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Saying Goodbye and Astrology Forecast for June 28-July 4

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As we rapidly approach the 1st of the 3 eclipses in a row on July 7, important events continue to flood into our world.  As we said at last week’s blog/forecast,  the power and influence of the eclipses lasts from mid June to Mid September.  The long term effects may be for years to come.

Crises in Iran and North Korea are  building more and more to a dangerous climax as we move into the Eclipse period.     After this eclipse period passes, we will settle into a new reality around our relationship with them, for better or worse.

Last week we lost three well known people from pop culture in the United States:   Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.    Each was ever present with different generations, during their respective time in the spotlight on the world stage.   

Ed McMahon was Johnny Carson’s sidekick on the Tonight Show, which began in the sixties and was most popular with the World War II generation and ’50s and ’60s people.

Farrah Fawcett earned her great popularity with the baby boom generation.

And Michael Jackson, the most famous of all three, spanned many generations in popularity, but was quite arguably most connected to those who were growing up in the ’80s, when his Thriller album debuted.

Eclipses help our human family to let go of the past and have breakthroughs into the new realms of consciousness and living.  3 eclipses in a row, a relative rarity, make the shift more dramatic.  The fact that we are closer to 2012 and to the Aquarian Age makes the shift exponentially greater than normal eclipse periods.

So our letting go of the past is greater than ever, our goodbyes to old “friends” greater than usual.   Johnny Carson’s show lasted for decades and for many was a natural show to watch right before bedtime.

Farrah Fawcett was a pinup girl for many in the ’70s, an irony during a time of growing feminism.

And Michael Jackson, before all his insanity, was such a bridge of idealism with his “We are the World” song, and his attempts to bring together male and female, black and white.

We are saying goodbye to more than them.   We are grieving more innocent times gone by.

So many people seem lost now just as Michael Jackson was, unsure how to be in this rapidly changing world.

We are so challenged to stay present in our hearts and souls, and instead use many distractions and addictions, the more recent being the internet, pornography and prescription drugs.

So use this eclipse period of time to let go of your past, as time passing cannot be stopped.     It is sad to say goodbye especially when we do not know what lies ahead.

But time can be seen more like a circle than a straight line.  Do not be fooled by how the culture teaches you to see.  We used to believe our world was flat until we learned it was round.  And when we look at our Sun and Moon and heavenly bodies,we see perfect circles.  And when we look at our seasons we see a circle of time every year.

So say goodbye to Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson and times that have passed.  And say goodbye to an old age and paradigm.  But be ready to embrace a new season and age on Earth.

It may get scary sometimes on the road forward, but we are moving from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age, just as we move from winter to spring.  We are adjusting to the “frequencies” of a new paradigm, even as we say goodbye to the old.  It is all in natural order and alignment.  

And all will be less painful as we trust the wheels of the Universe to give flow forward to the river of life.  

Astrology Forecast for June 28-July 4:

This is the week before the week when the first eclipse happens on July 7.    All issues, personal and worldwide, are building up energy.   Emotions are stronger, people are more open with their feelings as we move toward that first eclipse which has the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn.  Family issues are in the spotlight and balancing family and domestic with work and outer world is challenging for many now.   You may be pulled to taking care of older parents or children, and wondering how you will get a job or keep one, or earn enough money.

It is important as we change ages to expand your vision of what family means. Is it merely blood relations or is it more than that for you?

The pace may be slower on Monday and Tuesday as the Moon is in balanced and peaceful Libra.  But intensity increases again as we get into mid day on Tuesday.  

Uranus’ waves of electric change are in the air as it is changing directions early on Wednesday.  It goes from direct to retrograde movement.  Whenever a planet changes directions, to direct or retrograde, its meaning and energy permeate our lives.

So you may feel more restless mid week, more open for change.  You may tolerate big egos or authority figures less than usual.  And you may find your ability to think inventively and “outside the box” to be greater now.  And of course as this Uranus shift happens so close to the first eclipse, you may feel the wave of change getting stronger.

Also early on Wednesday or late on Tuesday, depending on where you live, the Moon moves from civilized Libra to “get down” Scorpio.   So our lives and emotions are intensifying now.

Late on Friday the Moon moves into Freedom loving Sagittarius.  With the eclipses just ahead, we are shifting more and more now, and feeling the waves of change, while at the same time feeling greater needs for security and safety, family and friends.

See you next week for a greater explanation of the eclipses, especially the first one on July 7.  New post will be out next Saturday afternoon or Sunday as usual.

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Summer of Eclipses and Astrology Forecast for June 21-27.

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Important world events are forming and intensifying as we approach closer and closer to the 3 eclipses for the summer of 2009.  The three eclipses are July 7, July 21, and August 5.   The time span for the eclipses’ intensity is from mid June to mid September.   The time span for their over-all influence long-term can be years.

Eclipses shake up our lives and our normal equilibrium so we can move with change.  There are breakdowns of the old, and breakthroughs into new territory.

North Korea and Iran are both on fire right now.  North Korea is intimidating the world order right now and during the eclipse period is likely to test a missile or do another nuclear test.   This will cause a major response from the world community and enormously change relations between North Korea and the world.

In Iran the forces of transformation are growing stronger as we approach the eclipses.  The power structure in Iran, led by top dog Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, is wanting to forcefully hold back the tides of change brought on by the candidacy of Mousavi, the revolutionary desires of young people and women, and the power struggles in the Iranian hierarchy.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of Tehran for there to be a re-election.  During the eclipse period we will continue to see this Iranian drama play out.  Likely for now the governmental powers will use grave force to maintain order and the status quo.  All of this will have influence on the quite likely confrontation later this year between Israel and Iran.  Israel will likely bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities before the year is out.

Also during this eclipse period the economy will show some big event or a few events that show us whether we are in for a very long recession or whether indeed we are turning the corner back to a healthy economy.  I suspect we are in for the long haul, during which time our economy will be transforming in a major way.

Major news about Pakistan will also come out during the eclipses.  And watch for changes in Peru, where there is a fight between the indiginous peoples who want to save the rain forest and their natural land from attempts by government to raze the land for its resources and oil drilling.

The world is shifting and changing more and more as we move closer to the Mayan new world prophecy of December 2012.  We are also moving closer to the Aquarian Age beginning of December 2020.    The structure and substance of our world will transform in big ways on the way to the  New World.   Our economy will never be the same again.  The balance of power in the world will change tremendously.

Likely the world economic structure will transform from a mostly capitalistic one to one that combines capitalism and socialism.  Likely we will move from a world run by a Superpower, the United States, to a multipolar world with the USA, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Europe, and Iran being the powers.

We will eventually become a world that has equality of nations as its foundation, as well as a greater sharing of resources and wealth.

The eclipses will be a time period of great spiking of change toward this New Age.   Everyone will be pushed to to get themselves ready for the paradigm shift into the Aquarian Age, which is getting closer and closer.  Events will continue to intensify to help us change our belief systems and lives in attunement with this great shift.

We will be of course be writing more about the eclipses and how they will impact your life as we get actually into the eclipses.   A new forecast will be up every week Saturday night or Sunday.

Astrology Forecast for week of June 21-June 27

Sunday the 21st of June is one of the four major turning points of the year, the Summer Solstice.  Each turning point brings a shift to a new season.   In the Northern Hemisphere summer begins this year on June 20/21, depending on where you live.  In Europe and the east coast and midwest  it is the 21st, and in the rest of the USA it is on the 20th.  On the East coast USA the time is 1:46 AM when the summer season begins.

At the point when the summer season begins, daylight minutes are at their greatest of the year and there are less night minutes than any other time of the year.  This is the zenith of light and yang energies.  Nature is in its abundance.  The supportive powers of nature are all around us.  From now until winter the light grows slowly dimmer, as the dark gets very slowly stronger.

It is Cancer time of year, a time to think less about work and obligations and more about nature, the beach, relaxation, family, and vacation.  People born with the Sun in Cancer are people who appreciate real intimate contact with close friends or family, but can be very shy with others.  If they are hurt they withdraw into their shells and do not truly want to relate to others.   They are run by the Moon, a “planet” which runs more on feelings than logic or success orientation.   Cancers are great to turn to if you are in trouble, as they can be very non-judgmental and nurturing.  They often love to take care of those who are vulnerable, like babies.  They have more allegiance to the mother than the father, unless the father is the one who is the more nurturing and less demanding parent.

The next day the 22nd of June is the New Moon in Cancer at 3:35 PM EDT.   This New Moon is opposed by the powerful planet Pluto.  Expect the next month to have many transformational events, and of course the eclipse season of 2009 begins during this lunar cycle.   Many feelings may come up during this time period about family.  Some will face family crises, while others will move into very sad feelings about those family members who have departed or are far away or are suffering.  Emotions will get closer to the surface now.

Mid day on Wednesday the 24th the Moon will move out of Cancer and into Leo, to bring some relief into fun activities.  On the 25th/26th, however, Mercury squares Saturn,  and on the 27th the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Saturn. So be careful not to dwell on your worries for too long, or to  get too mentally obsessive.

We will have much more to say about eclipse activities over the next several weeks, so stay tuned every Saturday or Sunday for a New forecast and blog.

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“See” you next weekend.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Calm Before the Storm and Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are at a calm before the storm of the “summer of eclipses”. There will be an unusual 3 eclipses this summer:  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on July 7, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on July 21 in Cancer, and another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5 in Leo/Aquarius.

We can expect an extraordinary summer, filled with  powerful world events.  Many of the issues we are now examining as a world citizenry will expand their influence in our lives this summer.

One issue that has been concerning so many is the economy.  The second eclipse on July 21 will be conjunct the USA natal Pluto in its second house of money and resources.     There should be a big turning point in the economy surrounding that date.  Some really transformational event or information will surface.  We will then know if the economy has truly turned the corner toward leaving a recession, or whether we are facing a deeper recession and even depression ahead.

The challenges that Iran and North Korea have been bringing to the USA will open up to new levels.  North Korea will test more weapons or have another nuclear test.  Israel will begin plans to attack Iran later in the year.

In Pakistan explosive events unfold, likely late in July or in August.  As the second eclipse will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 21, women’s issues will come to the surface (Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon).  Potential Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer will be scrutinized, causing much controversy this summer.

Of course there will also be surprise events surrounding the eclipses we do not now anticipate.

Events that happen close to eclipses often have long lasting effects in our world.  Early this year Obama was inaugurated just before two eclipses.

Obama was inaugurated on January 20 and there was a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 26, followed by a second eclipse, a Lunar eclipse in Leo, Obama’s Sun sign on February 9.   These eclipses accompanied President Obama’s entry into the world as its most powerful leader.

The previous set of eclipses were in August of 2008, when Obama was officially nominated by the Democratic Party to be their candidate for President of the USA.

Eclipse times are times of Passage into new realms.  There are often breakdowns of the old and breakthroughs into the new.  In the previous sets of eclipses it is obvious to see how an old administration (Bush) that represented old ways of being broke down and were “eclipsed” by Obama and his promise of great new change.

In personal lives the summer of eclipses will shake up our status quo equilibrium and force us to make changes.   Events will occur that show us the way to new ways of thinking and living.   We will be shown it is time to let go of certain things in our lives.  Perhaps we will move on from a job or a relationship or a home.  Perhaps we can let go of old attitudes or patterns of behavior that no longer suit our lives.

At first for many these changes will seem to be caused by bad luck or someone’s fault that such loss has happened.  But many will see after a while that what has gone is ready to go and that new phases in one’s life are ready to be lived.

This is like the changing of seasons.  It is natural that winter turns to spring and then spring turns to summer.  So it is with our lives in this summer of eclipses that a season of our life ends and and a new season begins.    Many changes will not be as dramatic as changing homes or relationships or jobs; but shifts will happen for most, even if it is a collective shift, like a change in our overall economy.

We will examine these eclipses even more as we get closer to the events.  Remember I post a new blog/forecast every Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere truly does turn to summer on the solstice on Sunday the 21st (Father’s Day in USA) at 1:46 AM EDT.  On the west coast the solstice begins late on the 20th.  We reach a zenith in light minutes of the day at the moment of the solstice, and we begin to see an increase of dark minutes of the day.  Symbolically, Yang  active, growing, outward and assertive energies are strongest as can be seen in the abundance of nature now.  It is also the first day of Sun in Cancer, the Moon’s favorite sign.  After that beginning of summer, the energies and issues of the eclipses will be birthing in our lives and consciousness.

But before that solstice we have a mild week again, as we enter the waning quarter of the Moon on Monday the 15th. This is the slow down phase of the Moon, as we prepare for new beginnings next week the 22nd with a New Moon in Cancer.

The most exciting planetary movement  of the week occurs on the 15th also.   Jupiter slows down, stations and goes from direct to retrograde then.  When a planet changes directions either to retrograde or direct, its energies and meaning permeate  our lives.  Jupiter raises spirit and consciousness, and brings greater perspective and meaning into our lives.  Since it is in Aquarius expect awareness to be especially raised around socially conscious  issues and issues around group formations and group networks.  Jupiter will stay retrograde until October 13, giving pause to progressive movement.  It will be more a time to plan and reflect on what you will expand after the October direct movement.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the 16th and 17th, will have the moon go through Aries, so you will have energy to get things done then.  The Sun makes aspect to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune on Wednesday, providing your best day for feeling the magic of life.

Most of Thursday and Friday and half of Saturday will bring Moon in solid Taurus, being a good time to tend the garden and the needs of your body.  Watch for anger issues to surface on Friday AM as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Then get ready for the shift into the Solstice.  Saturday is the last day of spring.  A most important season is now upon us.

New post next Sunday and every Sunday

Leo Knighton Tallarico,

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Obama, Catalyst for an Aquarian Age; and Astrology Forecast for June 7-13

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are accelerating toward a most remarkable summer.  There will be 3 eclipses in a row, a rarity.  Intensity will begin to build in late June or early July.   Eclipses bring breakdowns of what needs to be let go, and breakthroughs into new beginnings.  Overall they bring shakeup, which breeds fertile ground for change. We will be discussing them more as we get closer to the dates of those eclipses.

All of us have beeen experiencing the great change that has happened the last couple of years.   Change will continue to intensify into 2012’s Mayan New World and into 2020, the beginning of an Aquarian Age.  The election of Obama and the economic Depression have brought us into a new season in America and the world. There is much more to come.

The Depression is the beginning of the world’s transformation of its economic system.   Unbridled and greedy capitalism do not work for the majority of people on Earth.  The wide disparity between rich and poor is sad, unjust, and on a practical level causes crime, disease, starvation, and a host of social evils.   I predicted in 2007 that we would face great economic downturn, which would completely revamp our economic institutions.  Already look at the banks that have closed, the housing market transforming at its roots, the fall of our American auto industry, the government ownership of previously private enterprise.

What kind of economic system we end up with no one knows for sure, but we will not go back to how it was!

Obama has brought much hope to many all over the world, but what he really represents is massive transformation of our world on the way to a New Age.

I predicted in 2007 that Obama and McCain would be the nominees of their parties and that Obama would win.  I knew because I saw the astrological changes in America that were reflected astrologically by changes to the chart of Obama.

He is the perfect person to bring in the Aquarian Age.   He is moving us to greater equality with other peoples all over the world.  His name and appearance alone can be related to in many parts of the world, where previous presidents could not relate that way.  He is helping us to grow down out of a sense of superiority and into relationship with other peoples and countries.

But remember he is merely a bridge between ages, not a savior or a perfect person.  And so we cannot expect duirng his presidency for everything to be perfect and for the new age to happen all smoothly.  Obama is at the head of an American military and industrial complex empire that leads him more than he leads it.

He is guardian of that empire, and even if he indeed is a greatly evolved being, he will only be able to bring us so far forward.

So expect a major confrontation with Iran over the next 9 months or so, lead by an attack by Israel on Iran.    Look for great and dangerous changes to happen in Pakistan/Afghanistan which will endanger western civilization.  Look for power increases in North Korea, which coupled with the previous changes in Iran and Pakistan, show an enormous shift in power of the world.

These changes, though dangerous to our well being, inaugurate the Aquarian Age, which is an age of Equality, which means a multi-polar world of power sharing.

And what does a transforming world mean to us on a personal level?  To be truly connected to the Aquarian Age, we each need to leave the programming of our families and society, so we can be true to our individual God(s)-given self.     So many have lost their free minds and souls and operate as robots to what they have been taught.

You will not be able to navigate these great changes unless you turn from without, to within your Self.  Know your Self.  Trust your Self.  Believe in your Self.    Know you have an individual destiny to fulfill if you leave the confines of family and society rules and open to the Universe’s messages, signs, and synchronicties.

You are not merely clay for family and society to mold, added to your genetic structure.  You are a developed soul with a destiny to fulfill from the moment you are born.  When you work with astrology charts you learn this to be true.

All the circumstances you have faced, good and bad, are stepping stones toward  your self actualization, which is an essential need of your destiny.   A person whose mind and life have been controlled by forces outside its Self has no destiny, only mediocrity.

Only by breaking the chains can you be liberated to be your true Self, and hence enter the Aquarian Age and its personal destiny for you.

Trust the tides of change to bring you to greater health and satisfaction as you break old patterns that hold you back.

And stay as flexible as possible for the coming summer of change.

Astrology Forecast for June 7-13

The week begins with a Full Moon on Sunday June 7 at 2:12 PM EDT.    It is a Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon, and those who are Gemini’s and Sagittarians will feel the energies the most.    The other two mutable signs, Virgo and Pisces, will also be more open to this lunation.   Your mind will want to be chatter, you may want to chatter wit others also.  Gemini is primed for thinking and communicating and loves to talk.  Sagittarius takes the many questions from a curious Gemini and seeks to find answers to them.  Sagittarius likes to come to judgment about issues, not endless possiblities. Together these two signs in a Full Moon would normally bring a day of much high energy and inspiration, as well as hightened social interaction.  But Saturn in Virgo squares this Full Moon, so a damper of seriousness may be added.

Full moons are experienced for 3 days at least and you will be in the aura of the Sagittarian Moon until late Monday when the Moon goes into Capricorn, where it stays until Thursday.   Tuesday and Wednesday will be get down to business days, when organization and discipline pay off well.

Thursday the Moon goes into Aquarius and it is time to network with friends, build community, work for a cause you believe in, and stay true to your individuality no matter how weird you may seem to yourself.  Thursday evening, as the Moon squares Mars, anger can be felt and expressed. Be careful not to engage others who are on edge emotionally.

Friday and Saturday the Moon is still in Aquarius, the ruling sign of the internet.  So feed your internet addiction,as it is more natural now.

This week will be overall fairly mild and uneventful, but remenber that soon the 3 eclipses begin. In fact the next Full Moon will be the first of the 3 eclipses on July 7 in Cancer/Capricorn.  Stay tuned.  New post and forecast every Sunday.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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