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Journeying through the Summer Eclipses of 2009, Astrology Forecast for July 26-August 1.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we come toward the final eclipse in this summer of eclipses,  a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5,  we stay in the intensity, in the shifting tides of change.  We are letting go of the old,  ready to be released.  We are letting in the new, ready to be embraced.

I have witnessed many people these last few weeks go through dramatic events in their lives.    More than a few have experienced big family and relationship changes.   Some have had big surprises, like finding out their mate no longer wants to be with them, or having a relationship that was thought dead and gone, unexpectedly come back to life.

Some have lost their jobs during this eclipse period, and subsequently been forced to dig deeper inside themselves to find a sense of purpose, to think of new work that fuels their passion.

One client of mine opened a new store during this time period, apparently leaving forever her time of working for someone else.

Another client went on a trip to find a new city to live in and came back home appreciating her home more than ever.

So many people have been experiencing family crises and challenges during this eclipse period.  Some have had family members die, others have had to find ways to now take care of aging parents who are becoming more and more vulnerable.  Some are having children get ready to go away to college and leave home for the first time.   Families are also adding new members, new children being born, adopting children, or bringing friends to their home to live.

Many people have also been going through deep emotional anguish during this eclipse period of time.  Many have been nostalgic about the past, regretting bad times or decisions, remembering past loves, family get- togethers, homes one used to live in.

The eclipse intensity this summer is from mid-June to mid September.  Big shifts, breakdowns of the old, and breakthroughs into the new, are helping us all to transform our lives and consciousness so we will be more aligned with the new phase of existence we are moving into together.

For our human family these 3 eclipses in a row, something that hasn’t happened since the year 2000, represent a major passage forward in our evolution.

We are moving closer to the New World foretold by the Mayans, beginning in December of 2012.  We are on the cusp between a Pisces and Aquarian Age, which begins around 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Our personal lives and consciousness are changing to assist our evolution into this new Age.

Expect more changes and surprises during this summer of eclipses.  We will stay off balance and out of “normal”, for the summer, with a peak of intensity surrounding the next eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on August 5. We will slowly slip into a new “normal” after the dust has cleared from the eclipse period.

Watch world events play out that will give you a sense of the kind of greater world we are moving into, and what America is becoming.  Will the economic recession continue?    Will Iran and North Korea become bigger problems, and will Israel invade Iran before the year is over?  Will Obama become more of a target for right wing extremists, especially since he recently spoke out against the police handling of scholar and African American Henry Gates?   Will his life be more in danger now as he attempts to break away from the confines of the American military industrial empire, and be more a part of our collective evolution into an Aquarian Age?  What will now happen in Pakistan and China, in Israel and Palestine?

The balance of power in America and in the world is shifting.   The economic structure in America and in the world is transforming.

Many of the aforementioned issues will heat up before the summer is over. Please keep in mind that what is shaking up during the eclipse period are the seeds that will sprout into bigger events in the fall and perhaps as late as the early winter.  The economy and Iran particularly need to watched in the eclipse period, as signs then will show us the fall events later.   It is quite possible the economy will falter even further in the autumn and that Israel will attack Iran, creating increasing chaos in the middle east and around the world.

Personal growth and change will continue also, and it is best to “ride the wave” and not resist.   Let go of that which needs to die, and let in that which is new and will bring progress to your life.  “The way it was” no longer exists, and if you hold onto it too tightly, you will only bring your self more pain.  The new feels uncomfortable at first, but we will grow into it like new shoes.

Next week we will look more closely at the next and last of the 3 eclipses of the summer of 2009.

Astrology Forecast for July 26-August 1

On Sunday the Moon is in peaceful and harmonious Libra and makes graceful aspects to both Mars and the Sun.  Though anything is possible and many things can keep us out of balance during this eclipse period of time, nevertheless this should be a most fun and pleasant day.  Monday the 27th is also looking pleasant as Venus and the Moon make favorable aspects.

On Tuesday, however, the mood shifts to more emotions and primal feelings, and there is a better chance then to have relationship challenges as Venus makes aspects to Uranus and the Sun squares the Moon at the 2nd quarter Moon.  Wednesday and much of Thursday the Moon stays in Scorpio, and some intensity and confrontation will continue. It is generally better now, however, to express your feelings and not keep them inside your self.

Late Thursday and through Friday and Saturday, the Moon will be in spirited Sagittarius.  The beginning waves of  influence from the Lunar Eclipse will be coming in then also.  World events affiliated with the Lunar Eclipse may be developing now also.

Venus moves into Cancer late on Friday and opposes Pluto on Saturday.  Relationship issues can be intensifying greatly now, on a personal level and also between nations.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Total Solar Eclipse New Moon, and Astrology Forecast for July 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The second of three eclipses in a row happens this week.    It is a Total Solar Eclipse.  In the USA it happens on Tuesday the 21st of July, while in most of the rest of the world it happens on July 22.  On the USA east coast it is at 10:35 PM on the 21st, while on the west coast it is at 7:35 PM.

Solar Eclipses are always New Moons, as Lunar Eclipses are always Full Moons.   Solar Eclipses are exponentially perhaps 10 times as powerful as normal new moons.  This one being a total eclipse adds even more to its power.  This eclipse cannot be viewed in the United States.  It will be mainly seen in Asia.

As this is a solar eclipse, the moon will be blocking the light of the Sun from our view here on Earth, for those in the eclipse path.   This will last for over 6 and a half minutes, a long time as eclipses go, and the longest so far this century.

This eclipse new moon is at 29+ degrees of Cancer.    The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign of Cancer.  The last eclipse, a lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn happened on July 7.   For many, family and work issues have been in the spotlight.  These issues have been powerfully erupting in our lives since mid June, the beginning of the influence of the eclipse period this summer.

Surrounding the lunar eclipse these issues shook up the status quo of our lives, took us off balance, and in some cases caused a breakdown of that which was ready to die, and breakthroughs into new territory.  This helps us to release what needs to go.

After that clearing we are now ready to move forward at the New Moon Solar Eclipse.   Whatever issues opened up to us back then have been at least somewhat worked out,  and are now ready for new beginnings.  And of course it is time for many to begin important new ventures in their lives, as solar eclipses are so much more powerful than normal new moons.

In your own natal chart you are most affected if you have planets near 29 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra.    The actual personal natal house that the eclipse falls within also tells us what areas of your life will be most  affected by the eclipse.

Remember that the overall eclipse period this summer lasts from mid June to mid September.  This is the time period of shifting tides of change in our lives.

In the greater world so far during this eclipse period, we have witnessed much upheaval in Iran, dangerous actions by North Korea, a coup in Honduras, and many earthquakes all around the world.     Most striking, however to me, have been the many celebrity deaths, especially so of iconic figures here in the USA.    Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Walter Cronkite, among others, have died since mid June.  This is an extraordinary set of deaths during such a short span of time.

It is evident to me that we are on the verge of a strong transformation of our lives here in America.  We are saying goodbye to people who have had such a strong influence on all our lives in the past, who have been in our living rooms with our families, during good and bad times.   It is for many like losing family members, family members of our greater American family.

So after the release of the past and people and memories from the past, now waiting at our collective front doors are new challenges for a new era here in America.

The election of Obama and the crisis condition of our economy were early signs of a new phase of life in America, and the eclipses fast-forward this evolution.

And of course keep in mind that  we are also, during the eclipse period, spiking the movement toward a New Age on Earth.    The Mayan New Age begins in December of 2012.  The Aquarian Age arguably begins in 2020, at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Whatever events erupt into our lives during this eclipse summer of 2009. will have an important impact on our journey to this new world.

So say farewell to times gone by, and open the arms of your heart to new waves of change.

Astrology Forecast for July 19-25

On Sunday the moon is in talkative, communicative, information sharing, and fast thinking Gemini most of the day.  So it will feel natural for many to socialize, or to write, or collect information from the internet.  But you may also be pulled in two different directions on Sunday and Monday.

One direction is reflective as we are ending a powerful lunar cycle that began on June 22nd with a new moon in cancer.   That new moon started the eclipse period, as two weeks later the Lunar Eclipse occurred at the full moon.   The last two weeks have been the waning part of the lunar cycle, and Sunday and Monday end the cycle.

The other direction is in anticipation of powerful new beginnings at the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer Tuesday evening in the USA.  It often takes until the crescent moon shows, a day or two after the new moon, before events begin attributable to the new moon.    But until then the “dark moon” period is a good time to make affirmations concerning your heart’s desires for the cycle ahead.

The Moon will be in Cancer all day Monday and Tuesday on its way to its late Cancer degree meeting with the Sun on late Tuesday.  Thisdark moon period is time to contemplate, be nostalgic, but also to visualize what you anticipate to come at the new lunar cycle about to begin.

The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon happens Tuesday the 21st at 10:35 PM EDT.    It will open new vistas for us all.

Watch the news closely for unfolding of events.   Many believe those countries in the path of the eclipse are most affected by events.  China and India would be prime players if this is true.   Other astrologers believe a nation’s birth chart is more important when predicting events around an eclipse.   This can be very iffy because it is often uncertain what a nation’s date of birth and time of birth really is.  It’s not like nations pop out of a mother’s womb.

The USA nevertheless uses July 4 1776 as its birth day and I have found it quite accurate when looking at important events that have affected USA citizens over time.

In fact for this solar eclipse event the USA natal Pluto is at 27+ degrees of Capricorn opposite the 29+ degree Cancer placement of the Total Solar Eclipse.    This natal placement of the USA Pluto in its second house shows the USA power of its economy and its military power for its security.   Events or revelations about the USA economy and its military should be in the spotlight of world events.  Whatever you see, in events, over the next month of this lunar cycle, are important developments in the USA for its security.

All this week is in the wake of the Solar Eclipse so it will be an intense week.

On Wednesday, the day after the eclipse, the Sun moves into Leo.  It is time to open your heart to express your self.  It is time to create and to trust your heart to take you where it is right for you to go.   But Leo can also mean big egos, so watch out for those who put themselves above others.

Also on Wednesday Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius, which is part of the triple conjunction all this year between Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron.    This brings us events from the heavens or outer space, like space stations, new lunar pictures of the first moonwalk in 1969, and new questions about going to Mars one day. Watch also for other movements in the sky like UFOs or new asteroids, comets etc. this year.

The Moon joins the Sun in playful Leo on Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday it is get down to work time as the Moon is in Virgo then.

There will be a new forecast/blog put out next week on Saturday/Sunday, and in two weeks the last of the 3 eclipses of summer 2009 will occur, another Lunar Eclipse.

If you want to know how these eclipses affect you personally please write me for a reading at or visit my website for more articles and to see what services I offer.  Press the Services button to see what is offered.

Till next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

In Between Eclipses and Astrology Forecast for July 12-18

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through the first of 3 eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.    We are on our way to the second one, a quite powerful Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.  It will be on Tuesday the 21st of July at 10:35 PM EDT.  It will be at 7:35 PM on the west coast of the USA.  It will be visible in full in northern India, Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati. A partial eclipse will be seen in the larger part of Asia, including most of southeast Asia, and even parts of Oceania.

Though all areas of the Earth are susceptible to having major events occur during eclipse times, those within the eclipses’ path are especially prone.  Of course also a nation’s birth chart can have natal planets transited by the position of the eclipse, making it also more susceptible to powerful events.  We will talk about the nations whose charts are affected by the coming Solar Eclipse, in next week’s blog/forecast.

Remember the overall  intensity and power of these 3 eclipses lasts from mid June to mid September.  The after effects can last for years to come.

I know many of you have been feeling quite out of balance during the eclipse period, and some have fallen into crisis.  Others report just feeling weird.  It is normal during an eclipse period, and this eclipse period is more powerful than most, to be taken out of a feeling of well being.  Many feel a lot of anxiety.  It is best to do your best to ride the wave, not jump to conclusions, but instead to look at options and possibilities.  After the eclipse period ends, clarity and direction begin to appear

In the greater world, powerful events have occurred in Iran, North Korea, China, and Honduras.  Many celebrity deaths have erupted into our lives, most glaringly iconic figure Michael Jackson.

Iran has experienced an election that has been disputed and a subsequent protest from many of its citizens, which has caused a tremendous and oft times violent clampdown by the government.  North Korea has fired off many test missiles into the Pacific Ocean, in defiance of world rules and opinion.  It is also strongly suspected of cyber attacks on the USA and South Korea.  China has experienced much social upheaval in western China killing over 150 people.  A large earthquake has also occurred in China during the eclipse period.  Honduras has experienced a military coup of its elected government.   The USA and world economy are showing signs of falling into a deeper recession.

All of these events need to be closely observed during this eclipse period.  Is North Korea on the verge of doing something really weird and dangerous?  Or are they merely bargaining for benefits from the powers of the world?

Is Iran now on the verge of being bombed by Israel? Or will it comply with the demands of the world and stop its movement toward a nuclear bomb of its own?

Is the economy of the USA and world getting worse and headed for a lengthy recession or even depression?  Or is it bottoming out on its way to recovery?

Look for the eclipse period to continue to bring up these issues to the surface of our collective awareness.  Look also for other powerful surprise events to explode into our world during the eclipse period.

In your personal life, if new challenges are now occurring in your life, look first at what may be changing.   Do you need to start thinking about finding new work or ways to bring in more resources.   Do you need help in your relationship?  Do you need to move?  Or are you ready to let go of old beliefs or old patterns that no longer serve your life properly?

Remember that during eclipse periods, as your life and/or emotions are shook up, it is time to release what is ready to go.  And it is time to move into “new territory”, a new phase of your life.

Do your best not to see your life as succeeding or failing but as transforming in line with your own personal evolution. Sometimes we lose what we have gained, but more often than not it is because it is time to move on and enter a new period of our lives.  It is a new season of our life.  If you feel you need help to see the bigger picture, please consider a Spiritual Therapy Astrology session with me.  Visit my website and then click the Services button for more info.  Or just contact me at

Others will not have anything dramatic change in their lives, but will feel uneasy, nevertheless.  For them there can be more subtle changes happening, like in attitude or viewpoint.

Astrology Forecast for July 12- July 18

On Sunday July 12 the Moon is in soft and flowing Pisces, so go with the flow today.  Being around water will feel especially good today.  On Monday there is more movement and action as the Moon goes into Aries for almost 3 days. On Wednesday with the Moon still in Aries, there is a 4th quarter Moon cycle beginning-  Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries.  We are one week away now from the powerful Total Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on the 21st/22nd, depending on where you live.  In the USA it is on the 21st.   Today we are exactly mid way between the Lunar Eclipse of last week and the Solar Eclipse coming next week.

Remember that the Solar Eclipse is a New Moon and brings new beginnings.  So this week is a waning moon, moving us “downward” before the Total Eclipse next week.  So “clean up” what needs to be cleaned up, and get ready for the new beginnings next week.

There should be a slowdown this week, but since we are in an eclipse period, between eclipses, you may still feel out of normal balance and events may continue to erupt.  It is all not totally predictable how everything unfolds during eclipse periods.

Late Wednesday the Moon goes into slow moving and earthy Taurus for a couple of days.  Enjoy nature as much as you are able, and stay grounded and practical.

Late Friday the Moon moves into mentally and verbally active Gemini, so enjoy going out for social activities Friday night and Saturday.

We will discuss in more detail next week the Total Solar Eclipse.  New blog will be posted next Saturday the 18th for the week ahead.

For more of my writings and to learn more about the summer of 2009 astrological aspects visit my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Astrology Forecast for July 5-July 11

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The week ahead brings us our first of three eclipses, on Tuesday July 7 at 5:21 AM EDT.    It is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon, whereas a Solar Eclipse can only happen at a New Moon.

A Full Moon happens when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun.   At a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the opposition of the Sun and Moon, effectively blocking the Sun’s light from the Moon.

For this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the Sun is at 15+ degrees of Cancer and the Moon is at 15+ degrees of Capricorn.

This is only a partial eclipse and will be barely visible even to those who are in its path.    The next Eclipse, a solar one on July 21 will be a total eclipse and visible to some parts of the world.  We will tell you more as we get closer to that one.

Eclipses come at times when events are shaking things up.   The time period of most intensity from these three eclipses is from mid June to Mid September.   The actual eclipses occur on July 7- a partial lunar eclipse, on July 21- a total Solar Eclipse, and on August 5- another partial Lunar Eclipse.  The fallout from the eclipses can last years.

The last time there were three eclipses in a row was in the summer of 2000, nine years ago.  It was that summer when the world got the closest it ever has to making a lasting agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, seeking to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

The 3 eclipses were in July, and on July 9 the Israeli government of Ehud Barak failed because the rightist parties left the government because of concessions that were being made to the Palestinians. 

On July 25 the talks completely broke down, foiling President Clinton’s strong intention to make lasting peace in the Middle East before he left office.  Two months later the Palestinian Intifada began, creating a war-like atmosphere between Israel and Palestine, from which they have not recovered.

At the end of July George Bush was nominated president and named Dick Cheney as his running mate.

These events, happening during the 3 eclipse period of 2000, set the stage for the tragedy of 9-11 a year later.  Osama Bin Laden has often referred to the injustice perpetrated against the Palestinians as a primary cause of Al Qaeda’s rage against Israel, America, and western nations.  

George Bush’s presidency quite arguably changed America and its image in the world in enormous ways.

So as we come to our first of 3 eclipses in the summer of 2009, probably the weakest of the three, we face many challenges that have come our way during the eclipse period of Mid June to mid September.

North Korea used the USA birthday of July 4 to set off 7 missile tests across the pacific ocean.  This was an obvious message. 

Iran has arrested British employees of its embassy in Tehran, has effectively stopped the insurgency against the government, and has threatened with imprisonment Mousavi, who challenged the accuracy of the election of Ahmadinejad.

I also expect events to intensify greatly concerning Pakistan, especially toward the third eclipse.

I expect Peru to have greater protests against government attempts to use resources and oil in indiginous areas of Peru, including the rain forest.  

I also expect the Iranian, Israeli and North Korea situations to intensify and become more clear what direction we are moving in with them.

We could see war between Israel and Iran, with the USA involved, before year’s end.  We could see more serious threats between North Korea and Japan develop.

And more clear signs of the direction of the economy can develop before the eclipse period is over, letting us know if we have reached bottom of the recession or if we are in for another Great Depression.  After the second eclipse we will know more.

In our personal lives it is time to say goodbyes and to allow our lives and consciousness to go through greater transformation on the way to an Aquarian Age.  If you have planets from you natal chart that are closely influenced by the eclipse positions, you will be greatly affected.  If you are now having your life shook up, you are quite possibly one of those people.

Please contact me for clarity, direction, and an astrological reading during this time of transformation. I can be reached at or you can contact me be going to my website and pushing the Services button to find out the type of sessions I provide.   For those in financial crisis I can provide a sliding scale of fees for you.

Astrology Forecast for July 5-July 11

This is a very eventful week, including a Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.

The week begins on July 5 with Goddess of Love Venus leaving soft and sensuous Taurus for lively and sociable Gemini. Go out and have a good time with friends now and for the next month as Venus remains in Gemini approximately that long.  The Moon is in Sagittarius till late that night, again making it conducive for high spirits and a good time, even with the intensity of the eclipse getting stronger.

Things feel more glum and serious on Monday the 6th of July as the Moon is now in Capricorn.  On Monday into early Tuesday, Mars squares Neptune and Jupiter and sextiles Uranus.   There is lot of action and movement today as we move into the Lunar Eclipse at 5:21 AM Tuesday morning.    

Family and domestic pressures are up against pressures from obligations and work.  You may have arguments over being lenient or strict with children or others, and have a challenge between doing what you feel like doing or being disciplined.   Emotional boundary issues may also be important to deal with now.

Remember eclipses are times when it is good to let go of what is ready to be released, and to let into your life what is right for you now.    Shake up times at eclipse points are times when we are assisted by the Universe to enter new phases of our lives.

Adding more energy to the eclipses is the second of three conjunctions in a row between Jupiter and Neptune.  This second conjunction happens on Friday the 10th.    Chiron also has been making conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. It has been thousands of years since this has happened.

Since it is all happening in Aquarius as we are on the cusp of an Aquarian Age, Aquarian themes prevail.  It is time to think about equality of all peoples, of self determination, of liberty and freedom.   These all all values from the founding of America as the USA has its moon (inner values) in Aquarius.

Also now keep looking at the skies, as times of UFO and extraterrestrial viewings proliferate during Jupiter conjunctions with Neptune or Uranus in Aquarius.

As this conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius plays out you may experience more magic and synchronicities, more progress spiritually, more desire to be involved in socially conscious groups that have lofty ideals that inspire you.

I will write a new blog/forecast as usual next Saturday/Sunday.

Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website