Jupiter and Neptune.  On Wednesday things deepen again as Mercury leaves harmonious Libra for intense Scorpio.  The Moon in Pisces adds more feeling and depth to the day.

On Wednesday- into Thursday, a Mars square Sun in Scorpio aspect signals anger and confrontation.  Friday also has intense aspects, as the Moon goes into frank and assertive Aries.   That Moon in Aries makes challenging aspect to Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.  Thursday and Friday  could be the most eventful days of the week.  Watch for news in the world that is about major confrontations, battles and disagreements.

Also on Thursday Saturn moves into a sign it feels most comfortable in.  In most of the next 2 and a half years Saturn will be in Libra.  It begins to get into orb now of its square to Pluto.   We are being taken into more fear-based challenges.

It is wise to keep up with spiritual practices now so you can stay out of fear.   All is happening as it must now and is setting us up for the transition between ages.  Look for signs and symbols from the Universe, watch for meaningful synchronicities that show you where to go on your life path.  The Universe is always there to help us on our way. Stay aware of its presence.

Our human family is coming up to place it has been in many times before.   As we change ages we need to decide whether we are all one, no matter our differences.   If we choose instead to see other peoples as our enemies we will bring a much different future to ourselves.

We are all one family if we choose to see it that way.  We are all enemies if we choose to see it that way.    It does seem that we will, as always, be taken to the edge before we choose.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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The Obama Sacrifice? Astrology Forecast October 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Obama’s presidency has brought with it hope in America and around the globe for a better world.  And have no doubt that a better world is in the making as we slowly move more solidly into an Aquarian Age.    

Perhaps the last several years have made many people think that we have been going backwards into more greed and more hatred for those who are different from us.    Many people were getting more and more cynical about our world and about America.   We seemed to be moving further and further away from our American principles and values.

Obama truly has givin people that hope he preaches about.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prized because of that hope, not on what he has accomplished.     

And as Obama pushes us further forward into a world that learns to share the wealth of the Earth, pushes us further forward into a world of more equality between peoples, pushes us to learn to accept all peoples regardless of race, national origin, sexual preference, gender,, etc;  he also pushes the buttons of people who do not want the world to change in those ways.

Perhaps we have forgotten about Martin Luther King Jr. or Bobby Kennedy or John Kennedy or even John Lennon?

They all were pushing us forward to those same values stated above, and they were all assassinated!  Make no mistake about it.    Obama’s life will be increasingly in danger as he pushes harder and harder for those dreams to come true.

Our Aquarian president Abraham Lincoln also pushed us forward by emancipating the slaves and holding firm with our American and Divine principle of all being created equal.    And he also was assassinated!

Obama has been angering many progressives when he tries to make compromises or stays in wars or appears to be weak with his principles.  But he may be wise to be moving slowly, so as to blunt the knives of anger from his detractors.

And of course our Military-Industrial system and empire are so tightly and securely bound that it is difficult to make real changes very fast.

But remember that the Universe is so much bigger than human foibles.   Nature is more powerful than our will.   We reside within the Universe, on the Earth.  We are guests, not rulers of the world.

And the planetary cycles that turn the wheels of our Universal experience on planet Earth keep churning even as we make our own personal dramas so important.

And a big cycle, one that lasts 2150 years is coming to a close.  The Pisces Age, begun maybe 100 or so years before the birth of Christ, is ending and the Aquarian Age is being birthed.

The Pisces Age of sacrificial saviors and organized religion is coming to a close.   The Aquarian Age of personal responsibility for a healthy world community begins.

And how does President Obama fit into all this change?  He appears to so many as another savior and if he is, he is our last.

It is so sad to think he will be assassinated.  It is so sad to think he is a sacrifice for the Aquarian Age.

But as you listen to people like Limbaugh or Beck and realize how many thousands of people they speak to and represent, you realize what a large segment of our society is against and even hateful of our President Obama.

And there are among those hateful a large handful who are deranged in their rage.    And perhaps one who lurks in the shadows of horrid fate.

2010 will bring much change and accelerate our movement forward into an Aquarian Age.  But at the same time as we move more quickly into this New Age, horrible destruction will bring the ashes from which a phoenix will rise from, to birth our Aquarian Age.

We pray that this soul we call Obama will be a new archetype, one of the Aquarian Age, beyond the need for saviors anymore.  Perhaps he is this new Aquarian soul who shows us we no longer need saviors to carry all the responsibility for us and die for us.  Perhaps instead he will lead us to ourselves and the knowledge that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”-  we the people.

Astrology Forecast for October 18-24

Our week begins with a New Moon in Libra on October 17/18.  It is at 10:30 PM on the 17th on the west coast of the USA, but at 1:33 AM on the 18th on the east coast.

Libra shows us peace and grace and civility.  It sometimes is so much so this way as to preclude our ability to be real.

So for now whatever is simmering under the surface in the underground of Scorpio emotions, will wait before it surfaces.    The beauty of autumn leaves similarly temporarily hides the coming starkness of bare branches and darker and colder days ahead.  

But for now enjoy the relative harmony of your experience as we experience this New Moon in Libra, the beginning of our new lunar month.  Concentrate on your relationships and how to communicate with others in a way they can truly hear you.  Be aware of their presence and of the importance of making your relationship work well for you both.

On Sunday the Moon goes into Scorpio for a couple days of deepening our awareness and our emotional expression. 

The Moon is in uplifting Sagittarius on Wednesday and Thursday and it is a good time to find answers and meaning to what you have been questioning recently.

On Thursday the Sun moves out of Libra and goes into its annual journey through Scorpio.     Mid way through this Sun in Scorpio things will intensify greatly in your personal world and in the greater world when Saturn makes its first of three passes in square to Pluto.  This will be happen on November 15.

Scorpio deepens our experience and helps us to see inside the superficial outer layers of life.    Scorpio also deepens our emotional state and helps us to release what needs to be released.       If you know any Scorpios you know how intense they can be and how they seem to hold in so much.  But it will come out in time, and the longer they wait to express it the better chance it will come out like a volcanic eruption. 

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Peace Prize and War and Astrology Forecast for October 11-17

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

President Obama  received the Nobel Peace Prize, and I am sure it is because he has changed the tone emanating from the United States to the rest of the world.    He tries to talk and work things out with others, as he has done with Iran.  But of course we are still fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there is no real attempt to extricate us from these catastrophes.

Iraq was an unjust war from the beginning, an invasion of a sovereign country who was not directly threatening the USA.   The invasion of Afghanistan was a reaction to the 9-11 tragedy and an attempt to get back at Al Qaeda there.     We have been there for 8 more years and there are not many Al Qaeda  there anymore.    Of course there are all sorts of military strategic reasons for being there, but so was there in Viet Nam, which was a horrible nightmare for all concerned.

We are still playing an old game, from a dried up paradigm of a passing Age.  It is a King of the Hill, dog eat dog game.    It is about building an Empire and ruling the world.    With nuclear weapons in the world,  it is a very dangerous game.

To his credit President Obama has talked about the need to rid our world of these weapons, but we are a very long way from this becoming a reality.   He is a very well intentioned, sincere and bright human being.    But this Empire and this Old Paradigm are way too large for an one person to transform on their own.

And the Pisces age of saviors is coming to a close.    Nature and the Universe will be in charge of the transformational conditions that will assist us on our journey from a Pisces to an Aquarian Age.

Events will play out in the world to challenge the way we have been living in this old paradigm, to break down old ways and instittutions that do not serve our human condition anymore.    We have much clearing before an Aquarian Age is basically formed in 2020, at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 1 degree of Aquarius.

Late this year and especially in 2010 the transformational change accelerates greatly.  There will be many earth shaking world events.

President Obama will be greatly challenged in mid November this year as the first of three passes of Saturn square Pluto occurs.   This square brings darker energies to America and Obama.    This could happen in many different ways.  A worst case scenarion would be a terrorist attack or an attack on the life of President Obama.  Other possiblities are worse news on the economy; war drums for Iran; tide turning more dangerous in Afghanistan; or something not anticipated right now.

Whatever happens from late October through February is in part a result of this Saturn/Pluto aspect, as it makes its second pass in late January. In between those 2 Saturn/Pluto passes are 2 powerful eclipses on New Year’s eve and January 15 2010.

By the way have you noticed how many really big earthquakes have erupted recently?    And pay attention to what happens with the USA dollar.  It has been rumored that Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia among others are considering using other currency for oil transactions besides the dollar.  This would cause huge trouble for the American economy.

Please always keep in mind that at he same time as these powerful events play out, we are also shown the way to the Aquarian Age, in our consciousness, in our lifestyles,and  in our relationships.   We do personal healing that helps us release old programming and dramas that keep us confined in the old Reality of an old Age.

If we are looking we are given signs and symbols and synchronicities to light our path.   We are more able to move through all the challenges and walk through sacred and meaningful passages of our lives.

As we change we attract better and better situations and people to our selves and our lives.  And we feel more and more a part of something greater, with purpose and function in our world community and Universe.

Astrology Forecast October 11-17

Most of Sunday the 11th will have Moon in Cancer, so time is best spent nurturing one’s self and maybe being home as much as possible.   On Monday the 12th positive feelings and energies grow as Jupiter is slowing down to go direct Tuesday.

Tuesday Oct 13- Jupiter Direct

It is time to shift gears as Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct.   Look for inspiration on expansive projects and visualize what new adventures or travels.  It is time to begin to engage in more positive life expression.  Jupiter’s expansive energies stay direct (manifesting) until July 2010.

Friday Oct 16- Mars enters Leo

Mars leaves nurturing Cancer for success oriented Leo on the 16th. It is time to leave your protective cocoon, and begin to express the shine of confidence that gives hope to your life for better days.  Mars usually stays in a sign about a month and a half, but will stay in Leo this time until June 2010. The reason is because Mars will go retrograde on December 20, just before the winter solstice.

Saturday/Sunday Oct 18 New Moon in Libra 1:33 AM EDT

The New Moon in Libra brings diplomatic energies out front and center.    It is time to get in touch with what will bring people together, not separate.  Libra is a sign of gracefulness and finesse, being civilized and socially conscious.   But sometimes it can feel phony or snobby.   Take time now to listen to others so more harmony can be made.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Colder Winds of Autumn, and Astrology Forecast for October 3-10

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now fully into Autumn, and here in New England the trees are becoming so beautiful with leaves of many colors.   It is Libra time of year, when on the surface all is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.  But below the surface, waiting patiently for darker Scorpio times, trouble brews.

The Western “Powers that Be” have used Libran diplomacy to soften the situation with Iran.   Israel’s hunger for war has only temporarily subsided.   And the economy, pronounced by those same Powers that Be to be in recovery mode, is showing signs of wanting to burst downward some more.    Scorpio time of year will show us more truth about this economy and about the trouble simmering in the Middle East.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, over two weeks away.   After that, as the pretty leaves fall faster from the trees,  the stark bare branches show more naked truths.   In mid November Saturn makes its first of three square passes with Pluto.    Together these two planets represent destruction of old forms ready to die, to make room for new beginnings and a new human season.    Saturn and Pluto were making close aspect to one another when World War I and World War II began and when the 9-11 tragedy in America happened.

We are moving forward into new and better times, but many blockages and toxins lie in the way.    Saturn and Pluto clear the way, so we can then meet our future  while connected and aligned with our authentic selves and the grace of the Universe.    Magic comes with the connections. Our separations from Self, others and the Universe keep us alone and in fear.  The coming cleansing process cuts us from old beliefs, attitudes, and addictions that impede our evolution into these new times.

If you hold on fiercely to people, places, and work that are ready to be let go; then you keep your self chained to the past.   It is important soon to let go of that which gives false security, so new waves of healthy change can move in.   The holding on will bring more pain and deep sense of loss.   The coming ride, in late 2009 and through 2010, will be intense and will accelerate our growth and change.

After Saturn and Pluto square each other on November 15 2009, they still make 2 more squares to one another in 2010.   Many other very important, explosive, and transformational aspects will be bursting onto our human stage in 2010.  We will be writing much about this in succeeding blogs, but please look at for more info on Saturn/Pluto, Autumn 2009 and 2010.

The Aquarian Age is on our doorstep, in my estimation beginning late in 2020 as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.  The Mayan New World begins in December of 2012, only 3 short years away.

If  indeed a New Age, a New World, a New Paradigm is being born; then can you imagine how much old ways must be put to an end for this to truly occur?

But what is to happen can be seen only if you are looking closely.    Western and American powers are losing their dominance of the world and will continue to do so.   One of the most important traits of Aquarius and hence of an Aquarian Age is equality.

South America is rapidly gaining power; China and India are getting stronger all the time; Muslim countries seek more power; and Africa is on the verge of becoming more unified.  Soon the United Nations will need to be transformed, as it does not represent equally all the nations of the world.   The Security Council, which contains five countries who own the nuclear bomb and have vast wealth, has veto power over the wishes of the many countries all over the world.

The worldwide economic system is unfair to the many peoples all over the world.     It is a system that perpetuates great wealth and privilege of the few, poverty and voicelessness for the many.    Slowly this is changing and the current economic downturn is much more than a cyclical turn.  It is the beginning of a great transformation of the world economy.   Some different combination of capitalism and socialism is coming our way.    Worldwide transformation is coming our way.  And 2010 is a great gateway in that direction.

Skies will darken and cold winds will grow stronger this autumn in the northern hemisphere.  We will begin to see the truth of what lies directly ahead of us.  As we get closer to the first Saturn/Pluto square on November 15 things greatly intensify.   President Obama has a very difficult connection to this Saturn/Pluto square, from his natal chart.   His natal Venus is closely aspected by this Saturn/Pluto square.  This portends very heavy and grave times ahead for him.  The USA Venus, so close to his, is also affected.

The Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 gives us the tone for the New Year ahead.  The Solar Eclipse of January 15 2010 propels us forward forcefully into the new year’s transformational changes.

Astrology Forecast for October4-10

Mercury is now clearly direct and almost back to speed.  If you have been putting off decisions in order to first have more clarity, you may be ready now.

There is a Full Moon on Sunday October 4 at 2:10 AM EDT.   The Full Moon consists of the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. In personal lives togetherness (Libra) versus independence and freedom (Aries) may play out.  Or being civil (Libra) versus being frank and direct (Aries) may play out.  In greater world affairs diplomacy civility versus voices of conflict plays out.  The Full Moon effect continues into Monday as the Moon moves into Taurus, but activity slows.

Mid Wednesday the moon moves into mercurial Gemini and mental activity increases.  There may be need to “talk it out” with others.  Late Wednesday into Thursday can bring some worrying as Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Virgo.

A Sun/Jupiter aspect Friday/Saturday lifts spirits going into the weekend.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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