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The Death of American Icons and Astrology Forecast for August 30-September 5

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we come to the end of eclipse season 2009, we experience another death of an icon of America and the world.   There have been so many deaths of well known people who have had great importance and influence in the world during this period.

Yet the two most influential died as bookends of the eclipse time period.   Michael Jackson died as the winds of the eclipse season were blowing in late in June.  Ted Kennedy died in late August as the winds of eclipse season are abating.

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous entertainers of all time.   Ted Kennedy was arguably the most influential senator of all time in America, a man who came from the famous and tragic Kennedy family, royalty in the USA.

Many other familiar faces in the USA and world also died during this eclipse period, like Farrah Fawcett and Walter Chronkite.  But the men whose deaths came at the beginning and end of the eclipse period had such an immense impact on the world.

Both Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy were idealists who hoped and worked to better the world.  Michael Jackson wrote and performed music  that showed hope for that better world like “We are the World”.    Ted Kennedy fought for those who were less fortunate in our world, for instance through his fight for health care for all people in America.

But both Ted Kennedy (Pisces) and Michael Jackson (Virgo) also both carried dark shadows with them through life.   Jackson carried the darkness of accusations of pedophilia. Kennedy carried the darkness of family tragedies and Chappaquidic.

They were both made into gods and both made into demons.

They both represent heros of of a passing Pisces age, an age of savior heroes, of the black and white judgments of good and evil.

As we pass through a Pisces Age, we move closer to an Aquarian Age of equality beyond royalty, of common equal humans beings responsible for the Earth and the human community.

This eclipse season, with an unusual 3 eclipses in a row, has shook up our personal and collective lives, and this has also happened quite literally with so many major earthquakes in such a short period of time.

Our old world is cracking open and it is only the beginning.

As the eclipse season begins to close, we now move more fully into the tunnel between ages.  The world as we know it, its economy, the CorpGov that runs it, and the institutions that give structure to it, will face many challenges now.   By 2020 or so, our current world will seem like a world of long ago.

As we experience a world dying, we also continue to open to the magic, wholeness, and increasing health of the New Age of Aquarius.

But for now we grieve old friends who we will no longer have with us on our life journey.  As we grieve the death of these old friends, we also grieve times gone by forever.

Astrology Forecast for August 30- September 5

The seriousness of a Capricorn Moon carries us into Sunday and through Monday.  It is good time to do things that are “normal” and grounded, without fanfare or too much excitement.

The Moon is waxing toward a full moon on Friday.  In the meantime the week is without important astrological event.  It should be calm before the approaching complications next week when Mercury goes retrograde, Pluto goes direct and Saturn opposite Uranus gets closer.

This Friday is a normally mellow and soft Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.  It is a good Full Moon for surrender, letting go, making your self and life more simple and humble.

Full Moons last at leat 3 days, one day before, the full Moonday  itself, and one day after.  Full Moons help us to become more aligned with nature.   If you are feeling weird during a full moon, you are best served by letting go and yielding to the flow of its energies.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Aquarian Age Rumblings and Astrology Forecast for August 23-29

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The New Moon in Leo last Thursday brought some fun feelings with it for many, after much intensity, and for some suffering, during the eclipses.   This Leo New Moon has been a welcome relief for many as hopeful hearts open and express more joy again.

But though the eclipses have passed, the last one on August 5/6, the summer of eclipses is still in effect.    It is time to recover and heal from its effects now as the Sun moves into Virgo on Saturday the 22nd.  In September through November we will experience the fallout or results of the deep changes that have erupted into our lives during the eclipse period.

Many of the challenges this summer hit at the most important facets of human life.   Because Cancer energies were so involved, with 2 Cancer New Moons, one being a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, there was much to do with family and home issues.  Others, especially early in the eclipse period, experienced job related challenges. Also many relationships were transformed as people looked more deeply at the true condition of those relationships.

But overall we have been experiencing, during this eclipse period, vital changes that assist us on our passage through a new phase of our lives.    We are rapidly moving through new waters on our way to the big wave of change into an Aquarian Age.   The Mayan Calendar tells us a New World begins at the winter solstice of 2012.   My astrological knowledge tells me the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.

The closer we get to these dates the bigger the waves of change.   When there are important astrological events, as were the 3 eclipses of the Summer of the 2009, the changes gain in speed and intensity, and we are each challenged to ride these waves, to grow, progress, evolve, mature and change.  Even bigger astrological aspects have greatly spiked our evolution into an Aquarian Age.

In 1965/66 there was an important Uranus/Pluto conjunction which ushered in the revolutionary waves of the ’60s and ’70s.  This conjunction happens every 120 years or so.  The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius was a popular song, and desires to change the world into an Aquarian one grew stronger.

The wealthy, privileged people who have been running our world were confronted, and their unfair practices were challenged.   Racial justice, gender equality, and sexual liberation were important issues then. The very Aquarian principle “of the people, by the people, for the people” was being fought for, as can be witnessed in the mass protests against the Viet Nam war.

Though it has seemed over the last 25-30 years that the revolution has ended, the election of Obama has re-stoked these Aquarian flames again.

In 1992/1993, when the Uranus/Neptune conjunction occurred, which occurs every 170 years or so, the internet had its real beginnings.    These networks of information, beyond central executive controls,  bring “we the people” together all over the world.

The next great spike toward the Aquarian Age will occur as Uranus and Pluto, the planets that brought us the ’60s revolutions, square one another from 2012-2015.  Including a 3 degree orb of influence between them, the overall wave of change from this aspect is 2010-2017.  These will be the years of most revolutionary and evolutionary change on our way to an Aquarian Age.

Look at how well these years fit into the Mayan and astrological predictions of an Aquarian Age.    The changes will be immense.  In  weeks to come we will look more closely at what we can expect in our lives and in the greater world.

Astrology Forecast for August 23-29

The Sun moves into Virgo late on Saturday the 22nd of August.   After the eclipses and the roars of the Leo lion, the virginal Virgo seeks purity and simplicity.    Whatever has been broken down, disrupted, intensified, transformed and changed during the relatively more chaotic times of the early summer, now simmer down and need softer strokes.

Virgo time of year is time to bring back the healthy habits and ritual of life, to fix what has been broken, to heal what has been made toxic.  It is time to bring more efficiency into your life, to work harder.    Kids go back to school, vacations are over for most people, and all those things we have been putting off and procrastinating about, it is now time to deal with.

We are also in the waxing period of the lunar cycle now, meaning the Moon is between New Moon and Full Moon, growing in strength.  So energies are more active, expansive, and goal oriented, in general.

The Moon is in Libra Sunday and half of Monday, so there can be a feeling of harmony and grace permeating the day.  Mid day on Monday energies intensify emotionally. This continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mars moves out of mercurial Gemini and into Mama/Papa Bear Cancer on Tuesday, for seven weeks.  Issues of protecting the innocent and vulnerable arise for a while.  Desires to be close and cuddly get stronger.

On Wednesday energies get even more intense as Mars opposes Pluto.   Emotions could be strong today.  Be careful not to be drawn into big fights or arguments that you will regret later.

On Thursday the Moon is in enthusiastic Sagittarius and the Moon enters its second quarter on the way to the Full Moon next week.  There could be a turning point reached today for some that may be important.  Especially so for Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Late Friday into Saturday things could feel out of control as the Moon squares Uranus and makes aspects to Mars and Pluto.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Weekly Worldview and Astrology Forecast for August 16-22

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The lunar cycle that began at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 21st- and included the powerful Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5/6,  comes to an end this week at the New Moon in Leo on Thursday August 20.

Whatever issues, challenges, breakdowns, losses, breakthroughs, and disruptions that erupted during this lunar cycle and the last one- that spread from mid June to July 21st- gets taken to the next level starting on August 20 at that New Moon in Leo.

It is time to move forward no matter what has happened, no matter what you are feeling, and even if things have not been totally resolved.  Events that occurred during this summer of eclipses, that began in mid June, were meant to take you out of “same-old”, “same- old”.   For many these events disrupted our lives, brought up intense emotions and issues, shook up our lives, and forced us  to reconsider or change the ways we have been living.

If your marriage was not doing well before the eclipses, but was tolerable, the eclipses shook up that notion.  If you had a job before the eclipse period, but were worried about how the current economic trouble would affect it, then perhaps during the eclipse period you felt your job truly threatened.  Or perhaps you had big problems with a family member break out during the eclipse period.  Anything that truly shook up your life and took you out of your normal routine of life during the time since mid June can be attributed to the eclipses.

Others had big breakthroughs during the eclipses, finding solutions to big problems,or finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel during really difficult situations.

For many people the eclipses disrupted normal lives and brought great intensity.

Now at the New Moon this week, events begin or unfold, as a result of the breakdowns and breakthroughs during the eclipses.  This month ahead continues the “eclipse period” beyond the actual dates of the eclipses.  It is in the “wake” of the eclipses. The coming events are a natural extension or result of the eclipses.

In the greater world many new events have occurred, and many of those big events were natural disasters.  There were many more earthquakes than usual. Of note among these disasters, there were two huge earthquakes on the same day, a 6.4 in Japan and a 7.6 in east Asia.  There also was a very destructive typhoon in China/Taiwan that killed over 500 people.

Toward the end of the eclipse events the Health reform debate began in America.   The eclipse that had the greatest affect on this issue was the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5/6.    Leo/Aquarius combinations bring us the polarity of individual needs and community needs.    The outspoken individuals at the town hall community meetings brought this dichotomy together in often extremely intense and combative ways.

Even though some people at these town hall meetings may have been planted by both parties, and even though many people brought up subjects totally unrelated to Health Reform, and even though many people were extremely rude and obnoxious; nevertheless this town hall process is very good for our democracy and for our cherished freedom of speech in America.

It is time to transform our system here in America and around the world, as we go through the change from Pisces to Aquarius Age, and into the Mayan New World in 2012.

And the American way to go through change is to speak our minds, to challenge, to debate, to question.  This process will help us to do what is best according to “we the people”.

Is it not obvious we have given our power away, all too often to big government, to special interests, to big corporations.

For this Aquarian Age to manifest according to Aquarian principles “we the people” need to take our country back; and town hall meetings, if done openly and honestly, not contrived or rehearsed, will help us to do that.

Passion on both sides will help us to get to the core of the issues, which is necessary to true change and transformation.

We are in store for much more change over the next several years, and this current eclipse period, an influential one with 3 eclipses in a row, spikes us forward in our evolution toward this Aquarian Age.

Astrology Forecast for August 16-22

On Sunday the 16th we are in the waning phase of the moon’s cycle, soon to be at a dark Moon.  In four days we will experience a New Moon.  It is time to wind down from all the intensity of the eclipses, before we rev up again at the coming New Moon in Leo.  Release negative emotions and attitudes that were built up, so can move forward “clean” at the New Moon.    Any new projects or plans to be initiated during this new cycle begun at the New Moon in Leo, can be prepared for during the days prior to the new Moon.   On the 16th the Moon goes into Cancer for a couple days, so there will be some desire to be in safe and comfortable surroundings, with close family and friends.

On Tuesday at a dark Moon, 2 days before the New Moon, both Mars and the Sun make aspect to the planet of awakening Uranus. If you have been coasting or chilling out a lot, it is time to wake up and be aware.   There is a new Moon coming and you can now break out of any funks you are in or any chains that bind you.  The moon is in Leo, where it will be at the New Moon in Leo, most of Tuesday also, so the vibes of the new Moon are rolling in.

On Wednesday, still in dark Moon, but energy building for the coming New Moon, it is a good time to begin to visualize what you desire for the coming lunar cycle.   Meditation can be most effective now.

On Thursday at 6:02 AM EDT and 3:02 PDT is the New Moon in Leo.  A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, as they are now at 27+ degrees of Leo.

It is best now to open up to to what your heart wants and where it leads you, like you did when you were a child.   Leo is a very creative sign that does its best when it is playful and hopeful.  Its downfall is when the ego takes over the heart by taking its importance to its head.    Watch now for your own or other egos that inflate.   But if you want to take best advantage of this lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Leo, then open your heart to express your creative spark; start new creative projects; begin acting or singing lessons.

The Moon goes into humbling Virgo later Thursday and through Friday, so if egos have inflated too much, or if you are having fun at the expense of your work ethic, then it will time for your inflations to burst open and fizzle.

Late on Saturday the Sun makes its yearly movement into Virgo.   It is time to start thinking about going back to school,or fixing your car or teeth or whatever.  It is time to simplify your life and think more of how you can serve, not rule.  Watch out not to get too fixated on anything as obsessiveness is the down side of Virgo.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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See you next week for a new weekly forecast.

After the Eclipse Storms, and Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have weathered the intensity of the storms of 3 eclipses in a row this summer of 2009.

In the greater world the winds of the storm began blowing in mid June at the Iranian election and the protests.  Then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day in late June.  The winds were getting stronger.  Life was already feeling more strange before the first eclipse happened on July 7.

After that our personal lives have been taken off balance from our “normal” lives through challenges with work, relationships, family, pets, health and homes.  For some everything has felt just plain weird.  We are being prepared for even bigger changes to come soon.

But right now it is time to gather our wits, review our lives, and see how they have been changing during these last couple of months..

We are passing out of an old phase of our lives and getting ready to enter a new season.  The deaths of old celebrity iconic friends who were still relatively young, like Jackson and Fawcett, brought us back in our memories to old times gone by, before moving forward.

Some of the shakeups in our lives brought us to sad goodbyes to homes we have  lived in, to old friends and romantic partners, to pets, to jobs.  Many have only begun their goodbyes, and have not fully let go of those people or jobs or homes.  Others are just now letting into their awareness how unhappy or disconnected they are from these people or things from their past.  They need to now decide how they will go forward with their lives.

Many are still hoping they can hold onto the past and the way life has been, to go back to “normal”, to be the way we used to be.   Can we get our economy back on track?  Can we get our home values back up like they used to be?  Can we get our common human values back?

The eclipse period is still in effect until mid September or so, and the overall effects of this eclipse will last for months or years to come.

In the greater world, now that the actual eclipse dates have passed, we will slowly begin to see events open up that are a result of what has happened during the eclipses.

Where does Iran go now that it has experienced the presidential election that was challenged by many of its people as well as the the world body?

What happens now to North Korea since it shot off nuclear and missile tests and then welcomed President Clinton for a pardon of two USA citizens?

What will happen in the Middle East now, especially in Israel/Palestine,  as this place holds the key for peace in much of the world and with terrorism?

Has the honeymoon now ended for Obama as his poll numbers change? Will the  American people challenge him more as he presents his health care package and we begin to see how the economy will really evolve?  Is his life in danger as the radical right- wing grows more angry?

And what will happen now with the economy?  Have we turned a corner to now watch the economy slowly improve?  Or will late summer and autumn show us we are still in deep trouble?

Our world and human community are moving from one Age to another.  The Mayans believe that 2012 is the turning point into a new age.  I believe the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.  So we can see that much change is on our collective doorstep as we are truly entering a new age and paradigm on Earth.

The changes happening in your life may feel random or about bad and good luck.  The changes may feel as though it is because of your fault or of someone else’s fault.

But as the seasons of our life change, we must change with them.  Leaves fall and hairs get gray and children graduate college.   And great Ages change also.  And as they do we all change together, different from one another, but all aligned in our souls to the big changes coming our way.  And those changes will transform our lives on Earth in ways beyond our current imagination.

Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

We have just passed through the last of 3 eclipses in a row, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of August 5/6.   The eclipse period, however lasts until mid September, and the impact of this time period will be even longer lasting.   Events related to the shakeup of the eclipses will last through the autumn at least.

Mid way through Sunday August 9,  the Moon moves out of peaceful and flowing Pisces, where it has been since Friday morning, and into go-getter Aries.   You will feel more active, with Moon in Aries, through Tuesday.  Mid afternoon through early evening on Sunday, as that Moon in Aries squares explosive Pluto, there will be an increase in emotional intensity.

On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th you may feel frustrated by events that seem to hold you back from what you want.  This is connected to the square between Mars and Saturn late on Monday.

On Wednesday the Moon moves into slow and easy Taurus.  On Thursday the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo to begin the last quarter turn of the waning Moon.  There could be a shift now connected to the eclipse energies and its challenges.  This is the last lunar marking point before a New Moon next week on the 20th of August.

That New Moon will be the first “normal” new moon or full moon since late June.   The ones since late June have all been eclipses.

Spirits lift on Friday the 14th this week as the Moon goes into Gemini and the Sun opposes Jupiter.   And the forecast week ends on Saturday the 15th with the Moon still in Gemini.  Good day to have varied interests,  lots of social interaction or to take a class.

“See” you next week for a new forecast.  Please visit my website for more nformation or to get information about having a reading with me that will give you a broader and deeper perspective of your life and current challenges.  Or write me at  Comments made below are always encouraged.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for August 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This upcoming week brings us the 3rd and last Eclipse of the Summer of 2009.    It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.    On the west coast of the USA it is at 5:56 PM on Wednesday the 5th of August.  On the east coast at 8:56 PM, and in places east of the USA the eclipse happens on the 6th of August.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs because the  Earth is between the normal Full Moon opposition of the Sun and Moon, and hence its shadow blocks the Sun from shining on the Moon- from our vantage point on Earth.  It is a penumbral eclipse which means the Moon will not be as darkly covered as in a total eclipse.    The eclipse will not be so obvious.   And its complete eclipse process will only be seen in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The eastern half of the USA, at Moonrise, will see the end of the eclipse process.

Remember that eclipses, both Solar and Lunar, are much more powerful versions of New Moons (solar) and full Moons (lunar).   Solar Eclipses, at new Moons, bring powerful new beginnings.    Lunar Eclipses, being Full Moons, bring powerful resolutions or dramatic merging of opposites.

At this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposed by the Moon in Aquarius, there is a dichotomy between personal ego (Leo) with group consciousness (Aquarius).  An example of something that happened on the journey to this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is what happened in the case of Professor Henry Gates.

Dr. Gates was arrested by Officer Crowley in mid July, a few days before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 21.   He was breaking into his own home because the front door was stuck.  A woman called the police and Detective Crowley came to the Gates residence to investigate.  After an argument between them Mr Gates was then handcuffed and arrested.

It is quite likely that his being African American contributed to his arrest, but it is also obvious that his ego and arrogance (“Don’t you know who I am?”) also contributed to his arrest.

Later President Obama said the Police Department acted stupidly.     Three individual egos expressing their viewpoints of the incident.

But this week they all got together at the White House, with Vice president Biden, in a small group to bring the varying egos and viewpoints together.     And this happened less than a week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which has the Sun in individual ego Leo and the Moon in group consciousness Aquarius.

Look at your own life now to view where this drama is playing out.    Where is there a need to bring together individual egos in collaboration with others in a group?    Where can you combine your heart’s desire for what you want or want to express, with a social consciousness or community understanding?

Overall, during this eclipse period, which has its greatest intensity between mid June and mid September, look to let go of that which needs to die in your life, and open up to the breakthroughs, which open new doors of opportunity for you.

It is best to see your life in meaningful ways when you encounter doors closing for you in life.   Relationships end as seasons end; a job loss opens your mind to changing your career, which never suited you anyway.   Life is really not random, unless you see it that way.

In the Greater World look for events to surface and intensify close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   These events will blow up into bigger events later in the Summer and into the Fall.  The places most conducive to change surrounding this eclipse:  Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran,  the Baltic region, Jamaica,  Egypt, Bolivia, Eritrea, and Sri Lanka.

Please keep in mind, however, that all regions of the Earth can be influenced by the changes that eclipses bring with them.

And remember that we are all changing our consciousness and lives in alignment with a movement into an Aquarian Age.  The eclipse periods push us faster forward in our growth, helping us to let go of that which needs to be released, and bringing new ideas and opportunities aligned with our personal and collective evolution into the new age.

We are thinking more “green”.  We are seeing us all over the world getting closer through mass transportation, communication, and commerce. It is a “smaller” world, one we all need to get along in together, through all our diversity.    We need to be individually and collectively liberated from dictators, corporations, and governments that oppress and control our hearts, souls, and minds.  We need to take responsibility for own lives and our Earth and human community.  We need to find solutions to the many problems that face us for our future, by thinking outside the boxes of programmed minds.

We are ready, more and more every day, to move out of a rigid paradigm for living on this Earth,  to heal what separates us, to create new ways to be on this Earth and with each other.

We also need to look to the skies for other peoples of the Universe who will greet us before too long, to forever change our perspective about our selves and our lives.  Remember that people were once sure, relatively not that long ago, that the world was flat.

Our world is changing rapidly now and so are we.

Astrology Forecast for August 2- August 8

On Sunday the 2nd of August, the Moon moves from excitable Sagittarius to serious and grounded Capricorn, and later in the day Mercury moves from sunny Leo to work oriented Virgo.  So on Sunday and Monday it would behoove you to keep your feet on the ground and not be too wild.  Serious discussions are possible.

As the Moon goes into Aquarius late on Tuesday, where it will be for the Lunar Eclipse, the vibrations for the eclipse get stronger.   Watch your life and the greater world for signs of change.     See big egos inflate.  Watch other people who care about changing our world to a better place come together.   Watch the interaction unfold.  Remember that it is natural and essential to have an ego, to want to express your personal truth and have a life that you personally desire.  It is not, however, “natural” to make your self essentially a lot better or worse than anyone else.    It is natural and essential to care about what is best for your human community, but unnatural to not also care about your self.

On the 5th at 8:56 PM EDT is the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   This is a powerful Full Moon, where you may feel out of balance as your “normal” life is being disrupted. Use the disruption to move with change.  getting out of “same-old, same-old” helps us to dance with a new personal rhythm, one which helps us to grow.

The 6th through the 8th are also within the rays of the Eclipse Full Moon. Remember there can be real magic at full moons, and especially so at Lunar Eclipse Full Moons.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our next forecast will post next Saturday afternoon the 8th of August.

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